The Last Thing Any Animal Abuser Should See!

Incidents of animal abuse are growing in epidemic proportions worldwide as of late, as is the outrage for such abuse. It is time for our community as a whole to finally step up and work together in unison to make certain that those who commit these heinous crimes against innocent animals are held accountable for their actions once and for all with real tangible penalties that hurt the offender to the core both criminally and financially. Animal abusers, are just like any other violent criminal offender and should be held accountable for their violent behavior within our society. Unfortunately in many cases animal abusers are not held accountable primarily because an animal is considered property in many states as opposed to a living, breathing, sentient, lovable creature which it is unlike a car or home which would be more consistent as property than a living creature. As soon as that misguided belief system changes so will the laws regarding such matters unless push comes to shove thus forcing long overdue changes within the criminal justice system to commence. Some prosecutors are starting to make these changes in favor of animal safety and most recently a case in my area of Lycoming County Pennsylvania spoke volumes on behalf of animal rights. The incident in question involved two 4 lb tiny dogs that were violently attacked, shot, and run over by an individual that had a history of animal abuse without any convictions whom had claimed that the two tiny dogs had “frightened him and attacked him”  causing the man to defend himself as he claimed by shooting the tiny harmless dogs with a 12 gauge shotgun and then running them over with a heavy tractor. After the incident when the man was  detained and questioned by local police and SPCA Humane Officers regarding the attack, the man remained unsympathetic or apologetic and stated that he just “wanted to cripple the dogs or chop them up with his tractor” but then decided to “just shoot them and run the dogs over instead”. Fortunately enough the prosecutor in this case was successful in her prosecution of this sick individual and he was sentenced to just about 10 years in state prison for this crime. Most important is the fact that in the prosecutors press statement to the local news media she stated “Animals are our family and not considered just property they are living beings that need a voice”. 

Currently, I am in the process of working toward getting much harsher penalties for animal abusers passed into law where I reside in the state of Pennsylvania and luckily this is the best time to do this considering that as of  late many pro-animal rights laws are already going into effect within the coming weeks while others are about to be signed or have been just over the past two weeks alone which is a huge step forward by the state lawmakers in favor of saving abused animals. I am also actively supporting various national and international animal rights groups and causes that are dedicated to protecting all animals with the hope of stopping animal abuse and animal abusers dead in their tracks once and for all. Fortunately, I am not alone in this struggle, and wholeheartedly support various  organizations that are also dedicated to the same end game and goal as I am, quelling animal abuse at the root and foundation. It is clear that  the absolute only way to do this is to ensure that stricter laws are immediately passed at the legislative levels that protect animals worldwide and put away their abusers for a LONG, LONG, TIME! I cannot even tell you how disturbing it is to see and hear a defenseless creature being brutalized by a cowardly attacker. I’ve witnessed even the most passive of people become enraged while witnessing an instance of animal abuse and cruelty and that even included a well respected priest on one occasion whom intervened in a case of animal abuse regarding a dog that was being savagely attacked in the streets of New York City by a man several years ago. To my surprise the priest actually got angry and physical with the man over the matter and ended up knocking the attacker to the ground as the priest stepped in to protect the cowering and beaten dog. Simply ask any animal lover what their opinion is  on witnessing acts of animal abuse and cruel behavior and many will tell you first hand that witnessing such an act can bring one to tears as well as get their blood boiling like an active volcano about ready to blow.  

Anyone that knows me personally, especially those that have known me for many years, know for a fact that I have been an avid animal lover my entire life and a very strong advocate for animal rights and safety across the board. I have rescued numerous dogs and cats over the years, many of which had become my family members and currently I have four dogs all of which are rescue dogs that were either abused, neglected, or discarded in some fashion by their previous owners. I do not hunt or fish, nor do I support hunting or fishing of any kind overall even though I reside in a state where hunting and fishing is in abundance and supported. With that being said however, I do understand that a good portion of humanity absolutely need to hunt and fish in order to stay alive or feed their families in certain areas such as in Alaska for example.  Recently I have been watching several shows on Alaska and it seemed to me from what I had seen  that the majority of people that live in Alaska usually survive off of fresh fish and wildlife that they catch and hunt for in the fall which carries them over during the severely harsh winter months of the arctic north. In that respect one thing  had come to mind for me to consider was the fact that many of these hunted animals are not hunted for fun or sport like they are where I live in Pennsylvania they are hunted for survival and in fact will actually die from starvation or by freezing to death in most cases unless they are hunted and often will suffer for days or weeks in the freezing cold with the inevitable taking place anyway. It made me ponder for a few moments and brought into question the complexities of the issue. Although I was in conflict at heart I had to admit that respectively I would have to say that I would much rather see an animal killed  swiftly as was the case I was watching on television as opposed to knowing that the poor animal in question would be suffering long-term in the brutal cold and dying from starvation or exposure. Granted, If I lived in a certain area such as Alaska and absolutely needed to hunt or fish to stay alive  or feed my family I to would probably hunt and fish as well. But until that day comes, I’m very content not to hunt or fish and still remain firmly against it especially if it is for fun or sport so some shithead can crouch down and take a photo of themselves next to an innocent animal as a photo-op of false bravery. Interestingly enough, I do know the basics of how to hunt and fish, I learned that in the Boy Scouts and through survival training elsewhere and I do believe that everyone should have the basic knowledge and skill of hunting and fishing stored away as a survival tool that when needed can be called upon in order to survive if placed into a position where those tools are necessary for self-preservation. That would be no different than having the knowledge or ability to start a fire in the woods using two sticks and some dry bark as opposed to becoming an arsonist for laughs and burning down buildings for sport.

Recently, Joaquin Phoenix did a PSA video for PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) a group that I support titled; “Joaquin Phoenix Gasps For Air”. In this PSA, Phoenix appears to legitimately panic underwater as he holds his breath and his voice-over asks the watchers to relate to how a fish will die out of water due to suffocation just as a human will die from suffocation in the water. As part of the PSA, Phoenix recalled a time when he was a child about 7 years old and had gone on a fishing trip with his family on a boat. He remembered witnessing a relative of his catch a large fish and  subsequently smashing the catch against the inside of the boat wall as the fish struggled to breath and survive. Eventually the fish died in front of  his eyes and the story was somewhat moving and relatable especially if one is a firm supporter of animal rights like myself and does not fish. The Joaquin Phoenix PSA PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) video “Joaquin Phoenix Gasps For Air” can be seen in the following link below.



The bottom-line is in a perfect world any convicted animal abuser should never be able to own or be around animals again for as long as they live just like any convicted child abusers or predators are banned from being around children for life. Any new animal abuse or cruelty laws that are passed in the future should be just as powerful if not parallel those of repetitive sex offenders that target children as is the case of Megan’s Law. Fundamentally any and all convicted animal abusers should have to register within their community as such so that everyone around them that owns an animal is aware that their pets may very well may be at risk. Michigan is way ahead of it’s time and is in need of an animal abuser registry which if passed and looks very promising under SHB’s 5403 and 5402 would create a registry of all convicted animal abusers state-wide including their photo’s, names, alias, and addresses all of which would be made public via-a state run website. This is the perfect bill and needs to go nationwide. Like the saying goes in a spooky voice, “Do you know who is lurking in your backyard?”

Well take a look at some of the people who are lurking in my backyard as reported just recently regarding violent attacks on innocent animals for fun and hatred near where I reside. 

Ax killing of dogs gets man up to 10 years in prison

February 13, 2013
By JOSH BROKAW jbrokaw@sungazette.com , Williamsport Sun-Gazette

A Susquehanna Township man will spend up to 10 years in state prison for killing two family dogs with an ax on Aug. 24.

Frederick L. Clark, 36, of 67 Second Ave., was drinking on a Friday evening when he and his wife had a quarrel. He became violent, and his frightened wife and three children ran to a neighbor’s home.

By the time state troopers investigated the domestic incident the next day, Clark sent several text messages to his wife telling her he had killed her dogs, dachshund-pit bull mixes named Buster and Sita. He buried the bodies in his backyard.

Clark admitted to investigators he had killed and buried the dogs, but initially claimed he killed them with his hands.

On Tuesday morning, Judge Richard Gray sentenced Clark to 22 months to five years state incarceration for two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty.

“We asked for a deadly weapon enhancement and it was granted by Judge Gray,” said Assistant District Attorney Melissa Kalaus.

Clark was on probation from a previous DUI charge, and the violation added a minimum of one up to five years to the sentence.

At sentencing, Kalaus read a piece entitled “If Your Dog Could Talk,” that included the line “treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for your kindness than mine.”

Clark’s children made a memorial slideshow for their pets that included pictures of the balloon release they held when they reburied the two pets together. Kalaus showed the slideshow to the judge on DVD.



12 dogs saved from alleged animal abuse

December 8, 2012
By SAVANNAH DEMPSEY – sbarr@sungazette.com , Williamsport Sun-Gazette

MUNCY – Charges will be filed against three individuals who allegedly failed to provide proper care for 12 dogs in Muncy Creek Township.

The individuals, who have yet to be named, live on Chestnut Street in the township, according to Lawrence D. Woltz, Lycoming County SPCA humane officer.

After receiving numerous reports from neighbors who were concerned about the dog’s welfare, and repeatedly visiting the individuals to council them on proper pet care, members of the SPCA served a warrant to the residents on Friday afternoon.

In all, officers collected twelve dogs, including two beagles, two Labrador mixes, and one retriever collie.

According to Woltz, officers found the dogs chained to makeshift, individual outdoor shelters. Some structures allegedly only had three walls, which left the animals exposed to the elements.

The dogs allegedly had no access to clean water, food, or bedding.

Woltz described the ground around the makeshift doghouses as “a sea of frozen filth and muck.” Several of the animals were suffering from illnesses.

“One dog, a retriever, had a tumor on its muzzle. Sadly, it had to be euthanized upon arrival to the shelter,” Woltz said.

Other dogs were found to have injuries such as rotted gums and teeth, patched and matted fur, and long nails which made it difficult for the animals to walk, according to Woltz.

Three of the dogs were taken to an area veterinarian for a more thorough examination.

Woltz stated that he has visited the residence for several years now, including in 1994, 1997, 2004. Each time, he has counseled the residents on the proper care required for each of their dogs.

One of the residents has had their animals seized by the SPCA before, Woltz added. This person will face misdemeanor charges.

“We try to do what we can,” Woltz said. “We go and visit, council families on how to take care of their pets. We try to give warnings.”

People are found guilty of animal neglect or abuse may be forced to pay a fine, or spend a short stint behind bars. For some, Woltz explained, this is not enough of a wakeup call.

“Some of these people, we take their animals away and then go back a year later only to find them with a house full of pets, still living in those terrible conditions. There may be psychological illness associated with some individuals,” Woltz said.



Local couple have 1st day in court on animal abuse charges

March 13, 2012
By SAVANNAH M. BARR (sbarr@sungazette.com) , Williamsport Sun-Gazette

It was a long day in court for everyone involved in a Loyalsock Township animal abuse case.

Keith and Deann Chambers, of 1611 Bloomingrove Road, are accused of animal neglect for allegedly not taking proper care of their animals and allegedly letting their horses loose.

The couple had separate hearings Monday before District Judge Gary Whiteman.

Both were charged by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after three horses, a cat and 10 dogs were removed from their property.

During Keith’s trial, Lawrence Woltz, chief humane officer with the SPCA, testified that he responded to a report of horses wandering free on Bloomingrove Road last Dec. 1.

After securing the horses, Woltz said noticed there were several dogs in “filthy” kennels and recalled that he “had previously counseled both Keith and Deann on SPCA and state standards for raising animals” and had been at their property numerous times.

“The coats of the dogs were heavily matted,” Woltz said. “An obnoxious odor came from the pens. There were four dogs combined into one small pen … insufficient food and water … and feces everywhere.”

The next day, Woltz obtained a search warrant and returned to the residence.

Members of the SPCA and the Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue removed sickly looking animals from the residence.

“These animals were abused, yes,” Woltz said. “Had it not been that way, I would not have removed them.”

Woltz added that there were several animals – mostly indoor pets – that were not removed from the home because they did not seem to need urgent medical attention.

The defense called Dr. Robert L. Hocker, of the Montoursville Veterinary Hospital, who testified via telephone that he had cared for a number of the Chambers’ animals through July of last year.

“If I didn’t care about those animals, why did I spend so much on vet bills?” Keith yelled out in court at one point. “If I neglect my animals, why didn’t they take all of them? Why leave some of them there?”

After hearing all the evidence in Keith’s trial, Whiteman held all counts over to county court.

Following her husband’s trial, Deann brought in several tables of evidence, including a table full of equine awards, multiple poster boards covered in pictures, and a table full of barn paraphernalia such as horse shampoo, brushes and various ointments.

Woltz, who testified a second time, recalled that all three horses had no food or water and were missing some patches of hair at the time they were seized.

Pamela Koch, president of the Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue, testified that the stalls where the horses were being kept all were covered in “thick, slimy, wet feces.”

She said that when she initially got one of the horses, she thought it was covered in glue because its fur was so matted.

The horses were diagnosed and treated for rain scald, according to Koch.

“It’s a condition caused by matted hair,” she explained during a recess. “Lesions form under the skin because the hair is so matted the air can’t get to it.”

She also said large patches of hair and flesh had to be removed so medication could be put onto the skin.

“There was no other way to get to it,” Koch added. “The skin was dead underneath that hair. We’d pull on it and the horse’s flesh would peel off just like you’d peel a banana. The smell was horrible.”

Koch stated that her team only could work a few hours a day because the skin removal caused the horses so much pain.

“They would start to shake and shiver, and we’d have to stop. It’s terrible to know you’re putting a horse in pain, even if it’s to help them,” Koch said.

The prosecution submitted a bag full of hair and flesh that had peeled off one of the horses, as well as several pictures of the process, as evidence.

Even in a sealed bag, the smell penetrated the court room.

Whiteman called for a continuance after the prosecution rested its case against Deann. The defense will begin its case for her at 1:30 p.m. Friday before Whiteman.

“We’re not done with this,” Keith said outside the court house. “We’re going to take this all the way to the top.”



Couple to be cited for animal neglect

September 23, 2011
By JULIE REPPERT – jreppert@sungazette.com , Williamsport Sun-Gazette

The Lycoming County SPCA responded to a report of animal neglect made by an anonymous citizen on Thursday.

Laurella Reed, 32, and William E. Reed, 49, of 1542 Memorial Ave., were housing and breeding multiple animals in their home under unsafe and unhealthy conditions, according to an affidavit filed by the SPCA.

Multiple SPCA humane officers and workers responded to the home and reported rescuing 34 guinea pigs, a 12-year-old black Labrador, a large adult iguana, 25 assorted fish, three crawfish, five apple snails and one red-ear slider turtle.

The guinea pigs were kept in five to six large wooden and wire crates in one of the bedrooms of the home, and the iguana was left to roam the house and was found by the SPCA crawling on a dirty couch.

“The iguana goes to the bathroom in the bathtub,” Laurella Reed told the SPCA. “He doesn’t spend any time in a cage. That’s our child.”

She also said that she had been breeding and selling the guinea pigs to a local pet shop for the past year.

According to Lawrence D. Woltz, humane officer, the entire first floor of the residence was trashed and covered with piles of debris, dirty clothes, food and animal droppings.

The Reeds are in violation of a state crimes code that addresses animal neglect, abuse and deprivation of necessary food, water, clean sanitary shelter and veterinary care, Woltz said. They also are in violation of a number of housing and fire codes including sanitation issues, according to the SPCA.

Also living in the residence were two children, ages 3 and 6, who are not permitted back into the residence until proper measures are taken to clean and bring the structure up to code, according to Lycoming County Children and Youth Services.

All of the animals were removed from the home Thursday and transported to the SPCA.

The guinea pigs, fish and turtle are available for adoption at the facility, while the dog will need further veterinary evaluation due to his age.

The iguana also will be evaluated by a veterinarian and later released back to the Reeds after the home is brought to code, according to the SPCA.

“The owners will be cited for neglect under the Pennsylvania anti-cruelty law,” Woltz said.

To report animal cruelty or neglect, call the Lycoming County SPCA at 322-4646.



Man allegedly shot dog after thinking husky was a coyote

March 4, 2013
Williamsport Sun-Gazette
Save |            

SALLADASBURG – A Hershey man faces a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals for allegedly shooting a Siberian husky on private property while hunting along Hughes Road, Brookside, in Cogan House Township, in late December, according to Lawrence D. Woltz, a humane officer for the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Gerald Edward Laudermilch Jr., 39, is accused of shooting the dog in a field on Dec. 29, Woltz said. The dog, owned by Richard and Julie Emert, of Hughes Road, was treated at the Animal Emergency Center in Watsontown.

Laudermilch, who told Woltz he thought he was shooting “a coyote,” has been sent a summons to appear before District Judge James H. Sortman.



In fact the abuse of animals in Pennsylvania has become so bad as of late that The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) has set up a toll free 24 hr animal abuse hotline to help stop the abuse and charge abusers criminally.  Executive Director Howard Nelson says the hot line officially opened last Friday, but calls were already being taken a week prior. The toll free number is 866-601-SPCA. The Philadelphia-based society has six satellite offices around the state, along with 14 agents who can enforce cruelty laws. So if you know of any animal abuser please feel free to report them here if they are operating in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Also Pennsylvania has a large Puppy Mill underground that illegally breeds animals in harsh conditions without any concern for the animals that are being abused and mistreated. Many of the illegally bred animals are then sold online without any proper certifications or medical backgrounds done on the poor animals. That to is about to change. According to the ASPCA a new Puppy Mill Law is going into effect that will establish greater Federal oversight of these mills as well as online dog sales. 

The Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act would require commercial breeders who sell their puppies directly to the public, sight unseen, including via the web, to be licensed and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Currently, only breeders who sell dogs to pet stores or to puppy brokers are subject to federal oversight.

Many puppies sold online come from puppy mills and are commonly bred in unsanitary, overcrowded and often cruel conditions without sufficient veterinary care, food, water or socialization. While facilities that breed puppies for commercial resale through pet stores are required to be licensed and inspected, breeders who sell directly to consumers, via the Internet, newspaper classifieds or other outlets, are exempt from any federal oversight.

“As the ASPCA has seen firsthand, the photos of happy, healthy puppies posted on a breeder’s website often grossly misrepresent what conditions are really like for these puppies and their parents,” says Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations. “Puppy mills are able to completely evade federal oversight by taking advantage of a pre-Internet loophole in current law, but the PUPS Act would change that.”

As mentioned in USA Today, the PUPS Act will require that any breeder who sells more than 50 dogs each year to pet stores or online must meet federal standards.

“The current loophole has allowed too many dog breeders to get away with abusive behavior for far too long,” adds Cori Menkin, Senior Director of the ASPCA’s Puppy Mill Campaign. “We encourage Congress and the USDA to take meaningful steps to protect dogs in commercial breeding facilities.”

To learn more about the ASPCA’s efforts to eradicate puppy mills, and how you can help, please visit www.nopetstorepuppies.com.

Also Pennsylvania has also passed into law SB 1329 (aka-Daniel’s Law) which ends gassing of animals in the state. The bill would outlaw the gassing of cats and dogs with carbon monoxide, a crude means of euthanization method that is still used by a number of shelters throughout the state. The bill will require veterinarians, animal shelters, and humane society organizations to disclose the method of euthanization that they employ. 

Daniel's Law

Daniel’s Law

James Cromwell

James Cromwell

Recently Actor James Cromwell was arrested for attempting to stop animal abuse and torture under the false guise of “medical research” at the University of Wisconsin where he helped to expose the torture of cats specifically. I’m also completely against any medical research involving animals and in fact if you look at the current research and data on the subject there is absolutely no need or logical reason whatsoever to use live animals anymore of any kind in medical research, especially if that research involves human related medical research. In fact, any medical advancements we have obtained already to date has peeked and if need be for whatever reason there actually is an abundance of fresh human and human biological samples that can be  used for research that has been in cold storage for sometime. In addition to the cold storage materials, researchers today have readily available fresh human samples donated by individuals that are ill or have died whom have voluntarily donated their bodies to medical research and science thus providing us with enough raw materials to conduct medical research for at least the next 200 years. Medical research on animals is already defined as the willful and intentional abuse of animals and needs to be abolished immediately. 

Like millions, I’m a firm believer that an animal abuser should be exposed to the same exact tortures and torments that they had exposed the animals they abused to. They should  suffer for the same amount of time if not longer than the time it has taken them to abuse of the animals they had tortured. The other alternative which I also support like millions do in addition to harsher criminal and civil penalties would even include DEATH by firing squad or electric chair on public television to repetitive animal abusers whom have long histories of abuse and convictions. In fact, they should have a 24 hour all access cable channel available where they would show animal abusers facing the same tortures they brought onto innocent animals. If that don’t send a clear message nothing will and a daily look at the news clearly establishes that our animals are being tortured and killed in a trend that appears to be almost completely out of control.  No animal is immune from such callous attacks and are targeted by individuals who derive some sort of thrill from inflicting pain on an innocent creature. Despite the increasingly violent and sadistic nature of these attacks and the public’s growing disgust, offenders if caught can expect little more than a slap on the wrist if they are even charged at all but gladly that is now changing. To keep allowing such cruel and sadistic behavior to go unpunished is not only morally reprehensible, it may very well have dire consequences when at some point these offenders turn their particular brand of rage and fury on the rest of us like they have done in the past all of which has been statistically documented for well over 30 years now and even on record with many established animal rescue agencies such as the ASPCA and law enforcement agencies including the FBI. The direct relationship between animal abuse and violent crime has been recognized by the FBI since at least the early 1970s. In fact many of the world’s most notorious killers have long histories of animal abuse; Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, Edmund Kemper and Albert DeSalvo better known as the Boston Strangler were all fond of torturing animals for years before moving onto people. In Australia murderers such as Paul Denyer, Robert Barrett and Ivan Milat are known to have tortured animals long before they started killing people and even continued when they were killing people. What greater motivation do our legislators and Courts need to treat animal cruelty with the utmost seriousness? Simply cautioning offenders is not good enough and DOES NOT WORK! In the United States of America, there has been a growing trend towards toughening laws to make animal cruelty a felony rather than only a misdemeanor and that is a solid step in the right direction. Penalties for individuals who engage in deliberate animal cruelty have been increased, dramatically in some states and needs to progress further in many others. England has similarly strengthened its animal welfare laws but in Australia we continue to treat these heinous crimes as minor offences not worthy of lengthy custodial sentences despite profilers and psychologists telling us that one of the strongest precursors to violent crime including murder is a history of animal abuse. THE EVIDENCE IS THERE FOLKS! Tough penalties including incarceration must be handed down for serious animal abuse cases and animal abusers need to be treated with the same dignity they treated the animals they abused with NONE!

In a perfect world I would like to believe that most people would go above and beyond all boundaries and obstacles to help take care of an innocent animal if called upon expecting nothing in return. Unfortunately “greed” is part of human nature especially when it comes to animals and that tends to put a rather large dent in what I would like to believe and what I see in reality on a daily basis. Respectively the same can be said when one takes on the lifelong responsibility of taking in a family pet and far too many times a pet is adopted by an individual or individuals that should never ever be around any animals. Unfortunately in cases like that those animals usually end up being abused or neglected repeatedly and even killed as a direct result of the said abuse and neglect which may actually take place over a long period of time. Most often the animal suffers greatly on a daily basis and is beaten, chained up, exposed to the elements, denied food, water, shelter, and medical care resulting in the slow death of the animal. That abuse and behavior quickly diminishes and destroys the poor creature spiritually, mentally, and physically to the point where they are nothing more than the broken shell of the loveable being they once were all while building up the moral and spirit of the abuser who is usually a weak pathetic person with a long history of similar abuse to animals and people. I also explained to several people in a number of  pet care discussions that to neglect or abuse a pet or any animal for that matter shows that not only does the abuser have no heart but that they have no soul as well and are nothing more than an empty black abyss of nothingness and hate. 




Animal Cruelty Dog

Animal Cruelty Dog


In closing, to allow such cruel and sadistic behavior to keep going unpunished is reprehensible, animals feel, suffer, and love and the truth about their abuse should be exposed WORLDWIDE and if you see or know about animal abuse report it immediately to the local authorities or animal rights groups and organizations and provide as much information as you can on the offender so that they can be properly prosecuted. When we protect our animals, we are also protecting our society against violence and just may save some innocent person or animal’s life down the road. Compassion for animals is not just for sentimental reasons; it makes perfect sense and should be the normal way of life for a respectable and responsible human being. Animals are connected to people on so many levels and are incredibly just like humans it is almost unbelievable. What happens to them happens to us, what we feel they feel and the list goes on. More often than not cases of animal abuse and torture don’t even reach the courts but the few that do demonstrate our judicial system’s initial failure to treat animal abuse as a serious offense but again that is changing. Magistrates and judges can impose jail terms of up to 5 years in some cases but it is extremely rare for a custodial sentence to be handed down in an animal abuse case and what we need to do is get more animal loving prosecutors to become judges and inflict the harshest of sentences especially on those that have a long track record of animal abuse spanning years which is actually happening now in many jurisdictions including where I reside. Despite extensive evidence linking cruelty to animals to serious violent offences against children and people, the judiciary system continues to treat such crimes as largely trivial matters and often civil matters as well.

Some Recent Causes That I Support:

Daniel’s Law: Recently Pennsylvania has voted in favor of Daniel’s Law to ban all gassing of dogs and cats in the state. 


Save America’s Wolves.


Save The Wolves Foundation


Saving America’s Wild Horses.


War on Wyoming Wolves.




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Pet Love

By and large my first pet of choice has always been a dog and even to this day as much as I love all animals there is always a very special place within me for dogs. Since I was very young, my family always had several dogs and cats around the house most of which were strays that we had taken in from the neighborhood or had rescued from various local area shelters. Several of these rescued animals we owned for many years and soon they became part of the family as well. I can remember growing up and seeing both puppies and kittens being born and nursed by their mothers for weeks until they were old enough to fend for themselves and leave the nest. When they were old enough, we would often adopt them out to close friends and other family members whom were seeking that “life-long lovable companion”.  Sometimes, we would keep a few of these puppies or kittens ourselves and they too would become part of the family real fast. It was great to see that almost all of the pets that we had adopted out had grown old with their new owners and it was great to see some of those pets years later when they became mature adults and stopped by for a visit. As I entered into my teens, I had become interested in snakes and reptiles through a South American friend of mine whom had an entire floor of his home set up like a “mini-jungle”. There were all sorts of exotic plants, tree’s, and pets living in large custom built aquariums and spacious home made cages with waterfalls cascading down the sides leading to lengthy man-made streams lined along the back walls of the house. It was a little strange and yet fascinating at the same time. One minute you would have a bird land on your shoulder, the next a snake cross your legs, and at other times have crickets hop over you to get to another plant in the room. Interestingly, upon looking back at all of the wild animals in my friends home zoo, they were very happy and healthy and did not have a care in the world even though they were  living on one floor of an 1800’s era American brownstone in New York City instead of a tropical rainforest in Peru. It was a little extreme for me personally, but eventually I found myself doing a great deal of research regarding reptiles, snakes, and aquariums. Before long I was setting up some rather large aquariums in my house in order to feed my mild infatuation with snakes and reptiles. Soon enough, my snake and reptilian interest would eventually augment itself to include other species such as; gold fish, birds, mice, arachnids, and hermit crabs. Part of this growth in interest was the direct result of  several close friends of mine with similar interests whom had opened up some reputable exotic pet shops in town that were primarily dedicated to high-end enthusiasts like ourselves. Again, I found myself setting up several large new aquariums to accommodate my latest pets and although my aquarium set-ups were clearly no match for that of my South American friends overall, all of my pets were equally healthy and well taken care of and lived great lives for several years. At one point in time during this period, I believe I had about twelve custom aquariums set up on one floor in my home which was a little hard to maintain at first but once I got a pattern and rhythm down after the first week the rest was just cake. When I was about twenty five I ended up giving away all of my aquariums and equipment to some local high school kids whom were looking to set up their own aquariums and could not afford all of the new gear themselves. Even though I had permanently given up on one of my favorite hobbies which I had dedicated almost ten years of my life to, I always found myself returning to my roots and continuing to rescue stray dogs and cats. As a matter of fact when I had my aquariums set up I also had three dogs and a cat that were rescued whom had occupied the remainder of my free time outside of reptiles and snakes.

As I entered my mid-twenties, I really started focusing in on rescuing lost or stray animals; especially dogs that I had come across while on patrol when I entered into a career in law enforcement. Many of these rescued animals were abused or neglected by their sick and perverted owners or were being used as fighting or bait dogs by local drug dealers for sport and profit. I remember one time responding to a call of a child yelling for help on a rooftop of a public housing project in New Jersey. When I arrived I quickly determined that it was in fact not a child yelling for help at all but rather a young male pit bull mix that was badly injured and yelping as a result of being tied up on the sweltering rooftop in the hot summer without any food, shelter, or water for days. This poor dog was suffering and was clearly being used as a bait dog for a local dog fighting ring that would usually hold their nightly matches on the rooftops of housing projects in the area a few times a week. I immediately rescued the dog and nursed him back to full health over the following weeks. Eventually, had placed him with a loving family that had adopted him at no cost once he was well enough to be with them. On another occasion, I recall entering a burning building to rescue some people that were believed to be trapped inside and ended up removing an elderly man, a child, and their six year old German Shepherd all of whom were unconscious from smoke inhalation. Fortunately enough for all of us, I was a certified EMT and had my full medical bag and gear with me that day and aided all three victims that thankfully had made a full recovery. It seemed that on average I would rescue about two dogs a month sometimes more that were in danger, injured, or were about to be sent to one of those sadistic “all kill shelters” where they would have been gassed within hours even though many were perfectly healthy and still full of life. Other times I would have people contact me or come to my home or job and offer to bring me their pets or dogs with the hopes that I could take them in or find them a better home. They knew that putting down the animals was not an option for them and certainly they did not want to bring these animals to the “all kill shelters” knowing full well that the poor creatures would be killed within a day or so. I never turned anyone down and usually within a few days would have the animals placed with a new loving home and family. Many of my fellow co-workers in law enforcement would often start bringing me dogs at the end of our shifts that they would pick up on the streets while out on patrol. They did not want to bring the dogs to the local shelters considering that at this time several of the locations most commonly used for animal drop off’s were under criminal investigation by the state for animal abuse and torture. It was bad enough that these poor animals were going to get gassed anyway soon after their arrival at the shelter, but to further have them abused and tortured for fun by the sick individuals that worked there was extremely frustrating. Although I was glad that these targeted locations were being investigated and closed down, it made no sense to me that innocent animals were being gassed without nobody being criminally charged and yet those employees that beat dogs were getting arrested. To me it was clear that beating a dog to death and gassing them were the same animal abuse and torture. On one occasion I remember seeing a state animal control officer walk out of a shelter with a bloodied hand carrying a small dog in his arms. I asked him if he was bit and he said no he was good and got into his patrol car with the tiny dog. As he was about to pull away two other state animal control officers exited the shelter with some employees that were being arrested for animal abuse. One of the arrested employees had a bloodied face and was ranting about police abuse. It was clear that justice was served even though it was small and later I found out that the tiny dog the officer had removed from the shelter was actually rescued by him and his family that day. I also found out that when the officers arrived to arrest  several shelter employees for animal abuse the “bloodied employee” was caught hanging the tiny dog from a rope by the neck while the others were about to beat the animal with  broomsticks for laughs until it had died. Once this savage had saw the officers enter the shelter to arrest them for animal abuse the employee had dropped the dog and took a swing at one of the arresting officers in a poor attempt at escaping and needless to say that attempt failed. Before the officer with the tiny dog had pulled away I said, “You guys should get medals for this” to which he replied “I already did, two of them” as he raised his bloodied hand in my direction and then pointed secondly to the tiny dog that was now safe. Within days the shelter was closed down, had all of their assets seized, the owners were criminally charged with numerous violations, and the arrested animal abusers that worked there were later convicted for their crimes. 

Although I never saw the officer again, what he had said to me had rung true and in retrospect, some of my greatest career achievements personally have always involved rescuing defenseless animals from danger and making them whole again.  Interestingly enough, the majority of all public servants usually never receive any awards or commendations for animal rescues and when they do it is very, very, rare. Recently I was watching one of those rescue shows on cable and the episode in question involved an L.A. Fireman that entered into the sewers of the L.A. River to rescue a drowning  dog that was trying to stay afloat in heavy rain. After 30 minutes and several attempts by helicopter the fireman had eventually rescued the poor dog even though he was bitten on the face and neck several times by the scared dog and even lost part of his pinky finger in the process. He received an award for bravery from the city and several awards from various animal rescue groups around the country. I was never the type of person to seek out any awards or commendations for anything although I have received many including several medals, and commendations over the years for acts of service that were not even related to rescuing animals. In fact, most of my acknowledgments were the result of actions I had undertaken for going above and beyond the call of duty while helping people in danger without any regard for my own personal safety. All of those merits were great but really not worth the materials they were printed on in my opinion and even to this day they remain tossed away in a box somewhere untouched. My ultimate “award” or should I say “reward” often came in the form of a head nudge, lick, raised paw, or look on a rescued animals face that I had saved when they looked up and knew they were safe. Once I started rescuing dogs and nursing them back to health as often as I had been doing I more or less found myself  destined for the most part to stay on that path because one of the most humane and righteous things to do in life is to help defenseless animals and be their voice. I currently have four dogs all of which have been rescued by me and are living out the best days of their entire lives. My one dog Maggie who is the oldest of them all has been with me now for 13 years and the bond that we share is amazing. I rescued her back when I was working the graveyard shift in the county sheriff’s office supervising the 911-command center. One night the Patrol Division had brought her in around midnight as a stray without any tags and were going to have her brought to the “all kill shelter” in the morning about 6 am. I could tell immediately that she was only a few months old, full of life and love and was incredibly playful. About 2 am she somehow escaped from the holding cell area and was running around the department trying to get out and would not go near anyone at all except me. At one point she grabbed my leg while I was doing some investigative paperwork at my desk in my office and made sure that I knew she was there and my friend. I must admit, it was a great hiding place for her. She was far away from all the other deputies that were trying to find her in the building and she was small enough not to stick out from behind my small desk on the opposite side of the communications office. It would be the last place anyone would look for her, and after an hour or so of her sitting there with me I ended up bringing her back up to the holding area temporarily so she could stretch out on the floor in one of the empty cells and get some fresh water to drink. I informed the Patrol Supervisor that I would take her home in the morning when I got off duty at 6 am and to make sure she was not brought to the shelter to be killed. At that time, I was more interested in trying try to find her owner and return her home and if I could not find them, I would make sure that she was adopted out to a safe new home with a new forever family. About 2 hours later she somehow escaped again and ran right to me and grabbed my leg again this time with her two front paws as she looked up at me with her “happy eyes” and let out a barely audible moan. That was it for me, at that point, the deal was sealed and I took her home immediately before returning to back to duty. Over the next two weeks, I tried finding her owner and had posted flyers as well as ad’s in the local newspapers. When I could not find them I really had no choice but to keep her all to myself and for the last 13 years we have had an incredible life together.  

In 2003 I rescued a twelve year old female Chihuahua that was tied to a door and left for dead in the South Bronx one night at about 1 am. The poor dog was shaking and starving and looked very thin and neglected. I immediately had taken her home and the first thing she did was go right to sleep on my couch where she remained for the next day and a half refusing to eat or drink any water. I was about to bring her to the vet for emergency treatment and have her checked out when suddenly she got up and jumped down from my couch and immediately squatted down and went to the bathroom on the floor. Then she yawned and stretched her legs just before she went over to the food and water bowls I had set up for her and started eating and drinking like a lunatic. Maggie watched over her as she ate and soon after they both ended up playing  for awhile and getting to know each other. When the new pup was worn out she jumped back to up on the couch to go back to bed without any reservation. It was clear to me that this little dog had made her bold statements and was now there to stay and sure enough Maggie had an older sister to play with now all day. I had renamed the new little dog Dingo and over the next six years Maggie and Dingo were inseparable. They were two “bosom buddies” always side by side playing and sleeping next to each other no matter where they went. Unfortunately in 2009 Dingo had passed away at the age of eighteen from congenital heart failure even though I had spent thousands of dollars treating her for her illness for years. It was her time and everything that could have been done by me and the veterinarians to pro-long her life was done and there was truly nothing more that could have been done to save her.  After a few weeks, I started looking around for another rescue dog that Maggie would get along with at some shelters in New York City and New Jersey but could not seem to find a dog that was really compatible with Maggie as a sibling. A year later I relocated to Pennsylvania from New Jersey and Maggie seemed a little bored after the move and still a bit upset after losing her sister Dingo the year before so it was time for me to make the commitment and begin searching for dogs in need of rescue again so Maggie would have some friends to play with and keep her occupied during the day aside from just my company. After some looking around and trying to find the right companions for Maggie I ended up rescuing three female dogs from the Lycoming County SPCA. Those rescues included a six and a half year old Husky / Lab that I renamed Morgan who was tied up outside to a post since since she was a puppy by her previous owner and neglected. The SPCA also informed me that she was also abused and the previous owners had provided her with very little food and water and kept her tied up outside all year around without any shelter. When the SPCA animal control officers had rescued her she was very ill and thin. Fortunately when I adopted her the SPCA had nursed her back to health and she was well enough to travel and come home with me and since then she has gained 15 lbs and gets the best of all care and medical treatment and is extremely healthy and well loved. My other rescues include a two year old white Husky that I renamed Maison who has been set free by her previous owner because they did not want her anymore. The SPCA rescued her and I had adopted her shortly after the rescue and she is now three years and a half years old and a real handful. She too has gained about 8 lbs and is completely healthy and one funny thing about her is she is very vocal and loves to “talk” for a better part of the day. It is actually pretty entertaining to see her do this. She also has the best of care and medical treatment and gets undivided attention just like all my dogs do. The last rescue included a nine and a half year old Australian Cattle Dog that was turned in by her owner because they were moving and did not want her anymore. I rescued her and re-named her Marley and she is also very vocal and very funny to be around. Marley is beautiful and well-trained and loves to play around all day and is very protective of her new family and home. After rescuing Marley and seeing her character and how incredible she is the only two things that came to mind were, one “How can anyone turn in a dog after owning them for nine and a half years” and two “Anyone that does turn in a dog after nine and a half years is really a piece of trash and never deserved to own that dog in the first place and says a lot about their character”. 

Why I Decided To Write This Blog:

Each pet I had ever owned or cared for in my life has been a learning experience for me. As a result, I had often taken the knowledge I had acquired over my lifetime and utilized it to help other pet owners avoid mistakes with their problems often saving their animals from harm due to inexperience and simple avoidable mistakes and that is what I hope to achieve in this latest writing. Over the past few years, a wide variety of people whom I had come across that have met my dogs (including  several friends and acquaintances) have often asked me “How do you keep your dogs looking so great and healthy?” Sometimes that question would be followed up with a comment like, “Your dogs are clearly happier than many other dogs” or “What’s your secret to such healthy and happy pets?”.  I could have replied with the old adage, “If I told you I would have to kill you” but that would be too cliché and rather uncouth of me. Usually, I would just laugh and jokingly tell them “There is no secret” nor would I lay claim to being this “great dog expert” or “Dog Whisperer” like Cesar Millan. Certainly I have no veterinary training, but what I do have is a very well rounded lifetime of experience and understanding involving animals that gives me the tools I commonly utilize when properly caring for a pet and especially when caring for dogs in general. As the conversations progressed further as they often did, I simply explained that my “general practices” are nothing more than basic fundamental common sense approaches to daily pet care and that type of care easily carries over to all pets and not just grounded with dogs per-se. I would often be peppered with numerous questions concerning proper pet safety, security, health, dietary practices, discipline, training, grooming, and preventive care measures just to name a few. Many of the answers that I would eventually provide to the questioners were not your basic “yes or no” answers; each question that was asked usually did not have a simplistic answer to spout out and sometimes could only be answered with a question in return. Putting it mildly, there are just way to many factors that come into play surrounding the nature of animal care and in comparison to my practices over the years, to give a simple answer would in effect be “non-responsive” to many of the questions asked. In reality, there are no “simple answers” when caring for a pet and a conscientious pet owner must ALWAYS look at the bigger picture not just the pixels before their eyes although the pixels are equally as important as the bigger picture. 

The way I see it, my dogs are my kids and I consider them to be my “immediate family” or as I commonly refer to them as my “forever family”. Proper care for any pet actually comes from the heart and soul of the pet owner period! If that pet owner has no heart and soul then that animal will not be cared for properly and will most likely be abused, neglected, killed, or die. When you undertake the task of taking in a pet you become their parent and like any good parent would do in most cases, they would do just about anything to make sure that their “children” always come first well before themselves. A good parent will always make sure their children have a roof over their head, food on the table, medical attention when needed, and most of all have all of their basic immediate and long-term needs taken into consideration as a way of life. To do otherwise and neglect those parental responsibilities only establishes that one should not be in a position of parent nevertheless a pet owner. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding pet ownership today especially as it pertains to dogs is that pet ownership is not all about the “hugs and kisses” and “throwing a ball around for an hour a day”, that is barely the tip of the iceberg. In fact, those are just the “perks” of pet ownership, a truly responsible and caring pet owner MUST take into consideration the many variables and unforeseen circumstance that take place well beyond just taking in a pet for their own personal entertainment purposes like many people do these days. A truly responsible pet owner MUST provide that animal with a voice and all the proper preventive care, security, medical aid, diet, exercise, safety, and love needed to make sure that the pet in question grows and flourishes and enjoys their lives to the fullest extent no matter how long or short those precious lives may be. So when people started asking me about my dogs and what techniques I use to care for them it was clear to me that people were seeing something that I was doing right that I was missing or not even considering because in essence, I was not trying to do anything specific but rather simply following basic practices which to me were just common sense. So after some self prodding and pondering, it sounded like a logical and good idea to “re-evaluate” what I was doing regarding my pet practices and decided it may be a good idea to share with people what I was doing regarding my dogs day to day care especially if that information can help others become more responsible pet owners as well as benefit the pets in question. 

Sometimes weeks or months would pass by after my initial interactions and conversations with people regarding my dogs and pet care in general and to my surprise many had told me that they had heeded my advice and taken it to heart. Some informed me that they had used my recommendations with their own dogs and had achieved a great deal of success, satisfaction, and knowledge from my advice. Others said half  jokingly that I should write a weekly column on the subject in a dog magazine or something, to which I laughed and replied “I’ll  just write one big article to cover all the basics.” Almost all of the people that have utilized my techniques and practices have said that they now have a much healthier and safer pet and have acknowledged that they themselves had passed on my advice to their friends and family whom in turn have also achieved some success in keeping their pet’s safe and well in various situations. Some people that had asked for my advice ended up never followed through on and after seeing their dogs again it was clear that they were not that happy and actually did not look well at all. Unfortunately however, that is primarily due to laziness and an overall lack of concern on their part for their pets well-being and therefore there is nothing that I can really do about that matter except truly sympathize for them and the animal. Their dogs were not necessarily being abused or overtly neglected, but could have been treated a great deal better in my opinion. I did not see anything  warranting my calling animal control on them or anything or move for the removal of the dog from them for safety purposes. With that being said, the following information is basically what I utilize and have utilized over the years to care for my pets and dogs primarily which is what this blog is dedicated to titled; Properly Caring For Your Family Dog – Rescue Advice, Safety Tips, Healthcare, and Much More For Life!

Proper Diet and Fluids:

The key to any heathy pet is through proper diet and fluids. I feed my dogs on average two medium sized meals a day about 8 hours apart with some assorted treats to snack on in between depending on how active they are that day. If my dogs are very active, I will feed them three smaller meals a day in intervals of about 6 hours apart this way they can play and get some exercise in and burn off their previous meals calories before taking in a new meal a few hours before bed. If I feed them three times a day, I will not give them any treats that day because the extra meal balances out their intake and is more than enough to hold them over as a result of the extra sustenance.

I have been using Beneful Dog Food for the last two years including Healthy Weight, Happy Life, and Healthy Radiance without incident. According to some news reports online going back to 2007, Beneful had been recalled and is toxic to some pets but I have done some detailed research and most of what is said in those news reports is just primarily hearsay and there has been no actual factual data on the matter nor has there been any recent FDA certified recalls on Beneful Products. If I had any indication that Beneful was bad or potentially deadly to my dogs I would cease using the product immediately but I have had no problems whatsoever with Beneful at all and I monitor my pets health several times a day without any indication that Beneful is bad for them. In the past had some Beneful products been recalled, yes several years ago but not by the FDA they were recalled as a result of bad product by the manufacturer but then again, so has literally tons of human food including fruits, dairy products, meats, and vegetables. Unfortunately that is part of the living process and no food human or animal can always be 100% ok and safe although it should be but realistically it cannot and never will be.  

On occasion I also use Pedigree Canned Wet Dog Food and like Beneful some news reports going back to 2007 and as recent as 2012 claim that Pedigree had been recalled and is toxic to some pets but again I have done some detailed research and most of what is said in those reports is primarily hearsay and there had been no actual factual data on the matter nor has there been any recent FDA certified recalls on Pedigree Products. Again, if I had any indication that Pedigree was bad or potentially deadly to my dogs I would cease using the product immediately but I have had no problems whatsoever with Pedigree at all and I monitor my pets health several times a day without any indication that Pedigree is bad for them. Some days I will switch up the mix with Beneful as the first meal of the day and Pedigree as the second meal of the day. If my dogs get a third meal, it may vary between one or the other or a half combination of both brands of food mixing a little wet and a little dry dog food together with some raw Pumpkin about twice a week to aid in my dogs digestive process. Sometimes my dogs get a little backed up from the dry food about once or twice a month which is why I utilize the raw Pumpkin which actually helps a great deal. Mild constipation is pretty common among dogs considering they defecate about three times a day on average when taken out for walks and exercise so between 6 and 9 slightly harder trips to the bathroom once a month is fairly acceptable within the statistics of things and any reputable veterinarian will confirm this.  

Another product I often use is the Purina Brand Moist and Meaty Rise and Shine breakfast meals. My dogs just love the Purina Rise and Shine because it has a bacon and egg flavor to it and it’s a little bit different for them and a rather light meal in the morning just after they first get up. I also use the Purina Brand Burger with Cheese and Purina Brand Steak packaged dog meals. I usually buy my dogs food in bulk and will buy the largest box available depending  on how much dog food I have at home already. When I feed my dogs, I will switch the food up so that in most case my dogs don’t eat the same meals all the time. On average I have a large box of the Purina Products, a case of Pedigree Products, and a large bag of Beneful products plus several boxes of assorted treats and snacks that are reputable and healthy. Recently I started using the all Natural Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Salmon Dry Dog Food mix which is high in protein and 100% grain free. It took a day or two for my dogs to get used to it being it has a very fishy taste and they never ate Salmon before but they seemed to like it once they got used to it and it was a nice healthy change for them to try out. I’ve done some research on Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness Products and although they did have some trouble with the Chicken Meals recently the product was recalled voluntarily and dealt with swiftly by the company. Regardless is you read the animal news as of late, pretty much all chicken products in dog food have been a problem and that includes most chicken treats as well. I now avoid any chicken based dog product and if my dogs do eat chicken it will be the same chicken that I myself eat and cook and can make the determination if it is suited for consumption. If I would not eat it I certainly would not feed it to my dogs thats for sure. But I have been using Blue Buffalo now and am pretty satisfied with the product and I really like the Wolf on the bag being all of my dogs look live Wolves. 


Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon


As for the dog treats that I use, they usually consist of all natural Organic Pumpkin based digestive treats such as the Wet Noses Brand Dog Treats that come in small cookie forms and are great for any medium sized dog. Wet Noses Pumpkin Dog Treats are made with 100% certified organic ingredients including roasted pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, and whole oats. These tasty treats are perfect for my dogs as well as for any dog with a sensitive digestive system that needs a little extra digestive support. All Wet Noses treats contain no chemicals, no preservatives, no animal by products, no corn, wheat or soy and this treat contains no dairy products! Wet noses Pumpkin Dog Treats do contain; Organic Rye Flour, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Canola Oil, Organic Ginger, and Organic Cinnamon and are no more than 30 calories per treat. Wet Noses also put out a great  100% certified organic Apple and Carrot Dog Treat made with real Apples and Carrots and come in a small cookie form that is healthy and good for my dogs well-being.

Wet Noses Pumpkin Dog Treats

Wet Noses Pumpkin Dog Treats

A couple times a month I will utilize an all Organic Glucosamine based snack pudding to help with my dogs hips and joints which is highly recommended by all veterinarians. In the summer I will freeze the pudding and then give them to my dogs as a frozen treat on hot days. I also use an a all Organic fruit and vegetable based sack pudding to keep my dogs skin and coat looking great.  In the summer I will freeze the fruit and vegetable pudding as well and then give them to my dogs as a frozen treat on hot days when they are not getting the Glucosamine snack puddings. Every few days I will change up the treats as well to include some small Milk Bone Dog Biscuits to help keep their teeth clean and breath fresh. I avoid all treats that I have never heard of including any found at the local dollar stores or off the shelves of stores that I never use and I certainly NEVER USE ANY treat products that are made in China. China has a high toxicity rate on international shipments of dog and human products that has resulted in tens of thousands of fatalities in pets over the past 5 years alone and often use the same shipping and factory outlets to make numerous other products resulting in severe cross contamination of animal toys, food, and snack products. Often I will give my dogs some fresh apple slices or chopped carrots to chew on which are healthy for them and are clean and fresh right from the supermarket. 


A dog MUST always have a fresh supply of clean water for them to drink everyday and the water should be easily accessible for the dog to get to at any time of the day or night. The average dog drinks between 2 and 4 quarts of fresh water daily and will drink much more water in the warmer months somewhere in the areas of 4 and 6 quarts of fresh water per day. In the cooler months a dog may drink a little less water than average being they are not usually hot and sweating, but regardless the amount of water that must be made readily available for your dog all year around should not change that much and would be consistent with between 2 and 4 quarts of fresh clean water per day. I have four dogs so on a daily basis I average about 2 gallons of fresh water between all of them on a daily basis. In the summer, it could be up to 4 gallons depending on how much they play outside. What I usually do especially in the warmer months is to throw a handful of large ice cubes into my dogs water bowls to help keep the water cold for hours and slows down my dogs water intake process a bit. The reason being is that in the Summer dogs will usually drink more water a lot faster which sometimes results in the dog throwing up from drinking too much water too fast and gas cause some stomach discomfort. Sometimes my dogs will remove the ice and put it on the floor next to the water bowl one cube at a time while others will just chew them up like candy. 


About 3 days a week I give each of my dogs a cup and a half of whole milk in between meals. This helps with their digestive tracts and also provides some extra nutritional intake for them as well as helps keep them hydrated and builds stronger bones. The milk is also a nice little treat for them being that it brings them back to their early days when they nursed from their mothers and is actually very good for them as well in moderation. Some dogs may have a bad reaction to milk such as getting a mild case of diarrhea but thats ok if that happens, just hold off on giving them any milk for awhile. Just like humans, some dogs cannot have dairy products but thus far I have never had any problems at all making sure my dogs had some milk a few days a week. 





Dog Groomers, Dog Walkers, and Doggie Daycare Facilities; BEWARE, BE WARNED, BE CAREFUL! 

bloody sink

Abusive Pet Groomer’s Bloody Sink

Dog Groomers:

By all means it does not hurt to ask questions when dealing with people or businesses that may be interacting with your pet in any fashion and in fact it is highly encouraged. One of the first series of questions you should be asking yourself when choosing a dog groomer is “What do I know about this person, their business, or their background?” Remember, your pets are your kids and if you are a responsible pet owner and a responsible parent you would never leave your children with just anyone you knew absolutely nothing about would you? NO YOU WOULD NOT! So it is your obligation, responsibility, and absolute legal right to check out exactly who will be grooming and interacting with your pet not only for your own piece of mind but for your pets overall safety as well. A simple mistake or misjudgment on your behalf could very well result in your pet being injured, beaten, lost, or killed by an unprofessional and potentially dangerous dog groomer. 

Schedule A Meet and Greet:

Have the groomer meet you and your pet at their facility at least a week before scheduling any grooming care with the groomer. If it is a private house or an apartment building find out exactly who owns the house or apartment building and if they are permitted to operate a business within the location. Sometimes illegal grooming operations are set up in houses or apartments without the property owners knowledge or consent and that can result in some very serious legal problems for you should something take place at the location that results in the death or injury of your pet or someone else. In other words who do you criminally charge or civilly sue should something happen to your pet as a result of  your pet being at the location, is it the groomer or the property owner or both? Well, the answer is both. The groomer can be charged criminally with animal abuse or neglect if the injury was intentional as well as sued civilly for any costs of the animals medical expenses and treatment as well as any emotional losses as a result of the injury or death to the pet in question. If an illegal grooming operation is being run out of a house or an apartment building without the property owners consent and something happens to your pet the property owner is legally responsible being that they should have known what is taking place within the confines of their property and they can also be charged with various violations including but not limited to operating a commercial business in a private residence, operating an unlicensed business unlawfully, and numerous other business, codes, licensing, and zoning violations just to name a few. Every jurisdiction is different but that would be something that you can either deal with after an incident has taken place or be smart and take preventive measures to help you avoid any problem all together by following some of these simple and common sense tips. 


See how the groomer interacts with your pet. It’s important that an animal is comfortable with the groomer and at the grooming facility before being left alone there with them for hours. If your pet remains scared and uneasy around the groomer then take your pet and walk away. Pets can often tell when they are in danger or do not trust someone and if you are a keen pet owner and know your pet well like I know all of mine both you and your pet will know right away something is off and that should be the first big red flag. Remember, the key phrase is “WHEN IN DOUBT JUST WALK OUT” and just because your pet may interact well initially with the groomer does not necessarily mean that your pet is safe and comfortable around them. Again it comes down to the variables of interaction and every case is different. Sometimes during a meet and greet interaction things look like they are going well and then go south. The more information you have obtained on the groomer or the business before signing up for any grooming services the better off your chances will be to protect your pet in your absence and yourself down the road from any problems involving your pet medically and civilly.  

Groomer Policies and Procedures:

Find out what the groomer’s policy is if an accident or injury occurs involving your pet whereupon they are injured or killed while in the groomers care and/or at the groomers place of business. Request that you be provided with a copy of the groomer’s pet injury or death policy in writing should an accident occur while your pet is in their care. Make sure that the copy of the policy that you receive is valid, dated, and signed by the groomer either prior to the day that you drop off your pet to be groomed or at the time you bring in your pet to be groomed. That document should also clearly establish who will be held legally and financially responsible should something happen to your pet while in their care and control and if a groomer requests that you sign a waiver releasing the groomer or their business of any legal liability regarding your injured or deceased pet while in their care then you should walk away because if something happens to your pet while in their care then you are left  hanging out to dry while they get away with wrong doing and that also places any future pets that may be groomed at the location at risk. 

License, Bonded, and Insured: 


Unfortunately Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California have tried to pass legislation for licensed dog groomers in the past, but it always falls apart before it even gets to any assembly. However, that is going to change soon and people like myself are advocating for getting a wide variety of new laws passed making it policy that all dog groomers be licensed, certified, and obtain liability insurance when dealing with others pets in any fashion. Any professional groomer should be licensed, bonded, and insured within the city, county, or state they are operating in and you as a potential client must be provided with validated copies of the business license, bonded certification, and valid insurance policy including any license and policy numbers, contact information of the carrier, and the amount of the coverage under the policy in question. Always call to verify that the groomer is in fact licensed and bonded and that the insurance policy is active and valid. Under no circumstance do you take their word on it or take at face value what is on the paperwork they may have provided to you, it is important that you do your research and validate all information with phone calls or through government records by contacting the municipality or county the business is operating in. Unfortunately some states do not require  a private groomer to be licensed and if that is the case then take your pet to a professional groomer such as those operating at Petco or PetSmart or even one that may be operating within a professional veterinarians office.  I always take my dogs to one that is operating within a professional veterinarians office this way I know the dog is protected and should any medical issues arise they can be treated immediately by a veterinarian on scene. This also insures that my dogs are also protected under any bonded or insurance policy should they become injured, lost, or killed while in their care. However, I know all of my groomers and their staff and they know all about my dogs and how to properly take care of them and I trust them wholeheartedly. Plus my personal veterinarians are just a door away in the same building so I have no problem at all getting my dogs done.

Bad Practices and Bad Habits: 

It’s important to know how many dogs a groomer is seeing per day. Accidents happen more often when a groomer is rushed or unqualified or has no idea what they are doing and that includes a staff member that has no grooming experience or idea what they are doing under the groomer as well. If you happen to go to a private home or apartment or even a shop for a grooming appointment and the place is a mess, smells, and there are kids that look unkempt running around walk away immediately. If a groomer can’t keep a clean home, business, or kids one can only imagine how they will treat ones pet. BE OBSERVANT, BE AWARE, BE VIGILANT. Remember these kids can hurt or torment your pet in your absence and no professional groomer will have kids around while doing business and if they do then god help you and your pet should you choose to use them. Plus you must also take into consideration that should some child do harm to your pet and your pet defends themselves there is a likelihood that you could be sued and even have your pet put down as being violent even though your pet did nothing wrong. Again it comes down to policies and procedures in writing for your own protection and that of your pet. 

Know The Groomers Background:

Find out where and how the groomer learned their grooming skills or if the groomer had ever attended a state certified and recognized pet grooming school and had graduated from that school with success. That information is easy to provide upon request and if the groomer is legitimate you should have that information in your hands in about 30 seconds flat. If not walk away no harm no foul. You would not go to a Barber or Hair Salon to get a haircut from a stylist that has no idea of what they are doing right, so the same can be said about a dog groomer that is unqualified. 

Find out if the groomer is Pet CPR Certified and if so when was the last certification updated. Ask to see a verifiable and certified copy of the groomers Pet CPR Certification Card and if they do not have one walk away and choose a groomer that does have a valid one. Anyone dealing with pets on a daily basis should have this basic skill.

Find out which veterinarian the groomer uses and contact them. Explain that you were referred to them by the groomer and request if the veterinarian can give you a confirmed certified referral on the groomer or their business preferably in writing. If the veterinarian does not use the groomer or cannot give you a positive referral  then you should not use them either and simply walk away. The bottom-line is if the groomer or their staff refuse to provide you with anything you ask for that usually indicates that the groomer has something to hide period. 

Do a simple background check on the groomer and their staff if they have one. Usually a simple Google or Internet search of the groomers name will come in handy and just may provide you with some background on the groomer to determine if they have any past criminal background or a history of abusing animals or have even had one or more businesses they had owned or operated investigated and shut down for animal abuse or neglect. We have all heard many horror stories about groomers all around the country that have injured pets either intentionally or accidentally while grooming them with some injuries resulting in the animals death, blindness, heat stroke, or the pet escaping and running off never to be found again or getting killed by a car. I  have a friend who a few years ago had her dog lose an eye as a result of an unqualified groomer. The incident could have been prevented had my friend simply done her homework on the groomer and her business prior to bringing in her dog. She went by word of mouth from someone she did not know personally and ended up almost having her dog killed. After a long legal battle my friend was able to win damages and has done her own grooming ever since. I had a relative of mine bring one of her dogs to a local groomer a few years back and when she picked up the dog her stomach was raw and burned from a scalding hot trimmer. Fortunately the groomer paid all the medical expenses  but that won’t be the case all the time.

You can also contact your local chapter of the SPCA and inform them that you are choosing a groomer and want to know if this person or business has a history of animal abuse according to their files. The SPCA is usually very helpful when it comes to ensuring that ones pet is safe and will provide that information without delay if available especially if the person you are inquiring about has a past criminal history of animal abuse  then that information is a matter of public record. Take into consideration that sometimes groomers that have a criminal past or negative history involving animals including animal abuse and neglect will often use a fictitious name so that is another aspect that you must consider when choosing a groomer. Again, when in doubt simply walk out!

Contact the state office of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and request a check on the groomer or their business name to determine if there have been any past complaints against them and if so how were they resolved. It could not hurt also requesting a business license if that state requires groomers to obtain them in order to operate a business. That can be done at the local county clerks office usually or with a simple call to the business administrator’s office which should  yield you with the results on how to find out if this particular groomer or business is licensed within that state or has any pending cases against them.

Another important note is to determine if there have been any health code violations at the groomer’s location that may have resulted in cross contamination resulting in a pets sickness or injury. Like most businesses dog groomers must also follow a rudimentary set of basic safety and health protocols just like any barbershop or dentist office. You would expect all the grooming items and areas to be clean, sanitized, and ready to be used for the next pet that comes in. Countless times dogs have become ill as a result of negligence or dirty groomers resulting in serious ear and eye infections or skin disorders as a result of using a dirty pair of scissors or buzzer.

Keep Them In The Loop:

Be sure to tell the groomer about your pet’s medical history and personality. The more a professional groomer knows about a pet, it’s less likely mistakes will be made. However, a little time and effort looking into the groomer and businesses history can and often will save you a great deal of heartache, stress, money, and legal problem later should something happen to your pet while in their care.

Last Reminders:


AT ALL COSTS avoid Grooming Ad’s from Craigslist, shoddy Internet webpages, or from flyers posted around town on poles and billboards. Usually if a groomer is not licensed, bonded, or certified in the first place they will often post ad’s is on Craigslist, shoddy Internet webpages, or flyers posted around town near where they live.

Take a few pictures and look over your dog before you leave them at the groomer. This way if there are any injuries or mistakes you have evidence that your dog did not go in hurt or messed up. With every cellphone nowadays containing a high quality camera a few shots won’t hurt or take long for both you and your pets protection. 

Dog Walkers:

Without sounding redundant, all of the advice I had provided above regarding Dog Groomers completely carries over to Dog Walkers and Doggie Daycare Facilities. You must do the same type of background checks and verifications on any potential Dog Walker or Doggie Daycare Facility you may have in mind to use for services in the future. One of the most recent and biggest scams to date involves fictitious Dog Walking services that advertise online or with flyers whose sole intention actually is to steal your dog and resell them to a an illegal breeder or hold them for ransom. One would be surprised as to how common this scam is prevalent and active in pretty much any area and has cost many animals their lives and pet owners both money and heartache knowing full well that in the majority of cases their pets safety is at immediate risk and they may never see the poor animal alive again. I remember a few years ago watching this Dog Walker that operated in my neighborhood in New Jersey beat several dogs for no reason as she walked them. I just so happened to know a few of the dogs owners and informed them what I had witnessed resulting in them hiring a new Dog Walker or hiring a reputable Doggie Daycare Service to care for their dogs while they worked during the week. I found out eventually that the Dog Walker I witnessed beating several dogs was actually caught on tape doing so by other people that had saw what she did as well at different times and were fast enough to record the incidents on their cellphone cameras. She was charged with animal abuse and had to pay some fines and do some community service. 

Remember you are placing your pets safety and well being at risk by not checking out the any Dog Walkers background or history as well as that of any Doggie Daycare Facilities. Many of the same questions should be asked as well as references checked and verified including any said licenses, bonded certifications, and insurance coverage. Again what are the policies, who is responsible for your pet, and avoid at all costs ad’s from Craigslist, shoddy Internet webpages, or from flyers posted around town on poles and billboards. A few extra minutes or an hour or two on one day can and will save you a great deal of stress and aggravation down the road. 


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Common Sense Safety Tips For All Seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall:





Dog in Winter


Winter is one of the most dangerous times of year for your dog and it is not just the rain, snow, ice, wind, and cold that you have to worry about there are several other major concerns you should take into consideration when caring for your dog in the winter.

First of all, never keep your dog chained up or tied up outside in the winter especially during periods of wind, rain, and snow this will kill your dog and to do so is animal abuse and cruelty. Many times abusers or ignorant people will chain or tie a dog up outside for hours or days in the winter often not caring for the dogs well being and only a sick individual would expose a dog to such cruelty. Dogs are very much like humans and are warm-blooded beings that need heat in the colder months to survive. When a dog is neglected or chained up outside for hours or days they are exposed to the elements and can very easily freeze to death, catch hypothermia, pneumonia, or have their paws, ears, and nose freeze resulting in frostbite and usually amputation and death.

Just because a dog has fur does not mean that they do not get cold and the majority of dog houses are often nothing more than makes shift wood caves that are not clean, warm, or safe for a dog to be left in or tied to in a winter storm. Sometimes people would ask me about keeping a dog tied up outside in the winter or left out in a dog house behind their house and the first question I would “answer” them with would be “How would you like it if I put a chain or rope around your neck and tied you to a post outside in a blizzard for a few hours or a few days with just a thin shirt and pants on?” It was not rocket science, the answer would be the same every time,  “I would hate it” to which my answer would be then, “So do dogs”. I would then follow-up with this question, “How would you like it if I took you from your warm house and bed in a blizzard and put you outside a hundred feet from your home in a 4’ ft x 4’ ft x 4’ ft wooden box with no door or pillow to sleep on?” Again the answer would be the same, “I would hate it” to which my answer would be “So do dogs”. Unless the dog house is well built and insulated, with light, a heater, and a door that closes there would be no logical reason to keep a warm blooded sentient animal such as a dog outside exposed to the elements unless it was specifically done so to torture them.

I would both hope and expect that a reasonable minded person would not keep their children tied up outside without clothing  in a blizzard, so why would someone want to do that to their beloved pet? If you must let your dog play outside in the winter or in a storm to play or do their business there are many ways to do so without much of a problem. One way is if you have an enclosed yard you can let your dog or dogs run around and play outside for awhile without the fear of them running off. When they are door you can open the door and they will come inside. Another option is a doggie door that lets your pet come and go as they please preferably to and from an enclosed back yard or side yard. This way the dog knows how to get inside and when they are ready and done doing what dogs do they will come inside on their own. One idea is to purchase a 20’ or 25′ ft long metal leash that can be attached to a post and your dog’s collar or harness when they go outside to play for awhile or run around. The metal leash still gives your dog enough free space to play without being confined to one location and when they are done after a little while you can come out and unhook the dog and bring them inside. This way the dog gets some fresh air and exercise without running off and is still near their home and gives the pet owner easy access to their pet when they have to bring them inside. A friend of mine has a leashing system in his back yard that allows his dog to run free in the yard with getting away as long as the dog is attached to the leashing system which is part of the overall hanging post set-up. It is kinda hard to explain really but picture a ski-lift but instead of the seat you have a dog and when the dog gets to a certain section of the yard they can go anyway they want without getting off the property and are safe. In fact the system leads directly into the back door of his house so once he attaches his dog to the leash and harness she runs free and plays without getting away and can come right back in the house when she is done. 

The recommended time to permit a dog to be outside in winter depending on the temperature of course and the type of breed the dog may be varies but a good amount of play time would be about 15 to 20 minutes for every 4 to 5 hours that pass in a day. This gives your dog  just enough time to play around, get some fresh air, and do their business before they get too cold or exposed to the elements. I walk my dogs daily in the winter and sometimes bundle them up even though they have a good amount of fur but that depends on the amount of snow and this past winter was pretty bad.

Consider Your Dogs Hips and Joints In Winter:

Many older dogs such as German Shepard’s for example are susceptible to Hip Dysplasia and arthritis as they get older but really any older dog  just like any older human will get stiff, and pain in their joints and limbs as they grow old and dogs are no different. Usually the cold and humidity will cause your pet to be a little stiff in the hips and joints so to be safe it is always best to take into consideration your dogs well being and take preventative measures. In the Winter especially when there is snow or rain outside I always make sure my dogs have sweaters on or warm shirts to help keep them warm as well as their hips. I also make sure that they have a nice warm bed, couch, or heated area to sleep in when they come inside. I always dry them off with a clean towel and make sure that I rub their hips and joints for a few minutes to stretch out any kinks a couple times a day.  

Sometimes if you have a short haired pet you may want to invest in a thick sweater, hoodie, or water resistant rain jacket or coat to help keep them warm. A dog’s average temperature is between 102 and 105 degrees and that can kill a human being pretty fast but is perfectly normal for a dog. Do not over bundle your dog because they will get warm fast and sweat from their feet and mouth and may start to breath heavily especially a slightly overweight dog or one that is older like mine. 

My older dog Maggie has some stiffness and arthritis in her hips now for about 3 years but that does not stop her from running around like a puppy and playing. I give her as well as all of my dogs one multi-vitamin a day with their breakfast as well as one Glucosamine tablet to keep their hips and joints healthy and well lubed. In addition to those supplements, I have Maggie on a daily dose of Rymadyl which is a pain killer specifically for pet related arthritis. Dog aspirin can help as well but as the dog gets older they build up a tolerance to the aspirin and eventually it becomes useless. A warm bath will help a dog with stiff hips and a nice massage also works wonders for elderly dogs a few days a week and is a great bonding experience between an animal and their master. Going that extra mile for your pet is the right ting to do and there is no shame in that and they will only love you more for it. Be very cautious on ice or icy paths especially black ice. If you have an older dog and they slip on the ice they can get seriously hurt maybe even break some ribs, a leg, or seriously damage a hip. If possible avoid all ice with your dog. I took a spill one time when my dogs spotted a deer and went to chase it through the yards. I did not see the black ice on the ground in front of us being it was a little after dark and hit the ground pretty hard. I did not get hurt but could have and that would not be beneficial to me or my dogs and they too could have slipped and injured their hips so just be aware of your surroundings at all times. 

Avoid Salting and Chemical De-Icing Agents:

Exposure to chemical salting agents and de-icing agents used on city streets and sidewalks can make you pet very ill if ingested and even kill them if enough of the agent in question is ingested. These chemicals are very toxic and poisonous to pretty much all animals but dogs for example have a tendency to drink contaminated water from chemically melted snow and ice or eat snow off the ground that will make them sick if there is any chemical toxins in there such as salting or de-icing agents. In mild doses this exposure can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal pain and discomfort. At all cost never let you dog or pet drink any water or eat any snow that has been or may have been exposed to chemical melting agents. Fresh clean snow on grass or in a known clean area is ok in small amounts to ingest for a dog. It is no different that eating a snow cone without the flavor really and actually hydrates your dog in small amounts. Many dogs like mine love to play and roll around in fresh snow and one thing for sure is they love to eat fresh snow as it fall from the sky or on the ground that I know is clean. Sometime you get a city worker or property owner that goes crazy with salt and in every snowstorm goes directly into automatic Salt Overload, thus salting everything in site and making the ground a little uneasy to walk on. All that salt poses a danger to your dogs and should be avoided at all costs. There are some nice pet friendly de-icing agents that can be found in certain hardware stores like Lowes or pet stores like PetSmart in the winter and are a little safer but personally I never used them myself as of yet. 

Exposing your dogs paws to chemical salting agents has a tendency to be caustic and often burn your dogs paws raw and can be very painful causing your dog to lay down, limp, or start to insanely lick their paws to clean them off in an desperate attempt to stop the pain and burning. I would always recommend never under any circumstance walk your dog in areas where there is any moderate to  excessive amount of chemical salting agents and if you do try to keep them out of the path or on some snow or grass that has not been affected to help protect their paws. Winter booties are a good idea but if your dog is not used to them they will be stumbling like a drunken sailor on Mardi Gras that just pulled into port looking for a brothel. Another option is to place your dog into a car or a sled and take them to a safe play location such as a closed in dog park or wooded area and then let them have all the fun in the world without the worry of chemical salting agents.

You must also be careful of snow plows that may get too close to your pet while you are walking them and bury them under snow or strike them with the vehicle killing them. Like I said before avoid patches of black ice if you can and icy paths in general. Aside from your dog slipping and causing injuries to their ribs, hips, or head if you fall you can accidentally let your dogs leash go causing your pet to run off thus placing it in many dangers you were not expecting. If you walk your dog in the winter in an icy area it cannot hurt to lock the leash to your wrist of waist or belt using a large D-Ring with a detachable Velcro strap this way should you fall or slip it helps to ensure that your dog remains attached to you and cannot run off. Avoid letting your dog near any frozen lakes, streams, or areas of water. They can fall through and drown or freeze and if you go to rescue them you both may not come out alive. Last but not least if you live in a larger city that has electrical light poles or underground electrical wiring with metal entrance covers in the street or on the sidewalk that open up avoid them at all costs. Chemical salting agents and water can enter that these units get damaged and will cause a live electrical current to shoot out that can immediately electrocute and kill you and your dog. About ten years ago in New York City several people and dogs were electrocuted in the winter either in rain or snow storms just by passing light poles and electrical grates on the streets and sidewalks. Salt and water corroded the wiring and caused a live current to shoot out several feet and all it took was one person and their pet to pass and get killed. Never let your dogs near light poles in winter especially ones that may not be working or have exposed metal covers and wires sticking out the bottom. Way too many dogs have been killed by licking a light pole or urinating near one and often in each case the shock is just enough to kill your beloved pet immediately before you can act.










Dog in Spring


Fortunately there is not much to worry about in Spring regarding your pets other than making sure that they do not eat any grass or plants being it can make them sick, nauseous, vomit, or get a bad case of diarrhea. Some plants and grass can be highly toxic to a dog so it is best to make sure that they do not nibble on anything you did not bring them to snack on. This is usually a good time to update your pets vaccinations as well as put them on any Heart Worm Treatments as well as any Flea and Tick Treatments that you may use. 





Dog in Summer


Summer problems are not much different than Spring, but one vital issue is no don’t expose your dog to excess heat and make sure they have plenty of fresh clean and cold water to drink. Never lock your pet in a hot car it will kill them within minutes and is the equivalent to putting them in an over. A dog will succumb to heat stroke in a matter of minutes and if they survive will have brain and internal organ damage. Also, never keep any dog  outside exposed to the sun and heat without any grass or shady cool spot to relax in. Dogs love Summer and Spring and love the sun and to play outdoors but that can be done in moderation especially if you have an older dog or a dog with some medical issues such as heart problems or respiratory issues. I always take my dogs out in the early morning or at evening when the sun is going down and it is cooler outside. The rest of the day they may go out for a bit but I keep them inside in a nice air conditioned home with plenty of water. Beware of hot sidewalks and black asphalt, because for any dog walking on that is like walking in hot coals and will burn their feet and can overheat them. Never let them roll around on hot black top being that sometimes in the heat it can become gummy and that will get all over your dogs feet and if they eat that stuff it is toxic because it is oil based. Let your dogs walk on grass or in the shade if possible. If you do bring your dog on a hot day out always bring a large bottle of fresh water and a small water bowl or one of those waterproof collapsable Doggie water bowls that look like a cap. If you take your dogs swimming like I do in the local lake just be aware of water snakes and potentially contaminated water. Contaminated in the sense of some tiny parasites that can cause a mild stomach virus and diarrhea. Make sure to use Pet Life Jackets and do not over exert your dog in the water, they too can cramp up and drown. 





Dog in Fall


Fall is a bit different that Summer and Spring but not very much. One of the main threats to a dog in the Fall are piles of raked leaves. Almost all dogs love to jump into piles of raked leaves and come out the other side I know my dogs do but you just gotta be cautious as to what may be under the leaves such as anything that can hurt the per like metal or broken glass for example. There can be an opening under the leaves for a sewer of collapse section of ground in the street or even an open and covered well. And always make sure that you dog has been treated for pests such as Fleas, Ticks, and Heart worms. If possible just like in the Spring and Summer make sure to be aware and avoid Mosquito’s, Snacks, and Spiders if you live in a wooded area and make sure all your preventive measures are taken all year around regarding hip and joint health.


  Saving Your Pet With Pet CPR: 


Pet CPR Chart






Poison Control and Other Necessary Emergency Medical Pet Information:

There are several pet emergency numbers that are available online that I have found which are dedicated specifically to animal poison control. However, after doing some research my primary concern regarding these contact numbers are that the numbers in question are a paid for service usually costing the unsuspecting caller $39.00 per call while other similar services can cost an aware caller anywhere between $25.00 dollars a month to $69.00 per year for help. I believe that this service should be free to everyone very much just like the poison control hotline service is free for humans to call and request aid. Nobody wants to deal with an emergency situation involving a potentially poisoned pet where before they can get any emergency help they must go through a whole credit card and billing process. When you have a poisoned or sick and dying pet the last thing you want to deal with is some asshole requesting your credit card information on the phone as your pet lay dying on the floor. It is kinda ridiculous as a matter of fact to have to deal with that nonsense in that situation thus leaving someone without the means to pay for that service empty and vulnerable in a animal poison situation. However, in any potentially dangerous situation where you believe your pet has been poisoned always have your veterinarians emergency contact number ready on speed dial of your cellphone. Be ready to get your pet medical attention as fast as is possible and be prepared to do Pet CPR if need be. I would also recommend having a Pet First Aid Kit that is very similar to a Human First Aid Kit with just some minor additional and different equipment. That kit should include;

  • A Pet first aid book 
  • Emergency contact numbers for your veterinarian, the nearest emergency veterinary clinic (with printed directions), poison-control center or hotline such as the ASPCA poison control center # 1-800-426-4435
  • Your pets medical history and paperwork proof of rabies vaccination status, copies of other important medical records, current photo of your pet in case they gets lost
  • Nylon leash
  • Self-cling bandage (Stretches and sticks to itself but not to fur—available at pet stores and through pet supply catalogs)
  • Muzzle or strips of cloth to prevent biting (as long as pet is not vomiting, choking, coughing, or otherwise having difficulty breathing)
  • Absorbent gauze pads
  • Antiseptic wipes, lotion, powder or spray
  • Cotton balls or swabs
  • Blanket (foil emergency blanket)
  • Sterile saline solution (sold at pharmacies)
  • Gauze rolls
  • Ice pack
  • Sterile non-stick gauze pads for bandages
  • Petroleum jelly (to lubricate thermometer)
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors (with blunt ends)
  • Diphenhydramine (Benadryl®) if approved by a veterinarian for allergic reactions. Vet must specify correct dosage for your pet’s size.
  • Ear-cleaning solution
  • Expired credit card or sample credit card (from direct mail credit card offers) to scrape away insect stingers
  • Glucose paste or corn syrup (for diabetic dogs or those with low blood sugar)
  • Nail clippers
  • Over-the-counter antibiotic ointment
  • Penlight or flashlight
  • Plastic eyedropper or syringe
  • Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) to clean thermometer
  • Splints and tongue depressors
  • Styptic powder or pencil (sold at veterinary hospitals and pet supply stores and your local pharmacy)
  • Temporary identification tag (to put your local contact information on your dog’s collar when you travel)
  • Towels
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • A pet carrier
  • Non-latex disposable gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Rectal thermometer (your pet’s temperature should not rise above 103°F or fall below 100°F)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting when directed by a veterinarian or poison control)
  • A pillowcase to confine your cat for treatment


Acetaminophen – It is toxic to dogs and can cause liver damage and anemia resulting in death pretty quickly. 

Batteries – If your dog gets a hold of a battery they can chew on it and swallow the battery causing burns and poisoning as well as can choke on the battery if  it gets lodged in their throat. 

Aluminum Foil – Sometimes a dog will grab aluminum foil if it smells food on it and will eat it as is. The foil can get struck in the throat, stomach, intestines, and if passed can cut up the colon and cause internal and partially external bleeding. This type of injury and ingestion can result in death as well. 

Chocolate – It is toxic to dogs and can cause seizures and a quick death especially when eaten in large quantities.

Laundry detergent – If ingested can be poisonous to dogs so be aware to keep you laundry detergent up high so your dog cannot gain access to it. That includes pretty much any type of liquid soap product as well. 

Ethylene Glycol (aka-antifreeze) – It is toxic to humans and dogs and dogs are attracted to the smell and sweet taste of it resulting in kidney failure. Often dogs will ingest this in a garage or by drinking contaminated street water with this in it that would not be too noticeable especially at night. 

Fertilizers – Contain all sorts of toxins and poisonous chemicals and if ingested by a dog can kill them or make them very ill.

Grapes, raisons, and any seeded fruits can cause kidney and liver failure in dogs. 

Household cleaners – They fall under the same category as laundry detergents and is exposed to your dog will make them ill or kill them and that includes all insecticides and rodenticides.

Jimson Weed – Is a type of white flower will kill your dog if eaten pretty quickly usually from respiratory failure. 

Kerosene, motor oil, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, gasoline, and transmission fluid are toxic to dogs and will kill them just like Jimson Weed with similar effects.

Lilies and similar plants are sometimes eaten by dogs outside in a garden or park. They are toxic to dogs and will kill them pretty quickly.

Mothballs , prescription meds, and non-prescription medications are usually found by curious dogs in the house or bathroom and if ingested are poisonous and will kill your dog as a result of kidney failure. 

Onions, Avocado’s, and Broccoli are highly toxic to your dog as is Garlic, Queensland Nuts, and Almonds. Avoid them at all costs around your dog because if ingested will kill your pet very fast. 

Sago Palms – If  ingested will kill you dog and cause serious internal damage. Again watch where you take your dog especially in a warm climate.

Tulips – Can cause major mouth ulcers and gastrointestinal problems for your dog if injected. Keep the dog out of the garden please!

Unbaked bread dough – Can expand in your dogs stomach if ingested and cut off blood circulation as well as produce alcohol poisoning resulting in death and or major surgery on your dog. 

Xylitol – An artificial sweetener found in gum, toothpaste, and breath mints that is highly toxic to dogs and will kill them if ingested. 

Metal or coins are sometimes ingested in dogs that contain Zinc. This type of exposure can result in death from kidney, liver, and heart failure.

Pet Security In The Home and In Public:



Recently there have been several well known cases of sick people whom have been targeting dogs and pet owners all around the world by leaving poisoned dog treats in dog parks, dog paths, and in public parks and streets with the hopes that some innocent dog walks by and grabs the treat off the floor thus killing or seriously injuring the unknowing animal. Sometimes broken glass, thumb tacks, or nails have been strategically placed in pieces of meat or sausage and left in a public location that would most likely be frequented by a dog and their owner. Once ingested the materials will cut of a dogs throat and internal organs and no doubt kill them and if they survive will require several major surgeries over a short period of time never making that dog the same again. Fortunately for me my dogs are trained to never pick up anything from the street or from strangers and I am always vigilant when I walk them to ensure that there is nothing on the ground or area we are at that can harm them. What is disturbing is that many of these cowards target dogs with toxic treats and then never stick around making it rather harm for them to get caught. There have been some instances in my town on dog runs where meat was found on trails that contained nails and broken glass. It can never hurt to be aware and never take a treat from someone you do not know. When I take my dogs out I always bring my own treats and like I said before my dogs are specifically trained to not take anything from anyone or off the ground without my ok. 

Whenever you are out always keep your dog on a leash and be responsible, respectful, and safe. Aways ask permission before you approach a dog and pet them and always make sure someone asks you for permission to pet your dog especially children considering that any running and excited child can run up to your dog and maybe scare or accidentally hurt them while trying to be playful. In turn if that happens and you dog snaps or jumps up to play and the child gets hurt it can be a potential legal problem for you and cause the dog to inadvertently confiscated pending an investigation and tat usually never ends well for the dog. My dogs are trained to never jump on anyone they do not know and I never let anyone near my dogs unless they ask and I do not sense any potential problems from the person approaching. When ever I take my dogs out I always have a video camera on me at all times ready to go in a second flat this way any problem I see coming on I get it on tape and it has worked wonders in the past. 


Ask First

When I walk my dogs at night I use a bright LED light that I always carry that is solid and compact and gives off a great deal of light especially on the darkest of nights and I also have my dogs set up with a lighting system so they can see where they are going and if for some reason get off their harnesses I can see exactly where they go and find them easily. Another good option is the Dog GPS Collar that shows you exactly where your dog is through your cell phone and is very highly recommended by many that have used them whom have had a dog run off. 

ID tags, microchips, dog licenses, and 24hr Pet Watch Tags are also part of my arsenal to protect my dogs. I have detailed medical files on all of my dogs including photo’s, all marks and scars, personal identification marks, and DNA samples in the event my dogs are ever stolen or lost and some poor bastard decides to keep them claiming that my dogs are theirs. I’ve seen many stolen dogs in my day resulting in violent conflicts between the true owner and the thief including the latest trend of dog nappings nationwide. ID tags will always help in most cases as will dog license and that is how many lost dogs are found and returned. Microchips are also a great tool to be used at identifying lost or stolen pets, and I use the 24 hr Pet Watch which is also on record at the local animal shelters and veterinarians offices that I use. I also have ready made missing flyers done up that can be edited quickly by adding the date and last seen location that once edited can be mass printed and distributed as needed. Some may say that is a little overboard but that is ok because anyone that has ever lost a pet spends vital searching time making up flyers and finding pictures and getting information ready and that time is key to finding your lost pet. So I took a great preventive step and in the event any of my dogs go missing it will take me about 3 minutes to edit and print all the flyers I need on anyone of my dogs. Videos of your dogs are also great and show characteristics not seen in still photos. 

Never tie your dog up outside unattended no matter where you go because many times all it takes is a few seconds for some degenerate junky or piece of trash to walk up or pull up in a car and steal your dog and then take off in the wind. Often they will then wait for you to put up flyers in the area and hold the dog for a few days before they call and ask you for a ransom or try to get a reward out of you as if they are innocent. Believe it or not scumbags make a living off of stealing dogs and cats and holding them for ransoms and big rewards. They know that most people will often pay them in cash and not get the police involved that is for sure and sadly many never get caught and run this racket for years. Never keep your pet far away from you anywhere that you cannot get to fast and never keep your pet out of your site period. I had a great conversation one day with a fellow dog lover and pet owner and we had discussed a recent case of dog napping in the area. Apparently the towns police chief actually tracked down the stolen dog on his own time and found the pooch in the possession of  two drug addicts that were holding the poor animal captive in a rundown abandoned house. The police chief got the dog back, arrested the thieves, and returned the dog to its rightful owners without wanting any acknowledgment. I told the guy all about what measures I take to protect my dogs from a situation such as a stolen dog for ransom and he too took similar measures as I did. I must admit, one thing the guy did say that made me laugh was, “I don’t know of any dog napper that can run or drive faster than 1650 feet per second and I got sixteen seconds right here” as he pointed down to his semi-auto loaded handgun on his hip. I smiled and said neither do I…. LOL. 

My dogs are very protective of their home and bark at the slightest sound. Often they can hear or smell anything soon as it comes on the property just like they did last week when a black cat walked into my yard without making the slightest of sounds and I would know because I was up. Yet they heard it and went wild forcing the cat to run off. Poor cat I often feed them when they come into the yard. Two of my dogs are potential flight risks so I have to take extra precautions when I have friends over so as to make sure my dogs don’t get a chance to run off and out the door. They are being trained but my one dog Maison will still run if given the chance. I make sure that each of my doors are double locked and if I have company over I will usually put all my dogs into the bedroom where they usually will sleep while I have the TV on for them. Once they settle down after awhile I’ll introduce them to people and from there they often relax. Even in the summer or cooler months when I open my windows I have special hinges that prevent them from opening more than a few inches so my dogs cannot climb out. They never tried but I don’t want to give them any ideas. 

End of Part – 1

Well that is it for now in this first part of Properly Caring For Your Family Dog – Rescue Advice, Safety Tips, Healthcare, and Much More For Life! (Part – 1). The second part will be published next week, followed by part 3. I’m also working on two other blogs that will come out over the next two weeks, one regarding the latest in Tattoo trends, laws, and practices and another one on the recent mass killing of America’s Wildlife sanctioned by our own government for sport. 



Abusive Pet Groomer Arrested!

Abusive Pet Groomer Arrested!

Perfect example as why to screen Pet Groomers! From the news as of today!

Pet groomer charged with cruelty!!! PLEASE SHARE!!!
Police are asking anyone who suspects their animal was a victim of abuse at A Jazzy Dog to contact the Slidell Police Criminal Investigations Division at 646-4347.

Slidell police have booked a local woman with animal cruelty and possession of drug paraphernalia after an employee of A Jazzy Dog LLC Pet Grooming came forward with a complaint regarding animal abuse.

Christina L. Stewart, 42, of Slidell, was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, possession of a schedule IV controlled-dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. In an initial press release, police described Stewart’s arrest regarding animal cruelty but charges of drug possession did not show up until St. Tammany News obtained a copy of the latest citations Monday morning. Police did not state whether the drugs were found in Stewarts shop at 3995 Pontchartrain Drive or at another location.

Stewart currently remains in St. Tammany Parish Jail in Covington, but according to court records a $15,000 bond has been posted. Her pet grooming service has remained in operation following her arrest.

Stewart, who is originally from Florida according to acquaintances, is the owner of A Jazzy Dog, a full service pet salon that offers baths, nail clipping, haircuts and everything in-between for local pets.

According to Detective Daniel Seuzeneau, Stewart has been under a joint investigation that was being conducted by the Slidell Police and the City of Slidell’s Animal Control Division. Towards the end of January, two former employees of A Jazzy Dog came forward to file a criminal complaint against Stewart. They stated the woman was abusing animals being brought to her salon. Witnesses stated they saw Stewart slam dogs onto her grooming table while also choking them with a leash.

“During one occasion, Stewart allegedly hung a dog in the air causing the animal to go into a seizure,” Seuzeneau said. “In other instances, Stewart would grab a dog’s face and would slam it into the grooming table, or would strangle the dogs.”

Police are asking anyone who suspects their animal was a victim of abuse at A Jazzy Dog to contact the Slidell Police Criminal Investigations Division at 646-4347.

The case remains under investigation and more charges could come later, police say.

Louisiana law requires that those convicted of animal cruelty undergo a psychological evaluation and subsequently be recommended for psychological treatment while being banned by a court order from owning or keeping animals for a period of time deemed appropriate by the court.

Those convicted of such crimes are fined not less than $5,000, nor more than $25,000 while also receiving a prison sentence between one to 10 years behind bars, with or without hard labor.

Source: St Tammany SlidellSentry News
Photo credit: Christina Stewart, owner of A Jazzy Dog Pet Grooming in Slidell, is arrested following an investigation regarding animal cruelty/ Slidell Police

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Most Images and Art Reproduced With Permission except original art cover Pet Love © 2011 by layingdownthelawlessness. All rights reserved


Over the last year or so there has been a monstrous “castle-like” structure being built by Steve Huff a billionaire CIA Agent/Software Developer/Contractor/Gov’t Employee! The mansion is 72,000 sq’ with some 13 bedrooms categorized as a single family home to avoid zoning approval built from steel and concrete that is also all weather proof, earthquake proof, and can take a hit with a nuke basically and not withstand much damage. Interestingly the structure is being built in Missouri in the center of the Ozark Mountains which is a prime location for safe haven from any impending national disasters or conflicts. The castle itself is also built over thousands of miles of underground caves and has its own water supply as well as is completely self sufficient. There have been many conspiracy articles and shows on the building but also some chalk it up to simply be one connected billionaires doomsday resort and to be honest I can’t say I blame the guy should something happen anyone with any common sense would want a structure like that in order to survive.

Here is a brief look from You Tube that I came across on the construction.

Some other images were posted online from various sources also showing the construction as can be seen in these pics.

So why build in the Ozark’s rural Missouri area?

According to Steve Huff, he wanted to test out the buildings technology in a climatic location that offers  warm and cold temperatures and also Missouri shields him for building inspections which would have complicated his efforts in the building process.The project should be finished before 2014 and there are several other structures being built just like this elsewhere in the U.S.


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     Well 2011 was not so bad after all. It started out a little slow and as the year progressed picked up some steam along the way. Ultimately nothing that spectacular had taken place in 2011 that made me say “WOW”, as much as the anticipation of all the great and unfortunately not so great potential things to come in 2012. Well, I take that back for a second, Batman Arkham City was pretty fucking exciting and I did say “FUCKING WOW” when Casey Anthony skated on child murder charges like a Winter Olympic Pro. Sure we all had some cool new iphones, compact computers, apps, video games, and several movies that unfortunately turned out to be more “hype” than anything else. But considering the position Hollywood is in today EVERYTHING must be rebooted, made new, reinvented, ruined, and then drastically overhyped because sadly there is no more originality in the hearts and minds of the Film and Television Industry anymore. And sure we did have some drastic changes in the world’s political and economical structure in masses that may have made some think a little bit but not say “Hmmmmm”. Hell, with the way the cards have been falling all around us over the last five or six years it was no real surprise anyway.

     So after some brief pondering which took me roughly about twenty minutes or so over a hot cup of Joe and a couple songs on the You Tube including the Doors “Riders on the Storm”, I came to the conclusion that my tastes have not changed much over the years. I’m still a pretty simple “meat and potatoes” kinda guy that is relatively easy to please. I enjoy the simple pleasures life has to bring like playing with my three kids (who in reality are my three beautiful dogs), a good nap, some quality TV time, a couple hours here and there hitting the video games, a good long drive, and hanging around with friends.  However, a few things do tweak my interests from time to time and make me a little extra excited especially when they come to movies, video games, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and Tattoo’s and 2012 does seem to have some nice tweaks I must admit. So here are a couple things I’m REALLY looking forward too this year.


     Last time we saw John the “Master Chief” he was adrift in space on a pretty beat up ship about ready to go into a deep cryogenic stasis sleep. Cortana says “I’ll miss you” and John replies “Wake me, when you need me” before closing the stasis chamber. Well it looks like its time to GTFU and smell the coffee because H4 is on the way and should be out just in time for Christmas 2012. The trailer looks pretty damn good too with John’s Spartan Armor appearing a little more compact and lightweight however I’m sure the weapons will pack a much more solid of a punch. According to the Official HALO 4 Website (http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/games/halo4/Overview“Halo 4 is the next blockbuster installment in the iconic franchise that’s shaped entertainment history and defined a decade of gaming. Set in the aftermath of Halo 3, Master Chief returns to confront his own destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe. Halo 4 marks the start of a new trilogy that begins with its release in 2012”. A new trilogy? Now THAT sounds interesting!

     No doubt when HALO was first released on 11-15-01 for the X-BOX gaming console it had changed the whole concept, feel, and evolution of a first person shooter game. The same feeling was carried over onto the X-BOX 360 gaming console with HALO 2 and HALO 3, losing a majority of that feeling in HALO ODST, and remerging strong as ever again with the release of HALO Reach in 2011. HALO Wars was at best an ok game but seemed more like a game of digital checkers on crack. The Official Trailer for HALO 4 looks pretty solid as well and so does the screenshots for H 4.

Click on the Screenshot directly below to see Official H4 Trailer

HALO 4 Official Trailer


HALO 4 Screenshot

HALO 4 Screenshot

HALO 4 Box Cover Art – XBOX 360

HALO 4 Box Cover Art - XBOX 360

     As they say, “Heros Never Die”  and John the “Master Chief” has proven this already! So get ready to stuff your X-Mas stockings with H4.



     Chris Nolan has taken the Batman legend to places on the big screen that nobody had ever thought Batman could or even would go before. Starting with Batman Begins Nolan laid down a solid foundation clearly bringing to light what an angry and desperate man can do if pushed, and a 100 billion bucks in the bank can’t hurt either as well as unlimited access to million dollar hardware and software to aid in ones desire to deal a death blow to evil in the face of a freightening icon known as “The Bat”. Batman Begins is not the story of Batman per-se, but rather the story of Bruce Wayne as he moves forward in his destiny to becoming Batman. Nolan tested the limits again when he following through with the sequel The Dark Knight and once again Nolan struck gold with a solid and riveting storyline with many plot twists and action to boot.  And now in the final film of the trilogy The Dark Knight Rises Nolan brings to a close (as the press states) the “Batman legend” even releasing an official movie one sheet with the main line reading “THE LEGEND ENDS”. However, I like to read between the lines here, this could be the end of the films by Nolan specifically or could simply mean that the Batman as seen in Nolan’s universe actually comes out from the shadows of Gotham City transforming himself from being a legend, myth, boogyman into becoming something that is tangible and REAL to all of the residents of Gotham and beyond hence the title “The Dark Knight Rises”.

     According to the official description of TDKR, “Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes”. It will be interesting to see what has taken place over the past eight years in Gotham since the Dark Knight had ended according to the films timeline. What has Batman been up to over the past eight years? Whose ass did he kick?  What has taken place in Gotham leading up to this point where all hell breaks loose?  The answers to these questions is anyones guess except for those in the inner circle of Nolan’s production staff. Ultimately I have no worries, the last two films were box office hits and even though I was uncertain about Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker in TDK initially I can safely say that I have eaten my negative words in that casting call because after seeing what Ledger brought to the screen it was clear to me there is and was nobody else that could have taken on that role and pulled it off like Ledger did. Lets be honest, the stress of The Joker role was a major factor in Ledgers untimely and unfortunate death. RIP HL!

Heath Ledger Joker

     This time Batman takes on super juiced Bane who is one tough SOB with a genius level IQ to boot who will no doubt kick some serious ass until he smells shit and then continue kicking. Batman also faces off with Catwoman which should be interesting and a nice twist in Nolan’s universe. And just to make sure there are no disappointments Batman will have a whole new nifty little arsenal of gadgets to get him through a tough night in the big city of Gotham. The Tumbler / Batmobile and the Bat-Cycle will return as well a the new flying hovercraft known as “The Bat” will also be introduced in TDKR. All the original cast members from the first two films will return, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and  Michael Caine  just to name a few and a whole new supporting cast will take on the new roles of  “Rogues Gallery” characters in this film including Tom Hardy as Bane and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Not to mention that Liam Neeson also returns as Ra’s Al Ghul. From the looks of some of the production stills released last summer and from the most recent third trailer installment from the film all I can say is i’m STOKED and can’t wait until the Summer!

Click on the Movie One Sheet directly below to see the Official Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The Dark Knight Rise Official Trailer



Batman and Bane




Hitman Absolution

     Agent 47 is BACK! Yes sir 47 returns with a vengeance in Hitman Absolution the fifth game in the series which originated in 2000 with the PC game titled Hitman: Code Name 47. I remember first playing the original game at a friends house when it first came out twelve years ago and for weeks we wasted away in our seats playing this game until both it  and us were finished. Who knew that such a simple PC game that was not promoted well and barely heard of would ever explode into a cultural phenomenon leading up to a series of five great video games, a set of well written books, and not to mention a decent feature film titled Hitman starring Timothy Olyphant  as 47 with a sequel rumored to be coming out this year as well with Olyphant reprising his role as 47. What makes Olyphant work at being 47 is his face and walk. He has a great facial structure that is reminiscent of the 47 from the games but the walk is what seals the deal for me. Olyphant’s natural walk is pretty graceful and he actually walks like 47 in the game in real life.

Olyphant - Hitman

     From the screenshots and gameplay that I have seen released over the last few weeks I can safely say the last time I was this excited about a video game it was in fact Batman Arkham City. Hitman Absolution takes on many of the elements that were used in Batman Arkham City such as the stealth movements, X-Ray / Detective mode, use of new and improvised weapons, hand to hand combat skills, and the overall feel and graphics of the game make it a fun yet dark experience for the hardcore gamers and Hitman fans alike. Absolution brings to the table a feast of new treats never before seen or used in any Hitman game before.

Click on the Hitman Bar Code directly below to see the Official Hitman Absolution Trailer



Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution

For an extra special treat click on the image below and see 20 minutes of actual Hitman Absolution gameplay! You WON’T be disappointed!

Hitman Absolution Gameplay


Sturgis 2012

     The 72nd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is coming up on August 6 -12, 2012 and it is going to be better than ever before. Sturgis only gets bigger and better not smaller and worse. It is by far the biggest biker rally in the U.S. and a big part of American Culture especially in the biker world. Hell you can even show up with a Honda or a Yamaha and partake in the festivities but won’t get much respect as a rider. Harley Davidson is where the heart is here. Every year except for 1942, for a full week in August since 1938 bikers from all around the world flee to Sturgis, South Dakota to ride, party, make friends, and experience the freedom of the biker lifestyle which is still one of the last freedoms we have that is actually free (Harley not included) in todays society.

2008 Sturgis

2007 Sturgis

Mt. Rushmore


The Official Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Website can be found below at the following link!


     Well to close out this latest blog, I’m REALLY looking forward to some great food, music, tattoo news, java, and new artistic talents to emerge in 2012 and if we are all really lucky the absolute demise of “Reality TV” except for a handful of shows primarily related to cooking, art, bikers, tattoo’s (except for anything Kat Venereal Disease related), and the return of about 3 or 4 tv series I watch. Oh well, thats a wrap…..see you all at my next blog which is going to be a doozy. CYA!

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Animal Cruelty Dog

Animal Cruelty Cat

Amongst my relatively lengthy list of hypocritical and disgusting scumbags that I utterly despise most in society today, primarily beginning with every “ABSOLUTELY NOT Real Housewive” of ANYWHERE and carrying on through to about 95% of every Bravo TV “reality star” to date, there are two very specific types of pathetic individuals that I truly loathe the most whom by far are on top of my shit list. NO they are not the “Lohans” or the “Kardashians”, although both clans are pretty high up on my shit list and undoubtedly emanate from the same cesspool of subhuman primordial scum. No, those I hate most are actually the repetitive pusillanimous child and animal abusers of this world. In my opinion which I’m certain is shared vastly by the many, these degenerate child and animal abusers are WEAK MINDED COWARDS that deserve absolutely nothing less in life than to brutally die a prolonged dragged out horrible death under the same exact torturous conditions and circumstances in which they had inflicted their horrors upon their helpless victims; little children and defenseless animals. Make no mistake about it, only WEAK MINDED, PATHETIC, NAUSEATING, COWARDS abuse defenseless children and animals and only do so because that is how this type of abusive COWARD can obtain any sense of satisfaction, pleasure, and self-validation in their life. Comprehending this type of “human slime” is very easy, you see by targeting helpless victims that cannot or are unable to fight back, animal or child alike, the “slime” clearly establishes a sick sense of control and dominance over their innocent victims. Just like the average grade school bully, child and animal abusers will NOT target someone or something that may pose a threat back against the abuser because targeting only the vulnerable makes them feel safe and strong when in fact they are just the opposite; insecure and menial in their existence. Only COWARDS can get any satisfaction out of abusing and harming innocent animals and children because that tiny bit of power they possess in that moment harming their defenseless victims makes these worthless pieces of shit feel all the mighty. With that being said, lets move forward. Sometimes unfortunately in ones lifespan you come across an individual every so often that is no doubt truly revolting and appalling, an individual that is both a child abuser and an animal abuser. Unfortunately in my life I have come across many such pieces of trash over the years with one in particular taking up space not far from where I reside in Central Pennsylvania and her name is Brenda L. Doedderlein. Without getting into all the details about Doedderleins abusive nature regarding her children  I will only focus on the issues surrounding her long and sordid history of animal abuse and cruelty while she has been residing in Pennsylvania. To be honest, to address everything surrounding this “subhuman’s” behavior would probably crash the World Wide Web. And for the record I have in fact personally witnessed and documented several instances of child abuse or neglect by Doedderlein regarding her children over the last year and a half alone which is rather lengthy and horrendous in and of itself. “Fortunately and unfortunately” I was not the only individual that has witnessed this type of abuse regarding the children and documented it numerous others people have as well and yet we all remain equally shocked.

I first had the misfortune of meeting Doedderlein back in early 2010 through some then mutual friends at the time. Almost immediately I knew something was off with her and I had a negative feeling about her obviously questionable behavior and character while in my presence. She bragged several times that she was an alcoholic and proud of it, she repeatedly made comments that she “is crazy or was crazy”, informed me that she had did time in jail and in fact seemed quite proud of it, (which at that point in time was not expanded upon) and  even bragged to me and others that she had at times beat or attacked her ex-husband John and had tried to run him over and kill him with her car on more than one occasion or attacked him with various types of weapons. Needless to say it was immediately clear to me that I should have little or no further interaction with this deranged person again in the near future if it was at all remotely possible and God willing if that could be helped. Not surprisingly, I was not alone in my perturbed feeling about Doedderlein; other people that I had either known or met from the area had also felt the same way as I did about Doedderlein…disgusted! Numerous individuals with whom I had spoken to about Doedderlein whom had actually known her for many years  had also openly expressed their concerns and shared their negative experiences with Doedderlein to me surrounding her unsettling history and shocking behavior since they had first met her, some going back for at least 10 years or more. The most common factor among every conversation concerning Doedderlein came down to two key points; One Doedderlein should NEVER be around children and two should NEVER own or be around any animals ever again. Now mind you the people that had made these comments and had these beliefs based them solely upon what they had known as fact and had personally witnessed of Doedderlein over the years. For arguments sake, had the amount of people that had these negative feelings about Doedderlein been a hand full or more I would weigh on the side of “He Said, She Said”. But no, it was not a handful or more, not even remotely close to that, it was in fact a rather large backpack of people all of whom had very specific information and details regarding incidents involving Doedderlein specifically involving her history of animal neglect and abuse. These people were all well respected professional honest people varying in age, male and female, and had a variety of backgrounds ranging from police officers, veterinarians, reverends, store clerks, local business owners, including members of Doedderleins own family just to name a few. Sometimes upon mentioning Doedderleins name to various people from the area as it “unfortunately” may have came up in a conversation here and there, there would be some serious rumblings about her longtime history of animal abuse and cruelty in the Lycoming County area of Pennsylvania time and time again. As I listened further and deeply to these rumblings, I soon realized that they were in fact not rumblings at all but rather large scale earthquakes and there was consistency with every story coming back to her physical and mental abusive nature toward animals that had also carried over to her children as well. By now to me, these quakes were no surprise they were expected in face especially considering that eventually I had the misfortune of witnessing some of the abuse in question myself not too long after I had heard several of these initial stories in a relatively short period of time as well as a matter of fact.

Then one day after hearing a very disturbing story about Doedderlein punching a tied up tiny dog in the face several times and then head butting it while the dog was being groomed by her at one of her previous places of employment a pet grooming shop named Kens Dog Grooming located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania I took it upon myself to look more into Doedderleins past history of animal abuse to see firsthand for myself what I was almost constantly hearing about.  So to start with I did a simple Google search typing in “Brenda L. Doedderlein Animal Abuse” and one of the very first items that had popped up on screen was a news article dated November 13th 2008 from the Williamsport Sun Gazette (the local town newspaper) authored by Reporter Phil Holmes titled “Bench Warrants Issued for Three”. As I read the article it mentions Doedderlein specifically and states that she had failed to appear in court for preliminary hearings concerning a case of animal neglect and abandoning a cat whereupon Doedderlein had been charged for the crime by the local chapter of the SPCA with Doedderlein having a long and documented history of neglecting animals over the years. The article regarding Doedderlein stated as follows;

“Bench warrants will be issued for three people who failed to appear for their preliminary hearings last week before District Judge Allen P. Page III, including a former owner of a pet-grooming business who is accused of abandoning a cat, according to court records.

Brenda L. Doedderlein, 33, of 1129 Race St. has been charged by the local chapter of the Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals with allegedly abandoning a cat in her former store at 6 E. Third St. between late July and mid-September when the feline was caught and brought to the shelter.

Court records state that Doedderlein operated a business called Brenda’s Pets and Grooming, which closed sometime in the summer.

A maintenance worker managed to trap the cat in the building on Sept. 15, humane officer Lawrence D. Woltz said in an affidavit. When the worker brought it to the SPCA shelter, the cat “was extremely underweight,” Woltz said.

Doedderlein, who Woltz said had a documented history of neglecting animals over the years, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals. The feline was examined by a local veterinarian, but no information was available on whether it recovered.”

Note: The link to this article can be found here:


6 E. Third Street Williamsport, PA

“One of Doedderlein’s previous business locations Located at 6 E. Third Street Williamsport, PA- formally known as Brenda’s Pets and Grooming”

As I continued my online search on Doedderleins past history of animal abuse and cruelty in Lycoming County I came across another news article dated December 12th 2008 also from the Williamsport Sun Gazette authored by Staff Reporters titled “11 People Sentenced in Court”. As I read that article Doedderlein is again mentioned specifically regarding her past animal abuse and neglect history and is in fact sentenced for her crime of animal cruelty and for the illegal transfer of animals regarding the previous news article I had just read dated November 13th 2008 from the Williamsport Sun Gazette authored by Reporter Phil Holmes titled “Bench Warrants Issued for Three”. This December 12th 2008 article stated; “Brenda L. Doedderlein, 33, two years and three months with 10 days in the Pre-Release Center and 150 hours’ community service for illegal transfer and cruelty to animals.”

Note: The link to this article can be found here:


Brenda Doedderlein Guilty Plea / Sentence Page 1

Brenda Doedderlein Guilty Plea / Sentence Page 2

Brenda Doedderlein Guilty Plea / Sentence Page 3

Brenda Doedderlein Guilty Plea / Sentence Page 4

After reading the news articles, hearing all the sick stories, obtaining copies of Doedderlein’s conviction and sentence (posted above) which is a matter of public court record and researching as many cases of abuse and cruelty to animals undertaken by Doedderlein over the years that I could find in Pennsylvania, I was left with no other choice but to ensure that these poor animals stories were made public so that their suffering and torture by Doedderlein was not in vain. The public needs to be made aware and sometimes simply just reminded that there are sick predators right underneath our noses disguised as sheep pretending to be something that they are in fact not a contributing and positive member of society. What puzzled me greatly all came back to one simple question; how come this slime was not still in jail for the long haul? Nothing would be more fitting than for Doedderlein to be sitting in a cold dark 4 x 4  jail cell for several years without food or water for days on end sitting in her own piss and shit without medical care where all she can do all day is ponder about all the abuse she has inflicted on the poor animals under her care and control and entrusted with their safety. More fitting is the fact that in prison there are two types of convicts that are likely to get killed or maimed first and they are the child abuser / molester immediately followed by the animal abuser. So needless to say should Doedderlein ever see a correctional facility again in the future, it would be safe to say she would not do to well and rightfully so! (SMILES)

And to think that Doedderlein was actually  able to own at least two pet stores and three Grooming Shops over a few year period where all this animal abuse and neglect was taking place is even more disturbing and disgusting and brings to light that there must be something seriously wrong with the system in Pennsylvania regarding animal abuse that needs fixing ASAP! Fortunately for the residents of Lycoming County and all animals alike everywhere due to her conviction Doedderlein had been barred from operating or working in any business venture involving animals professionally. Luckily all of Doedderlein’s businesses had failed rather quickly, Kens Dog Grooming, The Grooming Shop, Pets Paradise, Animal Boutique, Brenda’s Pets and Grooming all had been CLOSED within a few short weeks of opening in many cases often resulting in evictions by the landlords. Those closings had no doubt saved many animals lives and exposure to such tortures and abuse at the hands of Doedderlein or so we had all thought and hoped at least anyway. Unfortunately that had not been the case and in 2009 and earlier this year  apparently in violation of the courts sentence Doedderlein was again involved in selling puppies and grooming dogs out of her house to unsuspecting victims human and animal alike. You got to ask oneself when a pet shop becomes a concentration death camp and the shop owner becomes the executioner and and torturer and is still permitted to be around animals what the hell is going on in society today? It seems that if you torture and kill children and animals you get rewarded for your behavior. Just take a look at Michael Vick and Casey Anthony for a poor and yet perfectly good example.

A Chronological Breakdown of Brenda Doedderleins History of Animal Cruelty and Abuse In Pennsylvania 1997 – 2011.

To protect the identities of all the complainants involved in these animal neglect and abuse complaints made or alleged against Doedderlein and her businesses going as far back as 14 years in some cases up until the present, the complainants last names, addresses, and the dates of the complaints if known have been intentionally left out. However the complainant’s first names are accurate to the best of my knowledge as are the addresses of the locations in which each instance of abuse and neglect had taken place regarding these poor animals.

  • In March 1997 a complaint is filed with the local chapter of the SPCA in Lycoming County against Doedderlein by a neighbor named “Lynn” concerning two dogs that had been left outdoors without any shelter at 509 Grier Street Williamsport, PA. Humane Officers investigated and found one male collie and retriever mix inside a wire kennel without any shelter for the animal.  Doedderlein was informed of her violation and responsibility as a pet owner under Pennsylvania Law. No action is apparently taken at this time by the Humane Officers other than a verbal warning. This incident is the first in what would turn out to be a long dragged out documented history of animal abuse and neglect regarding Doedderlein spanning a 14 year period in Pennsylvania and no doubt is by far one of the most shocking animal abuser histories on record to date.

  • In April 2002 a complaint is filed against Doedderlein with the local chapter of the SPCA in Lycoming County by a “Patricia” regarding a pet grooming shop Doedderlein owns named The Grooming Shop (aka- Kens Grooming, aka- Kens Dog Grooming) located at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA. The complaint concerned various instances of the shop being filthy, with repeated acts of violence by Doedderlein including smacking dogs and throwing things at them while they are locked in cages. Humane Officers investigate and apparently no action is taken against Doedderlein at this time other than some verbal warnings concerning her responsibility as a grooming shop owner under Pennsylvania Law. Doedderlein denies these incidents had taken place to the  Officers and a pattern begins to emerge regarding animal cruelty by Doedderlein.
  • In July 2002 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein with the local chapter of the SPCA regarding animal cruelty and abuse which had been reported by one “Robin” concerning an incident that had taken place at Kens Dog Grooming located at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA. The complainant reported that on on or about July 9th 2002 at about 3pm she entered Kens Dog Grooming and witnessed Doedderlein with a small mixed breed dog that was being groomed on a grooming table. Doedderlein was yelling at the dog and had then pulled the dogs ears and punched the dog in the back full force with a closed fist. Humane Officers investigate and question Doedderlein about the incident to which Doedderlein had obviously denied had taken place stating in sum and substance that she never groomed a dog on that date nor could anyone see into the grooming area. Humane Officers again apparently take no action other than verbal warnings concerning the incident and it seems that Doedderlein has gotten away with another violent act toward a defenseless animal.

The Grooming Shop (aka-Kens Grooming, aka-Kens Dog Grooming) 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA.

  • In May 2004 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein with the local chapter of the SPCA regarding animal neglect at Doedderleins place of residence located at 554 Lowmiller Road Williamsport, PA. The complaint was made by an “Aloiso” whom was concerned that two of Doedderleins dogs on the property, which he owned were being neglected and had been chained together for sometime. The two dogs in question were a Great Dane and a Doberman and neither animal had any access to adequate shelter even though the conditions at this time of year were rainy.
  • In June 2004 three additional complaints are made against Doedderlein by “Aloiso” concerning the dogs being tied “up to the neck” to a clothesline post without any shelter or water and that Doedderlein refused to address the issue with the property owner concerning the neglected animals. In addition several other complaints for animal abuse and neglect had also been filed and investigated regarding this incident including complaints made to the Pennsylvania State Game Wardens and the Old Lycoming Police Department. The property owner had informed investigating officers that he had untangled the dogs several times and aided them as best he could and was now going to evict Doedderlein from the premises as a result of the abuse.
  • On or about June 17th 2004 another complaint is lodged against Doedderlein by “Aloiso” regarding two dogs on the property that were in danger one dog being a Great Dane and another dog a small Rottweiler. Both dogs had been kept on an enclosed porch that was extremely hot without any food or water for up to twelve hours a day. The complainant reported that he hears the dogs yelping all day and is concerned about their safety. Humane Officers investigate and apparently find that both dogs are in fact enclosed in the hot porch without any water and the floor is covered in urine and feces, which can be smelled from outside of the property. There is no ventilation and both dogs appear to be on the borderline of distress and death. During this same time period Doedderlein is evicted by the property owner and relocates to a trailer park located at Lot 32 Hidden Valley Park, Linden, PA. The property owner lets it be known that he himself had unfortunately brought his dog to Doedderlein for grooming on several occasions unaware of her abusive behavior to animals and since doing so his dog has been despondent and fearful ever since. He believes that his pet was also abused by Doedderlein and there is no doubt in my mind he was right.
  • July 2004 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein regarding Kens Grooming located at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA by a “David” concerning three adult rabbits locked in a cage sitting outside of Kens Grooming in the full heat of the summer sun for several hours without any shelter, food, or water. The complainant actually rescued and physically removed the exposed and suffering rabbits from their situation and brought them to the local chapter of the SPCA. Surprisingly even though Doedderlein had a strong building history of animal abuse and was advised by the SPCA that rabbits suffer from extreme heat exposure, the SPCA return the three rabbits to Doedderlein with a verbal warning about the incident.
  • September 2004 another complaint is lodged against Doedderlein at her new place of residence a trailer park located at Lot 32 Hidden Valley Park, Linden, PA. The complaint is anonymous but the message is obviously clear and repetitive in nature based upon Doedderleins growing history of animal abuse and neglect. The complainant reports that three or four dogs including a Great Dane are being abused by Doedderlein and the complainant is “Tired of hearing the dogs being beat”.  Humane Officers investigate and are apparently informed by a property manager named “Jay” that he and numerous other residents of the trailer park have had constant problems with Doedderlein and her three dogs and he now plans on evicting Doedderlein from the property as soon as possible. Humane Officers question Doedderlein about the abuse and incidents alleged at the trailer park and Doedderlein denies she is residing at the trailer park and claims she did not know the SPCA wanted to speak with her about the matter. Once again Doedderlein is warned and advised but no action is taken against her for the latest incidents at the trailer park.
  • In January 2005 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein regarding animal abuse and neglect taking place at Kens Grooming Shop located at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA by a “Eugene”. This complaint involves Doedderlein intentionally abandoning two puppies and one cat in the grooming shop without any care. The SPCA investigate and find that the puppies had been removed by an unknown individual from the area but the crate that the puppies were kept in was full of feces and there was no food or water available for the animals to eat or drink. Humane Officers eventually find the individual that removed the puppies and rescue the two puppies from the neighbor as well as rescue a black cat that was also kept in a cage without water and only a few morsels of dog food to eat. Although there was obviously enough evidence to pursue criminal charges again against Doedderlein for animal cruelty under Pennsylvania Law nothing was done except only a few verbal warning issued to Doedderlein with the animals returned to Doedderlein after a couple of hours.
  • January 2007 a complaint is filed against Doedderlein by a “Jarrett” regarding Kens Dog Grooming which had now relocated from the 905 Arch Street address in Williamsport to a new building located at  2309 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA. The complaint concerned several dogs that were howling from inside the closed grooming shop and there was a  horrible stench emanating from the shop which could be smelled from outside of the building. Humane Officers investigates within 24 hours of the initial complaint and upon arrival at the grooming shop found Doedderlein inside grooming a small dog. The Officer’s note that the odor is apparent and also note that an infant is sitting in a car seat on the floor of the shop. Another dog is also present a Chihuahua that is in a cage without any water. Numerous other dogs were also observed in the location in wire cages, which including five additional Chihuahuas all confined to one small cage. The Chihuahuas were apparently not able to move around due to this tight confinement and the bottom of the cage was filled with feces and urine. Two other small Shih Tzu’s were also confined to one small cage and were also unable to move within that cage that was also filled with feces and urine. When Humane Officers questioned Doedderlein about the animals in the cages and feces and urine, Doedderlein claimed that she was the owner of all the dogs, they were family pets,  and apparently denied the dogs were used for breeding. Subsequently  Doedderlein had admitted that at least one dog was for sale. It should be noted that during the years of abuse undertaken against animals by Doedderlein she has often claimed to law enforcement officers that she was a rescue person, yet she has been constantly denied numerous animal adoptions from several area shelters because of her past history of reported abuse and neglect to animals. In utter disbelief to me Doedderlein was again simply warned and admonished concerning the situation in the grooming shop and when the SPCA did a follow-up to check on the caged animals sometime in February 2007 the alleged “family pets” had been sold off according to Doedderlein.
  • In March 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by one “Deb” whom stated that she had brought her dog to Doedderlein at Kens Grooming located at 2309 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA and that Doedderlein had taken the dog home for boarding when the dog had apparently gotten out and got killed somehow. When “Deb” had attempted to get compensated for the killed animal she learned that Doedderlein was running an unlicensed and uninsured kennel at her home.

Kens Grooming (aka-Kens Dog Grooming) 2309 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA.

Kens Grooming (aka-Kens Dog Grooming) 2309 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA.

  • In April 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by a “Joanne” whom states that she had recently purchased a Guinea Pig from Doedderleins new business Pets Paradise located at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA and that the animal had some type of  growth on its foot and it had died. The SPCA informed Joanne there is nothing they can do and to demand a refund from Pets Paradise.
  • In May 2007 several complaints pour in against Doedderlein for animal abuse and neglect. One complaint is filed by a “Jody” whom reports Doedderlein and Pets Paradise located at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA for selling puppies that were covered in feces and reported that several cats were locked in cages with overflowing litter boxes. Another complaint is made against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by an “Allison” for selling puppies and cats that are sick and in poor condition. And yet within the same week a third complaint is lodged against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by “Ryan” an employee of Doedderleins whom reports that Doedderlein is selling puppies that are neglected and covered in feces and taking kittens from the public and selling them for $25.00 each with up to 20 kittens currently in the shop at one time. “Ryan” also reported that one sick kitten had disappeared from display and was unaccounted for. Doedderlein did not possess any state kennel license to sell the animals but was somehow within the law in doing so due to state requirements regarding pet sales within each calendar year limited to 26 sales. This apparent flaw in the law somehow protected Doedderlein from prosecution again as well as a state inspection of the business.

Doedderleins new business Pets Paradise located at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA

  • In June 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise this time by a “Morgan” regarding four puppies inside a glass tank that is on rollers with the glass being cracked and puppies injured. Upon inspection by Humane Officers there were apparently  several animals in the shop that were caged and did not have any water at all to drink. The Officers found the four puppies in a small glass tank without any water, the glass was cracked and taped. Doedderlein was apparently warned again and no action was taken to address or rectify the issue concerning the pets living conditions; or necessity for fresh and clean water. Within days of the initial complaint regarding the four puppies filed by “Morgan” another complaint was filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by a “Shelia” whom reported Doedderlein concerning several dogs that were in overcrowded cages. When “Shelia” questioned Doedderlein about the overcrowding issue Doedderlein had informed the complainant that she does this intentionally and even does the same with overcrowded animals in her basement at home. Interestingly numerous people with whom I spoke to about Doedderlein keeping animals in her basement at home caged all confirmed that this was common practice for Doedderlein over the years.
  • In July 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by a “Carl” regarding a sick Beagle with kennel cough that was kept in a grooming room with at least  two other dogs and no ventilation. Doedderlein once again denied the allegations and was again warned without any action being taken by Humane Officers even though the complaints against her and all her businesses past and present were a constant now going back ten years.
  • In August 2007 three separate complaints are filed against Doedderlein and her new business the Animal Boutique located at 342 Broad Street Montoursville, PA over a two-day period for animal neglect. One complaint is made by a “Joe”, with the secondary complaint being made by the Borough of Montoursville Police regarding animal neglect at the Animal Boutique. Both initial complainants had contacted Doedderlein twice and informed her that both a dog and a kitten in her store front window had poor sanitation, no food or water, there was excessive feces, no air conditioning in 91 degree weather, with the dog appearing in distress. A third complaint was made by a “Ora” whom had the same concerns as the first two complainants regarding the conditions and needs of both the dog and kitten in the shop. When questioned by Humane Officers and Police Doedderlein denied the problem existed and stated they animals were storefront animals, as if that made the neglect and abuse ok I guess. Apparently the issue was also addressed with the property owner  “Gary” whom made sure the problem was addressed quickly. During the same time period of the three initial complaints filed against Doedderlein  and being investigated regarding the Animal Boutique location in Montoursville “four additional complaints” are filed against Doedderlein and her Pets Paradise location at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA regarding sick kittens, lethargic puppies, and filthy conditions within the shop. These complaints are filed by a “Rose”, “Shargnn”, “Sara”, and a fourth complaint is made anonymously  all regarding animal abuse and neglect by Doedderlein.

Formerly the Animal Boutique 342 Broad Street Montoursville, PA

  • Another  complaint in August 2007 alleges  that Doedderlein was receiving kittens from a location called the Meow House and selling them publicly at only four weeks old. According to another complaint filed against  Doedderlein it was reported that she had well over 20 sick kittens in her pet shop Pets Paradise and none of the ill kittens are receiving any medical care. Another complaint involved a sick kitten that was purchased with a URI (upper respiratory infection), ear mites, coccidiosis, and a very high fever. When the complainants informed Doedderlein of the problem she did not care and simply blew it off. Humane Officers investigated and apparently questioned Doedderlein whom had claimed that someone had dropped off over 100 kittens to her place of business since March 2007 but she had no information on who this unknown person was or how to find them. The Officers apparently inform Doedderlein that she is in violation of Pennsylvania State Law and must provide medical care for any dropped off animals and they are not to be sold unless deemed medically fit.
  • In September 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by an “Ashley” whom reported that she had purchased a kitten from Doedderlein at Pets Paradise and the kitten was sick, had diarrhea, and a skin condition among other disorders. When “Ashley” addressed the issue with Pets Paradise she was informed to take the cat to the SPCA or the Meow House. Another complaint was made in September 2007 against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by an “Pat” whom reported that the cats in the shop were crowded into one small crate, dog crates were filled with feces, and there were nine kittens in a cage with a dirty litter box. Yet to no surprise a third complaint is made against Doedderlein in September 2007 this time by a “Nancy” whom reported that she had observed a ferret at Pets Paradise she was interested in purchasing that looked healthy and placed a deposit on the animal. A few days later when she went to obtain the animal it was sick and thin with its bones protruding from the skin. The complainant had the animal treated by a local vet and also had made mention that she also purchased a Guinea Pig from Doedderlein previously that was in poor condition and near death that needed medical attention. Then to close out the month of September 2007 a fourth complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise this time by a “Lea” whom stated that she was inside of Pets Paradise and observed two cocker spaniels on the floor of the shop that were sick, one was foaming at the mouth and rolling on its back in distress. “Lea”  reported that she observed at least nine cats in one cage with food floating in a water dish. Humane Officers investigated and informed Doedderlein she was in violation of state law and they would be pursuing a citation against her for the violations.
  • In October 2007 numerous other complaints pour in against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise regarding excessive overcrowding of mice in one cage and a complaint is filed by a “Gwenda” concerning several sick cats that had red eyes and “goo” pouring out of them. Another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by a “Lynne” whom reports that Pet Paradise has a kitten with puss coming out of its anus and that many of the cages that had animals inside did not have any water at all and a young child was seen grabbing kittens by their tails. Another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by “Shannon” whom had witnessed a large dog that was underweight locked in a small pen without water and also witnessed a kitten with yellow eye drainage covering its entire face. Also reported by “Shannon” were several kittens that were sickly, very skinny, without any food or water, with five kittens locked in the same pen with a full liter box. Humane Officers responded to the complaints and had also apparently witnessed several instances of neglect regarding several ill kittens and poor sanitary conditions within the shop. Officers also witnessed numerous animals without any food or water and cages filled with feces. At this time another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by three individuals named “Boyd”, “Joshua”, and “Amanda” whom purchased a kitten that was sickly and infested with fleas. When the three returned the kitten to Doedderlein to be treated and obtain a refund, Doedderlein refused and then reported the complainants to the SPCA claiming that the customers made the kitten sick. Humane Officers responded to Pets Paradise to investigate and observed the kitten emaciated and dying. The Officers had removed the kitten and had no other option but to have it euthanized. Shortly thereafter a citation was issued to Doedderlein for animal neglect. Another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by “Tracy” whom reported that she had purchased a kitten and it was sick and required emergency medical care. “Tracy” had also reported Pets Paradise to the Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau. Two additional complaints are filed against Doedderlein for animal neglect by  a “Pam” and a “Steven” who reported that they purchased a kitten at Pets Paradise and it was very ill and should not have been removed from its mother and had to be treated by the Loyalsock Animal Hospital.
  • In November 2007 the landlord and property owner of Pets Paradise and the other attached properties had requested that the SPCA remove all the animals from inside of Pets Paradise being he was changing the locks and evicting Doedderlein effective immediately.
  • On December 3rd 2007 a hearing is held in the Lycoming County Court regarding various cases of animal neglect and cruelty against Doedderlein before District Judge Sortman. eighteen witnesses testify against Doedderlein regarding the animal abuse but due to the length of the trial and testimony the case has to be postponed to a later date. One day after the court hearing another complaint is filed against Doedderlein regarding animal abuse and neglect at 1313 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA a location Doedderlein had now used to board the animals from the Pets Paradise shop, which had been closed by the  property owner only days earlier. The complaint involves a dog that had given birth in a cage that was covered with a blanket with other dogs also inside the same cage without food or water. There was also a complaint about several kittens that had no water and the location did not have any heat. On December 21st 2007 a property owner named “Fred” filed a complaint against Doedderlein regarding a property Doedderlein was renting from him to store several animals located at 1309 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA. The complaint involves numerous cases of animal abuse and neglect by Doedderlein including an sickening odor coming from the location, no heat in the building, Doedderleins failure to pay rent or utilities, and the City of Williamsport Zoning Officer deemed the building unsafe and issues a NO OCCUPANCY order on the property . Humane Officers respond and with the property owner apparently investigate and find that there are several dogs in cages in the location without food or water with the cages covered in feces and one dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies in a cage that was soaking wet and cold and had no place to nurse or comfort the newborns. The property owner informs the Officers that he is evicting Doedderlein from the premises immediately. On December 28th 2007 District Judge Sortman had found Doedderlein guilty regarding a citation for animal neglect and Doedderlein was fined $300.00 plus $111.00 in court cost and $51.00 is restitution. A drop in the bucket considering all the money Doedderlein has made already off of the animals she has sold that were ill or dying due to her neglect and mistreatment.

1309 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA

1313 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA

  • In January 2008 the property owner “Fred” informs Humane Officers that the animals still remain in the building and he has not seen Doedderlein for several weeks. He has serious concern for the animals and wants them removed being they are in danger at the location. The City of Williamsport Codes Officer reports that Doedderlein had failed to obtain any occupancy permits regarding the location the animals were in and the city has the building sealed barring all entry, as it is unsafe. However, apparently before Humane Officers can investigate further they are informed by the property owner that all the animals except for some fish and birds had been removed by  unknown persons. Shortly after this takes place another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and an individual named “John” alleging that Doedderlein and “John” had moved the animals from 1313 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA to 6 E. 3rd Street Williamsport, PA which is a location that Doedderlein would later use to open up Brenda’s Pets and Grooming. (Note: The John that had apparently removed the animals from 1313 Washington Blvd Williamsport PA with Doedderlein is not one of Doedderlein’s ex-husbands of the same name)
  • In May 2008 a complaint is filed against Doedderlein and her new place of business Brenda’s Pets and Grooming located at 6 E. 3rd Street Williamsport, PA. The complaint states that Doedderlein has two Dauchys in a pen with excessive feces and urine and without any food or water. There are also several kittens in the same poor condition as the dogs without any food or water in a dirty pen. An undercover Humane Officer and two other Pennsylvania State Dog Wardens respond to the shop to investigate. The undercover  Officer observes the two Dauchys in a small cage with several days worth of feces piled up in the cage that is also filled with urine. The two dogs are for sale and the undercover Officer spoke with a store employee named Carl Brown and Brenda Doedderlein the shop owner who confirmed that the dogs were for sale. Brenda’s Pets and Grooming did not possess a State Kennel License and was in fact prohibited under State Law from selling any dogs from the premises. The undercover Officers return a few days later to purchase the dogs as part of the sting operation targeting Doedderlein and her employee Carl Brown for selling dogs without a kennel license. After money is exchanged and the bill of sale transferred the Officers move in and cite both Doedderlein and Brown for the violation of the PA Dog Law.
  • In July 2008 a complaint is filed against Doedderlein at her home at this time located at 1129 Race Street RR Williamsport, PA regarding numerous cats that are caged at the location on an open rear porch meowing in distress. Humane Officers investigate and Doedderlein apparently denies that she has any cats and that the cats are strays roaming the area. Doedderlein claimed she had placed some cats in homes but refused to provide any information regarding the whereabouts of the animals in question she had placed. According to some area residents Doedderlein had obtained numerous animals from a Williamsport resident named “Mr. Wilcox” with the intent of boarding them for a short while at Brenda’s Pets and Grooming located at 6. E. 3rd Street Williamsport, PA. These pets had included several dogs, cats, and birds among some other animals. The residents had heard that instead of boarding the pets Doedderlein had sold them with some animals being brought to a “farm” Doedderlein had claimed to own which they believed never actually existed.

1129 Race Street Williamsport, PA (front)

1129 Race Street Williamsport, PA (rear)

  • In July 2008 another complaint is filed with Humane Officers concerning a “Rose Wacker” whom was residing at 1035 Memorial Avenue Williamsport, PA regarding numerous cats and dogs in a small apartment. Officers apparently investigate and according to neighbors find several cats that were ill, inside overcrowded small cages, the apartment reeked of feces and urine,  litter boxes were overflowing with feces and urine, the animals did not have any food or water. When questioned by the Humane Officers “Wacker” was apparently uncooperative and either did not or would not divulging the actual amount of cats in the apartment, at least one cat was turned over to the SPCA for treatment. Unknown to the officers at this time Wacker was actually an employee of Doedderlein.

1035 Memorial Avenue Williamsport, PA

  • In August 2008 a complaint is made by the “Wilcox” family against Doedderlein regarding missing animals they had entrusted Doedderlein with to board a couple of months earlier. The complaint claims that Doedderlein is neglecting animals, and running a suspected puppy mill at 426 Spring Creek Road Montgomery, PA. The complainant’s claim they had found one of their cats left abandoned at Doedderleins previous place of business “Brenda’s Pets and Grooming” located at 6 E. 3rd Street Williamsport, PA and the business was now empty with Doedderlein having been evicted by the property owner at least a month prior to them observing one of their cats left inside the empty store. The “Wilcox’s” reported that they had attempted to get in touch with Doedderlein for several weeks but were unable to do so which also brought them to 426 Spring Creek Road Montgomery, PA where they observed through a barn door a litter of puppies in a small cage filled with feces and urine. They also observe numerous sickly cats on the property and numerous dogs barking from inside a closed off shed that had no ventilation or lighting. When the “Wilcox’s” attempted to aid the dogs they were stopped by a male named “Brad” whom had an aggressive German Sheppard. According to the landlord “Steve” of 6. E. 3rd Street Brenda’s Pets and Grooming, Doedderlein had been evicted and the shop closed with several items of animal equipment left behind and abandoned as well as excessive feces throughout the building Doedderlein failed to clean.
  • On or about September 3rd 2008 Humane Officers served a search warrant where Doedderleins was harboring the suffering animals located at 426 Spring Creek Road Montgomery, PA. Officers raided the property and apparently upon searching the property find several dogs in a rear shed without any windows locked in cages covered with urine and feces that reeked and filled the entire shed and area with stench. The shed was extremely hot inside at 90 degrees or more and there were numerous sickly cats wandering about the property. Officers had also found an operational kennel on the property with several dogs inside some with matted coats and all without any food or water in the sweltering heat. Officers also found several promotional signs and items marked “Brenda’s Pets and Grooming” and “Pets Paradise” all linking the location directly to Doedderlein. The Officers rescued the animals and treated them for their ailments; one dog was wrapped in barbwire with one piece inside the dog’s vaginal area that needed to be surgically removed. Other animals needed to be professionally groomed, several had intestinal parasite, and others were in danger from fly bites.
  • On September 30th 2008 a Criminal Complaint Case is brought against Doedderlein by Animal Humane Officer Larry Woltz of the Lycoming County SPCA (Docket# CR-413-08) in the County of Lycoming Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding: A) Cruelty to Animals, Title 18 Section 5511 subsection (c) (2) (ii) MIS-3 A person commits a misdemeanor of the third degree if he is convicted for a subsequent violation of subsection (c) (1): Wantonly or cruelly ill-treats, overloads, beats or otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has duty of care, whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, or vetinary care, or access to clean sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animals body heat; if all the following occur; (A) The action or omission was performed on a dog or a cat, (B) The dog or cat was severely injured, or suffered severe physical distress or harm. To Wit: Defendant, by action and omission, did ill-treat and neglect a female adult domestic cat to which she had duty of care; abandoning said cat and depriving the cat necessary sustenance and drink. Defendant was previously cited and convicted, Title 18 Section 551 subsection (c) (1) Lycoming County District Court 29-3-04.
  • In December 2009 an employee from a Williamsport Veterinary Hospital named “Sue” reports Doedderlein to the SPCA for owning at least one dog, which was supposed to be prohibited due to Doedderleins prior arrest and conviction for animal cruelty. However, due to an oversight under Doedderleins court ordered conviction the court order is somehow flawed and failed to include the ownership of pets. The court order stipulated that Doedderlein was to be prohibited from working with, breeding, or selling animals and sadly did not include ownership. Numerous other complaints had come into the SPCA during December 2009 about Doedderlein including complaints concerning the illegal breeding of dogs and cats by Doedderlein and an individual named “Carl” at 227 Morris Avenue Warrensville, PA.  Other complaints had included Doedderlein having a golden retriever tied to a tree outside, excessive dog feces on the property, and the dog being constantly yelled at without food or water.
  • In February 2010 Doedderlein posts an ad on the Internet in violation of her court ordered conviction selling pet supplies and states that she has a litter of Miniature Pinchers for sale with someone named “Carl”. Doedderlein also sets up a MySpace Page titled MySpace – just us – 34- Female – Pennsylvania -myspace.com/doedderlein advertising her business on MySpace and on the website http://petsupplies.mogoo.com/ again in violation of the court order with the MySpace page dating back to at least August 1st 2009.

Doedderlein’s Myspace page August 1st 2009 selling puppies

On February 14th 2011 Doedderlein posts on her Facebook Page at 1:11pm“I’m going back to work part time grooming at my house. Too many ppl have asked me and I just can’t say no” A VERY SCARY THOUGHT INDEED!

Doedderlein Facebook post 2/14/11 1:11pm.

  • In March 2010 a complaint is filed again against Doedderlein by a neighbor of Doedderleins named “Vada” about Doedderleins golden retriever being tied to a doghouse on a short chain and never exercised or cared for.  For whatever reason the complaint is not investigated until May 2010 but find nothing substantial at that time to pursue charges for cruelty. It appears that Doedderlein dodged another bullet.
  • In April 2011 neighbors on the 100 block of North Arch Street in Montoursville, PA report Doedderlein to the SPCA for animal abuse and cruelty at her current place of residence located at 101 North Arch Street Montoursville, PA regarding two dogs that are kept tied up outside and beaten. One of the dogs in question I happen to have interacted with numerous times over the years going back to 2005 which is a female Chocolate Labrador named Cooper that is about 10 years old and very friendly. Since April 2011 Cooper had been kept outside either chained or caged in all sorts of adverse weather conditions that had placed the dog at risk or harm and death including during intense periods of cold, snow, and heavy torrential rain and flooding. Numerous family members had attempted to take care of the dog but were not permitted to do so because Doedderlein did not want anyone around the property fearing that they would see the poor condition of the dog under her abuse and obviously report her to the SPCA with which Doedderlein is very familiar with. Cooper had sustained several injuries under Doedderlein including serious paw injuries, illnesses, dehydration, weight loss at almost 2/3rds the dogs body weight, and a gapping fist size hole in her neck from a tight electronic shocking device used to control dogs that Doedderlein had placed on her neck. Mind you Cooper had always been a house pet and never kept outside or placed at harms risk until Doedderlein moved into the property when Coopers owner had abandoned the dog at the property in March 2011…NO SURPRISE THERE! Only until the SPCA had gotten involved in July 2011 and an investigation started did anything get done to help Cooper. Unfortunately the SPCA did not act quick enough and Cooper’s health deteriorated rapidly and was near death, very thin, injured, and suffered from malnutrition did her previous owner finally act and rescued Cooper on or about September 10th 2011. Luckily Cooper survived and recovered unlike the other poor animals that had died as a result of Doedderleins neglect and abuse.

101 North Arch Street Montoursville, PA

As I close out this latest  blog I did two things; first I googled “Kens Dog Grooming Williamsport, PA” and to my surprise what comes up…the address and phone number of the defunct  business at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA and right next to the address of Kens is an ad for the ASPCA with a dog chained and abused. How fitting I thought and how ironic, it is as if the souls of the deceased animals that had fallen victim to Doedderlein had sent me a message thanking me for telling their story.


And second I have included  this article that I had found a couple of months back on the Lycoming County SPCA website under Reporting Cruelty titled “The Spider and Her Web” (link:http://www.lycomingspca.org/content/reporting-cruelty) and after reading this heart chilling piece by Humane Police Officer Larry Woltz I immediately knew exactly whom Officer Woltz was speaking about. The Spider is Brenda Doedderlein and her Web obviously was her long history of animal abuse and torture while she resided in Lycoming County Pennsylvania. Unfortunately for all the Lycoming County residents and animals,  Doedderlein still currently resides in Lycoming County PA in Montoursville so be aware of who you bring your pets to for grooming because it just may be Brenda Doedderlein and that very well may be the last time you see you pet again.

The Spider and her Web

One advantage of being a career Humane Police Officer and working for one shelter is knowing the history of repeat offenders. They are individuals who continually, over and over and time after time, use and abuse animals for control or profit. Even with the advantage and with the experience, it can be challenging and at the same time very frustrating dealing with perpetrators who have little or no respect for animals or law enforcement.

After repeated incidents, investigations, counseling sessions, prodding’s, warnings, seizure of animals and citations; those of us in animal welfare and enforcement often feel powerless and angery; forced into a cat and mouse chase, trying to stay one step ahead of these individuals.

This is a chronology of one of our most infamous and chronic repeat offenders in Lycoming County. In 1997, the SPCA received a routine complaint in Williamsport involving two dogs tied outdoors without shelter, chains entangled and the owner rarely home. The young lady, (I’ll call her spider), was attentive and personable when I introduced myself and discussed the SPCA standards of care and state regulations for maintaining dogs.

It was 2002 when the SPCA again had contact with spider. This complaint and investigation did not seem so routine, it involved several separate reports of alleged physical abuse of animals at a pet grooming business in the west end of Williamsport. One witness reported that she had inadvertently observed the owner/groomer; “punch a dog in the back of the head with a closed fist as it struggled on a grooming table”.  The red flags went up and we were beginning to see a clear pattern of animal neglect, ill treatment and abuse.

In 2004, the SPCA received two separate complaints, several months apart, at two separate residences; one in Old Lycoming Township and one in Woodward Township. The complaints both involved a Doberman and a Great Dane, with one complainant stating, “I’m tired of hearing them beat”.  The perpetrator was now using a different name, moving frequently, becoming a familiar client in SPCA files and known as a repeat offender.

In July 2004, a concerned citizen delivered three domestic rabbits to the shelter stating that he found them sitting in a cage on concrete, in full sun, without water. The rabbits were rescued from the sidewalk in front of the west end grooming shop.

In 2005, the owner/landlord of this same grooming shop, reported animals left for days unattended inside the building. When the SPCA responded, we found and removed Doberman puppies that were cramped in feces and urine soaked cages without food, water or ventilation.

In January 2007, the SPCA received complaints regarding another pet grooming shop in Upper Old Lycoming Township. The complainant reported an emanating stench and dogs howling in distress. On investigation, we discovered five Chihuahuas stuffed into a small crate, miniature poodles and a number of Shih-tzus. The grooming shop had every indication of a breeding facility. We soon discovered that that the spider had moved the grooming shop from the West end of Williamsport to upper Old Lycoming Township and that she had graduated to breeding!

In mid 2007 with another eviction, the business relocated to Old Lycoming Township proper and was now advertised as a pet shop. From April to October 2007, the SPCA received eighteen separate complaints of alleged animal neglect and ill-treatment; involving dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, rabbits, reptiles, rodents and fish! During this same period, in August, the SPCA received three complaints of animals in a storefront window without water in Ninety-degree temperatures. The SPCA responded to the “Animal Boutique” in Montoursville and the web continued at yet another location!

In October 2007, Spider was cited for Cruelty To Animals and in December 2007, she was found guilty at trial in District Court. Lesson learned? Not quite.  Soon after trial, in 2007, we received a call from a landlord in Loyalsock Township reporting newborn puppies, dogs, kitten, birds and reptiles; all locked inside a building he owned. The building had no heat and the animals were allegedly left unattended for days. On investigation, township codes officials identified the spider as occupant. Procuring a search warrant, the SPCA responded to this new location and on arrival discovered that she and animals had relocated yet again, to center city Williamsport. The business was now advertised as “Pets and Grooming”. As expected, complaints of animal neglect continued at this location. The PA state dog warden cited our perpetrator again at this location, with assistance from the SPCA, for state dog law violation. To make matters even more complicated and adversely affecting even more animals; during this same time frame, the SPCA investigated additional complaints of animal neglect at the woman’s home; and, at additional locations throughout the county where she was harboring animals.

In August of 2008, the web continued into Washington Township, when armed with another search warrant, the SPCA seized puppies and adult dogs once owned by Spider. Dachshund puppies were rescued from feces packed cages and one adult Shih tzu was discovered with barbed wire embedded in its coat! In mid summer of 2008, we received information that the center city pets and grooming business had closed and in September 2008, it was reported that a number of animals were abandoned inside the unoccupied building. Animals deserted included a cat that was boarded at the business in June of 2008! The cat was rescued, has been returned to her owner and is recuperating. Additional cruelty to animal charges were filed and the Spider recently pled guilty and no contest to cruelty and neglect charges and was sentenced incarceration time in addition to community service and she was forbidden to participate in any animal related business for two years.

Over the past number of years, this perpetrator has weaved her web of animal neglect, ill-treatment and abuse throughout Lycoming County; from Williamsport to Old Lycoming Township to Woodward Township, to Montoursville, to Loyalsock Township, to Washington Township. It is difficult to determine exactly how many animals over the years were caught in her web and what fate befell them. The SPCA has rescued what animals we could and so too have many kind people who have purchased or adopted some of these pets. This particular perpetrator was especially devious as not only were many animals violated but so too were many people who put their trust in this person to care for their pets.  The staff at the Lycoming County SPCA can attest, repeat offenders are exhausting for humane societies; physically, emotionally and financially. It’s the beginning of a new year and the animals and our supporters can rest assured, the SPCA will continue our mission in 2009. Our work is rewarded in two ways; in giving and in receiving. We give second chances to many of these neglected and abused animals and we receive the satisfaction of a job well done when we watch them walk out the door, in good spirits and eager for a new life.

L.D. Woltz

Humane Society Police Officer

Things you should know:

Other FACTS about Animal and Child Abuse.

According to the website www.saveadogandkids.org “Animal cruelty is a crime in all 50 states; Virginia is one of 41
states that have elevated certain serious violations to a felony crime. Animal cruelty is often a precursor to other crimes, and is especially likely to co-occur with child abuse and other forms of family violence”. Several years ago the FBI was the first Law Enforcement Agency to identify the link between animal and  
human abuse, and even collects statistics on animal cruelty crimes nationally.

According to an article posted on the website www.inhumane.org “there are 75 million dogs and 90 million cats living in households in the United States. These pets are companions and family members. Chances are if an animal is being abused and there is a child in that household then the child is also being abused.” For further information on the topic of this article you can view the website www.inhumane.org to see the actual statistics of such animal cruelty and human violence. There is absolutely no doubt based upon the overwhelming evidence to date that shows that human abusers regardless of age or gender, murderers or violent criminals had began their abuse first with their own pets or those they were entrusted to take care of. The goal of www.inhumane.org is to help stop these violent abusers by letting the public know that they exist and should never EVER have the opportunity to own another pet again to abuse or kill.

  • In 1997 Boston’s Northeastern University and the MSPCA did a study that found 70% of all animal abusers have committed at least 1 other crime and that 40% had committed violent crimes against humans and that no doubt includes children.
  • Studies also found that a history of animal abuse was found in 25% of male criminals, 30% of convicted child molesters, 36% of domestic violence cases and 46% of homicide cases.
  • 30% of convicted child molesters and 48% of convicted rapists admitted animal cruelty in their childhood.

According to an article posted on the website www.americanhumane.org titled “Facts About Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence” In association with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence the following statistics stipulate that;

-13% of intentional animal abuse cases involve domestic violence.

-Pets may suffer unexplained injuries, health problems, permanent disabilities at the hands of abusers, or disappear from home.

-Investigation of animal abuse is often the first point of social services intervention for a family in trouble.

– Animal cruelty problems are people problems. When animals are abused, people are at risk.

– Abusers kill, harm, or threaten children’s pets to coerce them into sexual abuse or to force them to remain silent about abuse.

-In one study, 70% of animal abusers also had records for other crimes.

State Animal Cruelty Laws

Anti-cruelty laws exist in all U.S. states and territories to prohibit unnecessary killing, mutilating, torturing, beating, neglecting and abandoning animals, or depriving them of proper food, water or shelter. A local humane society, SPCA, or animal control agency may investigate animal cruelty cases; or in areas where these organizations are not present often investigated by the police or sheriff’s departments. When an investigation uncovers enough evidence to warrant prosecution charges may be filed by the local district or state’s attorney. Often, only the most serious cases generate sufficient sympathy and evidence to warrant prosecution, and gaining convictions may be very difficult.

Another great article about animal abuse which sums it up nicely was posted on the PETA website http://www.peta.org/issues/companion-animals/human-animal-abuse.aspx titled Human Abuse Linked to Cruelty to Animals”. The article states that “Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a dangerous psychopathy that does not confine itself to animal abuse. “Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives,” wrote humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer. And according to Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the FBI, “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids.”  

Animal abuse is not just the result of a minor personality flaw in the abuser—it is a symptom of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty toward animals rarely stop there; many of them move on to their fellow humans. 

The FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appear in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers. The standard diagnostic and treatment manual for psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals as a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders. 

A study conducted by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts SPCA found that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against humans. The majority of inmates who are scheduled to be executed for murder at California’s San Quentin penitentiary “practiced” their crimes on animals, according to the warden.”

The PETA website also posted an article found here http://www.peta.org/issues/companion-animals/animal-family-violence.aspx in a section titled “Cruelty to Animals and Family Violence” which states that “researchers have found that a batterer’s first target is often an animal living in the home—the second target is a spouse or child. Often, batterers are able to control their victims, such as a spouse, by threatening, torturing, or killing the victim’s animals.” Another paragraph under the same section titled “Cruel to Animals, Cruel to Children” stipulates that “Because domestic abuse is directed toward the powerless, animal abuse and child abuse often go hand in hand. Parents who neglect an animal’s need for proper care or who abuse animals might also abuse or neglect their own children.”


Well found out some great news this week and to NO SURPRISE as of February 22, 2012 Brenda Doedderlein has LOST 1/2 of her full physical custody rights as per COURT ORDER regarding two of her children that were in danger under her care. It is about time the courts saw through her long curtain of deceit over the years and awarded custody to their father without incident. At least the kids are safer now than they were before. To add a little zest and sweeten the pot a bit, I also found out that the SPCA had recently removed another mistreated and abused animal from the property in Montoursville, PA where Brenda Doedderlein has been staying rent free under the alias Brenda Bennett. After numerous complaints by neighbors over the last several months and photo’s taken of the dog named Katie being neglected and abused the dog was removed. As it turns out Doedderlein had taken numerous trips out of town and state all while keeping the dog tied up outside in the rain, snow, cold, without shelter or food and water often for days. I guess trips to New York to see the play STOMP was more important than the safety of the tied up dog. STOMP fits because that is something Doedderlein would often do to innocent animals, STOMP them. So I will use the very often misunderstood term and say “KARMA”.

UPDATE: Heard from several people today in Montoursville that the sick animal abuser Brenda Doedderlein who is now going by the alias and fictitious name of Brenda Bennett has somehow (most likely under the fake name) obtained a new puppy from an unknowing Pet Shop near White Deer PA and it is believed to be a Yorkie pup. God help that little dog it will be only a matter of days maybe hours before it will not be feed, left outside, given no water, beat, and tormented like all the rest of the animals under her care. Pics will follow soon, I already have a few that were sent to me by some nice guy in a green Ford explorer that is into Dreamcatchers and worked in several pet shops over the years. Thanx. The pic shows this pig holding the pup with a comment “My New Pup” posted on her Facebook page apparently from what I was told and shown. Did not see the page myself but the pic was verified as taken yesterday. Guess it s time to reach out to the pet shops in White Deer  huh? Please all say a prayer that this poor dog is not hurt or killed by this repetitive and convicted animal abuser, but I doubt prayer will work. Either way the situation will be monitored and any indicative hint of abuse will immediately reported to multiple agencies already aware of the long history of animal abuse and torture!!! Eyes, ears, are EVERYWHERE! on this one! As Kool Aid would say “OH FUCKING YEAH”

Additional Court Documentation Regarding Some of The Animal Abuse in Lycoming County:

Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.12.38 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.13.26 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.13.49 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.14.14 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.14.36 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.14.55 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.15.16 PMScreen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.21.10 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.21.29 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.21.42 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.21.55 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.22.09 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.22.23 PMScreen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.03 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.11 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.18 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.27 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.34 PM

Animal abuse hot line created in Pennsylvania.


The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is setting up a statewide hot line to report animal abuse.


Executive Director Howard Nelson says the hot line officially opens Friday, but calls are already being taken. The toll free number is 866-601-SPCA. The Philadelphia-based society has six satellite offices around the state, along with 14 agents who can enforce cruelty laws.


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As Mr. Spock would say……FASCINATING!

Ok, for starters freaky shit like this fascinates and intrigues me more so than an unknown alien life form resembling a large fried egg with the ability to communicate with humans telepathically fascinates Mr. Spock! Not to mention the fact that sometimes I get a good laugh out of the “bizarre” and then wrestle with the undeniable desire to ponder some serious, yet blunt questions about each “object of fascination”. My latest “re-fascination” comes with the recently re-watched show on the Learning Channel (TLC) about the Hensel twins; Abigail “Abby” Loraine Hensel and Brittany “Britty” Lee Hensel, which originally aired in 2006 and again in 2008. I caught up with the show again a couple days ago and was compelled to question the issues surrounding the two-headed twins lifestyle.

For those that don’t know about the Hensel’s, they are “dicephalic parapagus twins” which roughly translates to mean they are connected as conjoined twins via- one single symmetrical body that has two fully functional and sentient heads of roughly accurate proportion that are able to have their own thought process and communicate separately as such. Each twin controls ½ half of their body, operating one of the their arms and one of the legs. This obviously requires some serious bodily coordination and skill. Each twin is able to eat and write separately and simultaneously, while more physically strenuous activities must be symmetrically coordinated such as running, swimming, and get this, “kick me in the balls” believe it or not…driving! Can you believe that shit? This year the conjoined twins will be 21 years old on March 7th, 2011. Old enough to drink and get shit faced, or twice as shit faced in their case.

Yet, I must be honest and address some serious concerns about these conjoined twins and what they must face in life from this point on! So I’ve drafted the following series of questions that must be answered and addressed at some point and have even threw in some of my own answers and hints as to what I believe to be very interesting observations indeed.

Some say two heads are better than one, but what if you had to deal with this shit from day to day, would you feel the same? Not me dude!

1. Driving, if the twins drive and get pulled over by the police for a traffic violation who would get the summons(s) or would the cop freak the fuck out and just let them go? Hmmm?

2. Car Insurance, do the twins get a package deal on car insurance or are they considered two drivers and are their premiums higher than the norm? This could drive even the most seasoned insurance agent to hit the bottle hard. I would say they are very high-risk drivers, I know for a fact that I would not want them behind me anytime soon in a 3000 pound chunk of speeding steel and gas how about you? Not to mention the serious distraction it causes to look over and see one body with two heads speeding past you at 65 mph on a major highway. WTF? Can we say, “Oh shit….Jersey Barrier”?

3. Movie theaters, do you really want to be sitting in a theater waiting to see an incredible film you waited for months to see and then….BAM…”the heads” sit right down in front of you? Holy fucking shit….give me a refund!  You could move, but after that there is no way your going to be able to concentrate on the film.

4. Dropping a “deuce” and ass wiping, if one has to drop a heavy deuce and the other one don’t how can you tell who needs to let go of the log? Then to make matters worse, who has to wipe? Some serious questions my friend!

5. DWI / DUI, lets say one of the twins had a little too much “rum cake” one night and had to drive home, which head is the designated driver and if they get pinched for DWI / DUI who goes to jail? It can’t be both because to arrest one that is innocent is a constitutional rights violation while the guilty party must go in to face the music. Even the Chief of Police in any department would find this a truly challenging police matter to deal with.

6. Amusement parks, if the twins go to an amusement park, do they have to give double tickets to go on rides or are the regular amount accepted? I must admit I would love to see them on a roller coaster!

7. Self defense, imagine you had to fight the twins in a Kumite to the death. Who do you hit first and if you knock out or kill one must you finish off the other head to win?

8. What if they were Porn Stars? Some guys would not mind getting blown by two chicks but in this seedy industry one can only imagine the possibilities with two heads. I can see some of the titles already; “Two Heads One Cock”. “OMG That’s Freaky”. “Deep Throats”. I’d actually pay a good deal to see a film with “the heads”.

9. What if the twins decided to go to the local pub for a few brews and one forgot their ID? Do they get in or is the bouncer going to say I need to see two ID’s before anyone gets in? I’m betting two ID’s.

10. Marriage, what if one gets married and the other head don’t could this be considered polygamy? And if during sex one head blows the husband, is the other forced to watch or joint in? Quite disturbing. Now, what if both get married and consummate their relationships and one husband don’t want the other sleeping with his wife, is that adultery or cheating or just “Christmas” for all? These are serious questions my friends, very serious.

11. Education, what if one wants to go to Harvard and the other to UCLA? Who gets to go to school and what about school loans? What if one fails out or gets expelled? What if they apply for the same school and only one gets in? See where I’m going with this?

12. If one gets sexually assaulted does the criminal when caught face one count of the crime or two? What if he doesn’t touch one head and only focuses on the other? This case could go to the U.S. Supreme Court and make a defense attorney a millionaire over night from publicity. What if the sex with one head was consensual and the other not? Would one head testify in favor of the defense while the other for the prosecution and you got to admit cross-examination would be fucking great!

13. Getting into beef’s with people. What if you get into a beef with one head and not the other and it gets physical? Do you just tag one head with a few shots while avoiding the body being it would not be fair to tag the one you don’t have an issue with right?

14. Snowball fights? I won’t expand more on this question because just those two words alone open up a plethora of doors on infinite visuals of fun.

So there you have it, something to ponder about when dealing with conjoined twins like the Hensel twins.

UPDATE: Just watched the show on the twins again….they seem to be doing well and low and behold one had even gotten engaged to be married! I don’t know which one but who cares they both got the same fucking body anyway!

UPDATE: 8-17-12. Just saw that a new TLC special is being produced on the two heads…it will air on TLC 9-28-12. Here is the link and it should be very interesting!


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You know you’re in “heaven” when you are surrounded by shit you love; money, women, drugs, fast cars, fast food, a nice beach, or whatever your sweet tooth is. You know you’re in fucking “hell” when you are surrounded by shit you hate; horn honking traffic, screaming kids in a restaurant sitting right behind your booth, a subway train with a very long slow ride until the next station containing 3 dozen plus transients that are coughing and sneezing and you haven’t been sick in years, or you have a cheap cable TV service that only gets basic channels and every few minutes you must see Ellen Degeneres’s face somewhere. I’ll take fire and brimstone any time over that shit! Then comes into question “purgatory”, a place in between “heaven and hell”…aka-BUMFUCK anywhere! In my case Bumfuck, PA.

I was watching a documentary the other night on National Geographic as I lay dying from a splitting fucking migraine that made me feel like Tony Dogs from the movie Casino, the guy whom got his head put in the vice by Joe Pesci. I even though my fucking eye was going to shoot out of my fucking head at one point. Maybe I took a mini-stroke I thought or was going under because of my high blood pressure, who knows. But in between my “coherency”, I took in the films points and what was frightening to me was the fact that I actually related to the films stats about the perverse psychological effects of prisoners exposed to long-term solitary confinement. Prisoners in solitary confinement have short-term memory loss, anxiety, depression, headaches, and feelings of angst. They lose track of time and space, and cannot sleep at night among the many other physical and psychological ramifications of such torture.

I related because this winter I have been living in solitary confinement (aka – a Bumfuck, PA. Winter). Since November 15th 2010 I’ve been in doors more than 95% of the time because it is either constantly snowing, raining, or freezing cold out to the point where there is no rational reason to really go anywhere with nothing to do to stimulate my senses or even peek my interest. So everything those prisoners were feeling in solitary, I was feeling at home. I was under “House Arrest” without the fucking plastic ankle bracelet. Granted there is nothing to do in this fucking area regardless except wait for the Grim Reaper to come and take you away, but damn this shit was disturbing. This shit made me think, that not only was I stuck in Bumfuck, PA. but this shit was starting to turn into a “Bumfucking Orgy”; a scene from Caligula, but in the midst of emptiness. “HELLO, HELLo, HELlo, HEllo, Hello,……..” or “O’ HELL (Irish for I’m FUCKED).

This was the worst winter experience I ever had, a waking nightmare. Living in Bumfuck, PA. even in the summer can harm the most highest of rational people on Earth, forcing them to lose their cool and their minds. Living in Bumfuck is like staring in an episode of the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Bumfuck is the type of place where you just suddenly find yourself in with no real memory as to how or why you got there. You can’t really Google map Bumfuck because the exact location in unknown, it lies in between the known world and the unknown realm…. a place where people feel compelled to avoid and leave shortly after arriving “there”. Bumfuck has no airports or major roads, although there are roads in and out of Bumfuck they are few and far between and very hard to find. Bumfuck makes you weary, and you can’t even get cell phone service to call for help. If you have a car, it is likely to either run out of gas or die in Bumfuck and you will never be able to find a gas station or mechanic to fill-up or fix the car in Bumfuck. Trust me my cell phone was down for months as is my fucking car!

Bumfuck is scary; this is a place where mullets, sundresses, and dirty bare feet never go out of style. Everyone in Bumfuck walks like they either have an Anal Fissure or are about to shit a Bezoar. Residents of Bumfuck have their own tongue, much of which you don’t understand and need one of those Universal Translators used on Star Trek or some shit like that to get a take on what the fuck is being said. Bumfuck is filled with “waving Willies” which are “residents” that are compelled to wave at anything or anybody that pass. There are fucking shitloads in Bumfuck. With all that fucking waving you can go through a tube of Ben Gay a week on your shoulder and forearm. I’m sure that shit hurts more than tennis elbow or getting hit in the funny bone with a crowbar. The only thing missing from the streets of Bumfuck are blowing tumbleweeds.

Bumfuckites are a proud people who come from a limited gene pool and almost all look and smell alike. They usually marry their cousins, step brothers, half-sisters, or another family member somewhat related and although most are married, they tend to have various kids with other spawn usually just refereed to as half-breed dipshits. Bumfuck usually has a local “ghetto” area where the Bumfuckites localize the town’s blacks and Hispanics. Bumfuckites are usually afraid to go to these places but if they must they usually go in a full Ford pick-up truck with tobacco spiting douchbags to raise hell while yelling, “You Some Bitch” which roughly translated means “You Son of a Bitch”. Then when the shit hits the fan Bumfuckites tend to raise their fists to fight but don’t know how too with an entire fight lasting 15 seconds at best after two swings and someone’s denim overalls get ripped. All the pedophiles in Bumfuck look the same, white male in the mid 30’s with dirty hair, wide-eyed, sporting a goatee.

Bumfuck is a place the Tooth Fairy fears to go to because she is guaranteed to lose money all around. And when she does come it is in a Brinks truck filled with cash and IOU’s because in Bumfuck people don’t lose a tooth, they lose half-their mouth. Bumfuckites pass their time by; picking scabs, drinking beer, fucking sheep, shooting dogs, searching the internet for child porn, and “bum rushing” the front door of the local Red Lobster @ 11am on a Sunday morning like there was not going to be anymore Sea Food on the planet come Monday morning 6am. Hell, they just renewed the next season of Deadliest Catch so WTF? If you stay in Bumfuck for too long you may be driven to the point where you want to eat a seven course meal of lead starting with a 22 caliber appetizer and finishing off with a 12 gauge buckshot dessert.

So yes, I can relate to the torment of solitary, Bumfuck, PA. and a bad winter you “Som Bitch”. Now kill me please!

UPDATE: Found a great hobby over the last year, protecting children and animal from abusive scabs and I’M LOVING IT! Always out and about! LMFAO!

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