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Amongst my relatively lengthy list of hypocritical and disgusting scumbags that I utterly despise most in society today, primarily beginning with every “ABSOLUTELY NOT Real Housewive” of ANYWHERE and carrying on through to about 95% of every Bravo TV “reality star” to date, there are two very specific types of pathetic individuals that I truly loathe the most whom by far are on top of my shit list. NO they are not the “Lohans” or the “Kardashians”, although both clans are pretty high up on my shit list and undoubtedly emanate from the same cesspool of subhuman primordial scum. No, those I hate most are actually the repetitive pusillanimous child and animal abusers of this world. In my opinion which I’m certain is shared vastly by the many, these degenerate child and animal abusers are WEAK MINDED COWARDS that deserve absolutely nothing less in life than to brutally die a prolonged dragged out horrible death under the same exact torturous conditions and circumstances in which they had inflicted their horrors upon their helpless victims; little children and defenseless animals. Make no mistake about it, only WEAK MINDED, PATHETIC, NAUSEATING, COWARDS abuse defenseless children and animals and only do so because that is how this type of abusive COWARD can obtain any sense of satisfaction, pleasure, and self-validation in their life. Comprehending this type of “human slime” is very easy, you see by targeting helpless victims that cannot or are unable to fight back, animal or child alike, the “slime” clearly establishes a sick sense of control and dominance over their innocent victims. Just like the average grade school bully, child and animal abusers will NOT target someone or something that may pose a threat back against the abuser because targeting only the vulnerable makes them feel safe and strong when in fact they are just the opposite; insecure and menial in their existence. Only COWARDS can get any satisfaction out of abusing and harming innocent animals and children because that tiny bit of power they possess in that moment harming their defenseless victims makes these worthless pieces of shit feel all the mighty. With that being said, lets move forward. Sometimes unfortunately in ones lifespan you come across an individual every so often that is no doubt truly revolting and appalling, an individual that is both a child abuser and an animal abuser. Unfortunately in my life I have come across many such pieces of trash over the years with one in particular taking up space not far from where I reside in Central Pennsylvania and her name is Brenda L. Doedderlein. Without getting into all the details about Doedderleins abusive nature regarding her children  I will only focus on the issues surrounding her long and sordid history of animal abuse and cruelty while she has been residing in Pennsylvania. To be honest, to address everything surrounding this “subhuman’s” behavior would probably crash the World Wide Web. And for the record I have in fact personally witnessed and documented several instances of child abuse or neglect by Doedderlein regarding her children over the last year and a half alone which is rather lengthy and horrendous in and of itself. “Fortunately and unfortunately” I was not the only individual that has witnessed this type of abuse regarding the children and documented it numerous others people have as well and yet we all remain equally shocked.

I first had the misfortune of meeting Doedderlein back in early 2010 through some then mutual friends at the time. Almost immediately I knew something was off with her and I had a negative feeling about her obviously questionable behavior and character while in my presence. She bragged several times that she was an alcoholic and proud of it, she repeatedly made comments that she “is crazy or was crazy”, informed me that she had did time in jail and in fact seemed quite proud of it, (which at that point in time was not expanded upon) and  even bragged to me and others that she had at times beat or attacked her ex-husband John and had tried to run him over and kill him with her car on more than one occasion or attacked him with various types of weapons. Needless to say it was immediately clear to me that I should have little or no further interaction with this deranged person again in the near future if it was at all remotely possible and God willing if that could be helped. Not surprisingly, I was not alone in my perturbed feeling about Doedderlein; other people that I had either known or met from the area had also felt the same way as I did about Doedderlein…disgusted! Numerous individuals with whom I had spoken to about Doedderlein whom had actually known her for many years  had also openly expressed their concerns and shared their negative experiences with Doedderlein to me surrounding her unsettling history and shocking behavior since they had first met her, some going back for at least 10 years or more. The most common factor among every conversation concerning Doedderlein came down to two key points; One Doedderlein should NEVER be around children and two should NEVER own or be around any animals ever again. Now mind you the people that had made these comments and had these beliefs based them solely upon what they had known as fact and had personally witnessed of Doedderlein over the years. For arguments sake, had the amount of people that had these negative feelings about Doedderlein been a hand full or more I would weigh on the side of “He Said, She Said”. But no, it was not a handful or more, not even remotely close to that, it was in fact a rather large backpack of people all of whom had very specific information and details regarding incidents involving Doedderlein specifically involving her history of animal neglect and abuse. These people were all well respected professional honest people varying in age, male and female, and had a variety of backgrounds ranging from police officers, veterinarians, reverends, store clerks, local business owners, including members of Doedderleins own family just to name a few. Sometimes upon mentioning Doedderleins name to various people from the area as it “unfortunately” may have came up in a conversation here and there, there would be some serious rumblings about her longtime history of animal abuse and cruelty in the Lycoming County area of Pennsylvania time and time again. As I listened further and deeply to these rumblings, I soon realized that they were in fact not rumblings at all but rather large scale earthquakes and there was consistency with every story coming back to her physical and mental abusive nature toward animals that had also carried over to her children as well. By now to me, these quakes were no surprise they were expected in face especially considering that eventually I had the misfortune of witnessing some of the abuse in question myself not too long after I had heard several of these initial stories in a relatively short period of time as well as a matter of fact.

Then one day after hearing a very disturbing story about Doedderlein punching a tied up tiny dog in the face several times and then head butting it while the dog was being groomed by her at one of her previous places of employment a pet grooming shop named Kens Dog Grooming located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania I took it upon myself to look more into Doedderleins past history of animal abuse to see firsthand for myself what I was almost constantly hearing about.  So to start with I did a simple Google search typing in “Brenda L. Doedderlein Animal Abuse” and one of the very first items that had popped up on screen was a news article dated November 13th 2008 from the Williamsport Sun Gazette (the local town newspaper) authored by Reporter Phil Holmes titled “Bench Warrants Issued for Three”. As I read the article it mentions Doedderlein specifically and states that she had failed to appear in court for preliminary hearings concerning a case of animal neglect and abandoning a cat whereupon Doedderlein had been charged for the crime by the local chapter of the SPCA with Doedderlein having a long and documented history of neglecting animals over the years. The article regarding Doedderlein stated as follows;

“Bench warrants will be issued for three people who failed to appear for their preliminary hearings last week before District Judge Allen P. Page III, including a former owner of a pet-grooming business who is accused of abandoning a cat, according to court records.

Brenda L. Doedderlein, 33, of 1129 Race St. has been charged by the local chapter of the Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals with allegedly abandoning a cat in her former store at 6 E. Third St. between late July and mid-September when the feline was caught and brought to the shelter.

Court records state that Doedderlein operated a business called Brenda’s Pets and Grooming, which closed sometime in the summer.

A maintenance worker managed to trap the cat in the building on Sept. 15, humane officer Lawrence D. Woltz said in an affidavit. When the worker brought it to the SPCA shelter, the cat “was extremely underweight,” Woltz said.

Doedderlein, who Woltz said had a documented history of neglecting animals over the years, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals. The feline was examined by a local veterinarian, but no information was available on whether it recovered.”

Note: The link to this article can be found here:

6 E. Third Street Williamsport, PA

“One of Doedderlein’s previous business locations Located at 6 E. Third Street Williamsport, PA- formally known as Brenda’s Pets and Grooming”

As I continued my online search on Doedderleins past history of animal abuse and cruelty in Lycoming County I came across another news article dated December 12th 2008 also from the Williamsport Sun Gazette authored by Staff Reporters titled “11 People Sentenced in Court”. As I read that article Doedderlein is again mentioned specifically regarding her past animal abuse and neglect history and is in fact sentenced for her crime of animal cruelty and for the illegal transfer of animals regarding the previous news article I had just read dated November 13th 2008 from the Williamsport Sun Gazette authored by Reporter Phil Holmes titled “Bench Warrants Issued for Three”. This December 12th 2008 article stated; “Brenda L. Doedderlein, 33, two years and three months with 10 days in the Pre-Release Center and 150 hours’ community service for illegal transfer and cruelty to animals.”

Note: The link to this article can be found here:

Brenda Doedderlein Guilty Plea / Sentence Page 1

Brenda Doedderlein Guilty Plea / Sentence Page 2

Brenda Doedderlein Guilty Plea / Sentence Page 3

Brenda Doedderlein Guilty Plea / Sentence Page 4

After reading the news articles, hearing all the sick stories, obtaining copies of Doedderlein’s conviction and sentence (posted above) which is a matter of public court record and researching as many cases of abuse and cruelty to animals undertaken by Doedderlein over the years that I could find in Pennsylvania, I was left with no other choice but to ensure that these poor animals stories were made public so that their suffering and torture by Doedderlein was not in vain. The public needs to be made aware and sometimes simply just reminded that there are sick predators right underneath our noses disguised as sheep pretending to be something that they are in fact not a contributing and positive member of society. What puzzled me greatly all came back to one simple question; how come this slime was not still in jail for the long haul? Nothing would be more fitting than for Doedderlein to be sitting in a cold dark 4 x 4  jail cell for several years without food or water for days on end sitting in her own piss and shit without medical care where all she can do all day is ponder about all the abuse she has inflicted on the poor animals under her care and control and entrusted with their safety. More fitting is the fact that in prison there are two types of convicts that are likely to get killed or maimed first and they are the child abuser / molester immediately followed by the animal abuser. So needless to say should Doedderlein ever see a correctional facility again in the future, it would be safe to say she would not do to well and rightfully so! (SMILES)

And to think that Doedderlein was actually  able to own at least two pet stores and three Grooming Shops over a few year period where all this animal abuse and neglect was taking place is even more disturbing and disgusting and brings to light that there must be something seriously wrong with the system in Pennsylvania regarding animal abuse that needs fixing ASAP! Fortunately for the residents of Lycoming County and all animals alike everywhere due to her conviction Doedderlein had been barred from operating or working in any business venture involving animals professionally. Luckily all of Doedderlein’s businesses had failed rather quickly, Kens Dog Grooming, The Grooming Shop, Pets Paradise, Animal Boutique, Brenda’s Pets and Grooming all had been CLOSED within a few short weeks of opening in many cases often resulting in evictions by the landlords. Those closings had no doubt saved many animals lives and exposure to such tortures and abuse at the hands of Doedderlein or so we had all thought and hoped at least anyway. Unfortunately that had not been the case and in 2009 and earlier this year  apparently in violation of the courts sentence Doedderlein was again involved in selling puppies and grooming dogs out of her house to unsuspecting victims human and animal alike. You got to ask oneself when a pet shop becomes a concentration death camp and the shop owner becomes the executioner and and torturer and is still permitted to be around animals what the hell is going on in society today? It seems that if you torture and kill children and animals you get rewarded for your behavior. Just take a look at Michael Vick and Casey Anthony for a poor and yet perfectly good example.

A Chronological Breakdown of Brenda Doedderleins History of Animal Cruelty and Abuse In Pennsylvania 1997 – 2011.

To protect the identities of all the complainants involved in these animal neglect and abuse complaints made or alleged against Doedderlein and her businesses going as far back as 14 years in some cases up until the present, the complainants last names, addresses, and the dates of the complaints if known have been intentionally left out. However the complainant’s first names are accurate to the best of my knowledge as are the addresses of the locations in which each instance of abuse and neglect had taken place regarding these poor animals.

  • In March 1997 a complaint is filed with the local chapter of the SPCA in Lycoming County against Doedderlein by a neighbor named “Lynn” concerning two dogs that had been left outdoors without any shelter at 509 Grier Street Williamsport, PA. Humane Officers investigated and found one male collie and retriever mix inside a wire kennel without any shelter for the animal.  Doedderlein was informed of her violation and responsibility as a pet owner under Pennsylvania Law. No action is apparently taken at this time by the Humane Officers other than a verbal warning. This incident is the first in what would turn out to be a long dragged out documented history of animal abuse and neglect regarding Doedderlein spanning a 14 year period in Pennsylvania and no doubt is by far one of the most shocking animal abuser histories on record to date.

  • In April 2002 a complaint is filed against Doedderlein with the local chapter of the SPCA in Lycoming County by a “Patricia” regarding a pet grooming shop Doedderlein owns named The Grooming Shop (aka- Kens Grooming, aka- Kens Dog Grooming) located at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA. The complaint concerned various instances of the shop being filthy, with repeated acts of violence by Doedderlein including smacking dogs and throwing things at them while they are locked in cages. Humane Officers investigate and apparently no action is taken against Doedderlein at this time other than some verbal warnings concerning her responsibility as a grooming shop owner under Pennsylvania Law. Doedderlein denies these incidents had taken place to the  Officers and a pattern begins to emerge regarding animal cruelty by Doedderlein.
  • In July 2002 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein with the local chapter of the SPCA regarding animal cruelty and abuse which had been reported by one “Robin” concerning an incident that had taken place at Kens Dog Grooming located at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA. The complainant reported that on on or about July 9th 2002 at about 3pm she entered Kens Dog Grooming and witnessed Doedderlein with a small mixed breed dog that was being groomed on a grooming table. Doedderlein was yelling at the dog and had then pulled the dogs ears and punched the dog in the back full force with a closed fist. Humane Officers investigate and question Doedderlein about the incident to which Doedderlein had obviously denied had taken place stating in sum and substance that she never groomed a dog on that date nor could anyone see into the grooming area. Humane Officers again apparently take no action other than verbal warnings concerning the incident and it seems that Doedderlein has gotten away with another violent act toward a defenseless animal.

The Grooming Shop (aka-Kens Grooming, aka-Kens Dog Grooming) 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA.

  • In May 2004 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein with the local chapter of the SPCA regarding animal neglect at Doedderleins place of residence located at 554 Lowmiller Road Williamsport, PA. The complaint was made by an “Aloiso” whom was concerned that two of Doedderleins dogs on the property, which he owned were being neglected and had been chained together for sometime. The two dogs in question were a Great Dane and a Doberman and neither animal had any access to adequate shelter even though the conditions at this time of year were rainy.
  • In June 2004 three additional complaints are made against Doedderlein by “Aloiso” concerning the dogs being tied “up to the neck” to a clothesline post without any shelter or water and that Doedderlein refused to address the issue with the property owner concerning the neglected animals. In addition several other complaints for animal abuse and neglect had also been filed and investigated regarding this incident including complaints made to the Pennsylvania State Game Wardens and the Old Lycoming Police Department. The property owner had informed investigating officers that he had untangled the dogs several times and aided them as best he could and was now going to evict Doedderlein from the premises as a result of the abuse.
  • On or about June 17th 2004 another complaint is lodged against Doedderlein by “Aloiso” regarding two dogs on the property that were in danger one dog being a Great Dane and another dog a small Rottweiler. Both dogs had been kept on an enclosed porch that was extremely hot without any food or water for up to twelve hours a day. The complainant reported that he hears the dogs yelping all day and is concerned about their safety. Humane Officers investigate and apparently find that both dogs are in fact enclosed in the hot porch without any water and the floor is covered in urine and feces, which can be smelled from outside of the property. There is no ventilation and both dogs appear to be on the borderline of distress and death. During this same time period Doedderlein is evicted by the property owner and relocates to a trailer park located at Lot 32 Hidden Valley Park, Linden, PA. The property owner lets it be known that he himself had unfortunately brought his dog to Doedderlein for grooming on several occasions unaware of her abusive behavior to animals and since doing so his dog has been despondent and fearful ever since. He believes that his pet was also abused by Doedderlein and there is no doubt in my mind he was right.
  • July 2004 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein regarding Kens Grooming located at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA by a “David” concerning three adult rabbits locked in a cage sitting outside of Kens Grooming in the full heat of the summer sun for several hours without any shelter, food, or water. The complainant actually rescued and physically removed the exposed and suffering rabbits from their situation and brought them to the local chapter of the SPCA. Surprisingly even though Doedderlein had a strong building history of animal abuse and was advised by the SPCA that rabbits suffer from extreme heat exposure, the SPCA return the three rabbits to Doedderlein with a verbal warning about the incident.
  • September 2004 another complaint is lodged against Doedderlein at her new place of residence a trailer park located at Lot 32 Hidden Valley Park, Linden, PA. The complaint is anonymous but the message is obviously clear and repetitive in nature based upon Doedderleins growing history of animal abuse and neglect. The complainant reports that three or four dogs including a Great Dane are being abused by Doedderlein and the complainant is “Tired of hearing the dogs being beat”.  Humane Officers investigate and are apparently informed by a property manager named “Jay” that he and numerous other residents of the trailer park have had constant problems with Doedderlein and her three dogs and he now plans on evicting Doedderlein from the property as soon as possible. Humane Officers question Doedderlein about the abuse and incidents alleged at the trailer park and Doedderlein denies she is residing at the trailer park and claims she did not know the SPCA wanted to speak with her about the matter. Once again Doedderlein is warned and advised but no action is taken against her for the latest incidents at the trailer park.
  • In January 2005 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein regarding animal abuse and neglect taking place at Kens Grooming Shop located at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA by a “Eugene”. This complaint involves Doedderlein intentionally abandoning two puppies and one cat in the grooming shop without any care. The SPCA investigate and find that the puppies had been removed by an unknown individual from the area but the crate that the puppies were kept in was full of feces and there was no food or water available for the animals to eat or drink. Humane Officers eventually find the individual that removed the puppies and rescue the two puppies from the neighbor as well as rescue a black cat that was also kept in a cage without water and only a few morsels of dog food to eat. Although there was obviously enough evidence to pursue criminal charges again against Doedderlein for animal cruelty under Pennsylvania Law nothing was done except only a few verbal warning issued to Doedderlein with the animals returned to Doedderlein after a couple of hours.
  • January 2007 a complaint is filed against Doedderlein by a “Jarrett” regarding Kens Dog Grooming which had now relocated from the 905 Arch Street address in Williamsport to a new building located at  2309 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA. The complaint concerned several dogs that were howling from inside the closed grooming shop and there was a  horrible stench emanating from the shop which could be smelled from outside of the building. Humane Officers investigates within 24 hours of the initial complaint and upon arrival at the grooming shop found Doedderlein inside grooming a small dog. The Officer’s note that the odor is apparent and also note that an infant is sitting in a car seat on the floor of the shop. Another dog is also present a Chihuahua that is in a cage without any water. Numerous other dogs were also observed in the location in wire cages, which including five additional Chihuahuas all confined to one small cage. The Chihuahuas were apparently not able to move around due to this tight confinement and the bottom of the cage was filled with feces and urine. Two other small Shih Tzu’s were also confined to one small cage and were also unable to move within that cage that was also filled with feces and urine. When Humane Officers questioned Doedderlein about the animals in the cages and feces and urine, Doedderlein claimed that she was the owner of all the dogs, they were family pets,  and apparently denied the dogs were used for breeding. Subsequently  Doedderlein had admitted that at least one dog was for sale. It should be noted that during the years of abuse undertaken against animals by Doedderlein she has often claimed to law enforcement officers that she was a rescue person, yet she has been constantly denied numerous animal adoptions from several area shelters because of her past history of reported abuse and neglect to animals. In utter disbelief to me Doedderlein was again simply warned and admonished concerning the situation in the grooming shop and when the SPCA did a follow-up to check on the caged animals sometime in February 2007 the alleged “family pets” had been sold off according to Doedderlein.
  • In March 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by one “Deb” whom stated that she had brought her dog to Doedderlein at Kens Grooming located at 2309 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA and that Doedderlein had taken the dog home for boarding when the dog had apparently gotten out and got killed somehow. When “Deb” had attempted to get compensated for the killed animal she learned that Doedderlein was running an unlicensed and uninsured kennel at her home.

Kens Grooming (aka-Kens Dog Grooming) 2309 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA.

Kens Grooming (aka-Kens Dog Grooming) 2309 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA.

  • In April 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by a “Joanne” whom states that she had recently purchased a Guinea Pig from Doedderleins new business Pets Paradise located at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA and that the animal had some type of  growth on its foot and it had died. The SPCA informed Joanne there is nothing they can do and to demand a refund from Pets Paradise.
  • In May 2007 several complaints pour in against Doedderlein for animal abuse and neglect. One complaint is filed by a “Jody” whom reports Doedderlein and Pets Paradise located at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA for selling puppies that were covered in feces and reported that several cats were locked in cages with overflowing litter boxes. Another complaint is made against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by an “Allison” for selling puppies and cats that are sick and in poor condition. And yet within the same week a third complaint is lodged against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by “Ryan” an employee of Doedderleins whom reports that Doedderlein is selling puppies that are neglected and covered in feces and taking kittens from the public and selling them for $25.00 each with up to 20 kittens currently in the shop at one time. “Ryan” also reported that one sick kitten had disappeared from display and was unaccounted for. Doedderlein did not possess any state kennel license to sell the animals but was somehow within the law in doing so due to state requirements regarding pet sales within each calendar year limited to 26 sales. This apparent flaw in the law somehow protected Doedderlein from prosecution again as well as a state inspection of the business.

Doedderleins new business Pets Paradise located at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA

  • In June 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise this time by a “Morgan” regarding four puppies inside a glass tank that is on rollers with the glass being cracked and puppies injured. Upon inspection by Humane Officers there were apparently  several animals in the shop that were caged and did not have any water at all to drink. The Officers found the four puppies in a small glass tank without any water, the glass was cracked and taped. Doedderlein was apparently warned again and no action was taken to address or rectify the issue concerning the pets living conditions; or necessity for fresh and clean water. Within days of the initial complaint regarding the four puppies filed by “Morgan” another complaint was filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by a “Shelia” whom reported Doedderlein concerning several dogs that were in overcrowded cages. When “Shelia” questioned Doedderlein about the overcrowding issue Doedderlein had informed the complainant that she does this intentionally and even does the same with overcrowded animals in her basement at home. Interestingly numerous people with whom I spoke to about Doedderlein keeping animals in her basement at home caged all confirmed that this was common practice for Doedderlein over the years.
  • In July 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by a “Carl” regarding a sick Beagle with kennel cough that was kept in a grooming room with at least  two other dogs and no ventilation. Doedderlein once again denied the allegations and was again warned without any action being taken by Humane Officers even though the complaints against her and all her businesses past and present were a constant now going back ten years.
  • In August 2007 three separate complaints are filed against Doedderlein and her new business the Animal Boutique located at 342 Broad Street Montoursville, PA over a two-day period for animal neglect. One complaint is made by a “Joe”, with the secondary complaint being made by the Borough of Montoursville Police regarding animal neglect at the Animal Boutique. Both initial complainants had contacted Doedderlein twice and informed her that both a dog and a kitten in her store front window had poor sanitation, no food or water, there was excessive feces, no air conditioning in 91 degree weather, with the dog appearing in distress. A third complaint was made by a “Ora” whom had the same concerns as the first two complainants regarding the conditions and needs of both the dog and kitten in the shop. When questioned by Humane Officers and Police Doedderlein denied the problem existed and stated they animals were storefront animals, as if that made the neglect and abuse ok I guess. Apparently the issue was also addressed with the property owner  “Gary” whom made sure the problem was addressed quickly. During the same time period of the three initial complaints filed against Doedderlein  and being investigated regarding the Animal Boutique location in Montoursville “four additional complaints” are filed against Doedderlein and her Pets Paradise location at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road Williamsport, PA regarding sick kittens, lethargic puppies, and filthy conditions within the shop. These complaints are filed by a “Rose”, “Shargnn”, “Sara”, and a fourth complaint is made anonymously  all regarding animal abuse and neglect by Doedderlein.

Formerly the Animal Boutique 342 Broad Street Montoursville, PA

  • Another  complaint in August 2007 alleges  that Doedderlein was receiving kittens from a location called the Meow House and selling them publicly at only four weeks old. According to another complaint filed against  Doedderlein it was reported that she had well over 20 sick kittens in her pet shop Pets Paradise and none of the ill kittens are receiving any medical care. Another complaint involved a sick kitten that was purchased with a URI (upper respiratory infection), ear mites, coccidiosis, and a very high fever. When the complainants informed Doedderlein of the problem she did not care and simply blew it off. Humane Officers investigated and apparently questioned Doedderlein whom had claimed that someone had dropped off over 100 kittens to her place of business since March 2007 but she had no information on who this unknown person was or how to find them. The Officers apparently inform Doedderlein that she is in violation of Pennsylvania State Law and must provide medical care for any dropped off animals and they are not to be sold unless deemed medically fit.
  • In September 2007 another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by an “Ashley” whom reported that she had purchased a kitten from Doedderlein at Pets Paradise and the kitten was sick, had diarrhea, and a skin condition among other disorders. When “Ashley” addressed the issue with Pets Paradise she was informed to take the cat to the SPCA or the Meow House. Another complaint was made in September 2007 against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by an “Pat” whom reported that the cats in the shop were crowded into one small crate, dog crates were filled with feces, and there were nine kittens in a cage with a dirty litter box. Yet to no surprise a third complaint is made against Doedderlein in September 2007 this time by a “Nancy” whom reported that she had observed a ferret at Pets Paradise she was interested in purchasing that looked healthy and placed a deposit on the animal. A few days later when she went to obtain the animal it was sick and thin with its bones protruding from the skin. The complainant had the animal treated by a local vet and also had made mention that she also purchased a Guinea Pig from Doedderlein previously that was in poor condition and near death that needed medical attention. Then to close out the month of September 2007 a fourth complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise this time by a “Lea” whom stated that she was inside of Pets Paradise and observed two cocker spaniels on the floor of the shop that were sick, one was foaming at the mouth and rolling on its back in distress. “Lea”  reported that she observed at least nine cats in one cage with food floating in a water dish. Humane Officers investigated and informed Doedderlein she was in violation of state law and they would be pursuing a citation against her for the violations.
  • In October 2007 numerous other complaints pour in against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise regarding excessive overcrowding of mice in one cage and a complaint is filed by a “Gwenda” concerning several sick cats that had red eyes and “goo” pouring out of them. Another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by a “Lynne” whom reports that Pet Paradise has a kitten with puss coming out of its anus and that many of the cages that had animals inside did not have any water at all and a young child was seen grabbing kittens by their tails. Another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by “Shannon” whom had witnessed a large dog that was underweight locked in a small pen without water and also witnessed a kitten with yellow eye drainage covering its entire face. Also reported by “Shannon” were several kittens that were sickly, very skinny, without any food or water, with five kittens locked in the same pen with a full liter box. Humane Officers responded to the complaints and had also apparently witnessed several instances of neglect regarding several ill kittens and poor sanitary conditions within the shop. Officers also witnessed numerous animals without any food or water and cages filled with feces. At this time another complaint is filed against Doedderlein by three individuals named “Boyd”, “Joshua”, and “Amanda” whom purchased a kitten that was sickly and infested with fleas. When the three returned the kitten to Doedderlein to be treated and obtain a refund, Doedderlein refused and then reported the complainants to the SPCA claiming that the customers made the kitten sick. Humane Officers responded to Pets Paradise to investigate and observed the kitten emaciated and dying. The Officers had removed the kitten and had no other option but to have it euthanized. Shortly thereafter a citation was issued to Doedderlein for animal neglect. Another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and Pets Paradise by “Tracy” whom reported that she had purchased a kitten and it was sick and required emergency medical care. “Tracy” had also reported Pets Paradise to the Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau. Two additional complaints are filed against Doedderlein for animal neglect by  a “Pam” and a “Steven” who reported that they purchased a kitten at Pets Paradise and it was very ill and should not have been removed from its mother and had to be treated by the Loyalsock Animal Hospital.
  • In November 2007 the landlord and property owner of Pets Paradise and the other attached properties had requested that the SPCA remove all the animals from inside of Pets Paradise being he was changing the locks and evicting Doedderlein effective immediately.
  • On December 3rd 2007 a hearing is held in the Lycoming County Court regarding various cases of animal neglect and cruelty against Doedderlein before District Judge Sortman. eighteen witnesses testify against Doedderlein regarding the animal abuse but due to the length of the trial and testimony the case has to be postponed to a later date. One day after the court hearing another complaint is filed against Doedderlein regarding animal abuse and neglect at 1313 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA a location Doedderlein had now used to board the animals from the Pets Paradise shop, which had been closed by the  property owner only days earlier. The complaint involves a dog that had given birth in a cage that was covered with a blanket with other dogs also inside the same cage without food or water. There was also a complaint about several kittens that had no water and the location did not have any heat. On December 21st 2007 a property owner named “Fred” filed a complaint against Doedderlein regarding a property Doedderlein was renting from him to store several animals located at 1309 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA. The complaint involves numerous cases of animal abuse and neglect by Doedderlein including an sickening odor coming from the location, no heat in the building, Doedderleins failure to pay rent or utilities, and the City of Williamsport Zoning Officer deemed the building unsafe and issues a NO OCCUPANCY order on the property . Humane Officers respond and with the property owner apparently investigate and find that there are several dogs in cages in the location without food or water with the cages covered in feces and one dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies in a cage that was soaking wet and cold and had no place to nurse or comfort the newborns. The property owner informs the Officers that he is evicting Doedderlein from the premises immediately. On December 28th 2007 District Judge Sortman had found Doedderlein guilty regarding a citation for animal neglect and Doedderlein was fined $300.00 plus $111.00 in court cost and $51.00 is restitution. A drop in the bucket considering all the money Doedderlein has made already off of the animals she has sold that were ill or dying due to her neglect and mistreatment.

1309 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA

1313 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA

  • In January 2008 the property owner “Fred” informs Humane Officers that the animals still remain in the building and he has not seen Doedderlein for several weeks. He has serious concern for the animals and wants them removed being they are in danger at the location. The City of Williamsport Codes Officer reports that Doedderlein had failed to obtain any occupancy permits regarding the location the animals were in and the city has the building sealed barring all entry, as it is unsafe. However, apparently before Humane Officers can investigate further they are informed by the property owner that all the animals except for some fish and birds had been removed by  unknown persons. Shortly after this takes place another complaint is filed against Doedderlein and an individual named “John” alleging that Doedderlein and “John” had moved the animals from 1313 Washington Blvd Williamsport, PA to 6 E. 3rd Street Williamsport, PA which is a location that Doedderlein would later use to open up Brenda’s Pets and Grooming. (Note: The John that had apparently removed the animals from 1313 Washington Blvd Williamsport PA with Doedderlein is not one of Doedderlein’s ex-husbands of the same name)
  • In May 2008 a complaint is filed against Doedderlein and her new place of business Brenda’s Pets and Grooming located at 6 E. 3rd Street Williamsport, PA. The complaint states that Doedderlein has two Dauchys in a pen with excessive feces and urine and without any food or water. There are also several kittens in the same poor condition as the dogs without any food or water in a dirty pen. An undercover Humane Officer and two other Pennsylvania State Dog Wardens respond to the shop to investigate. The undercover  Officer observes the two Dauchys in a small cage with several days worth of feces piled up in the cage that is also filled with urine. The two dogs are for sale and the undercover Officer spoke with a store employee named Carl Brown and Brenda Doedderlein the shop owner who confirmed that the dogs were for sale. Brenda’s Pets and Grooming did not possess a State Kennel License and was in fact prohibited under State Law from selling any dogs from the premises. The undercover Officers return a few days later to purchase the dogs as part of the sting operation targeting Doedderlein and her employee Carl Brown for selling dogs without a kennel license. After money is exchanged and the bill of sale transferred the Officers move in and cite both Doedderlein and Brown for the violation of the PA Dog Law.
  • In July 2008 a complaint is filed against Doedderlein at her home at this time located at 1129 Race Street RR Williamsport, PA regarding numerous cats that are caged at the location on an open rear porch meowing in distress. Humane Officers investigate and Doedderlein apparently denies that she has any cats and that the cats are strays roaming the area. Doedderlein claimed she had placed some cats in homes but refused to provide any information regarding the whereabouts of the animals in question she had placed. According to some area residents Doedderlein had obtained numerous animals from a Williamsport resident named “Mr. Wilcox” with the intent of boarding them for a short while at Brenda’s Pets and Grooming located at 6. E. 3rd Street Williamsport, PA. These pets had included several dogs, cats, and birds among some other animals. The residents had heard that instead of boarding the pets Doedderlein had sold them with some animals being brought to a “farm” Doedderlein had claimed to own which they believed never actually existed.

1129 Race Street Williamsport, PA (front)

1129 Race Street Williamsport, PA (rear)

  • In July 2008 another complaint is filed with Humane Officers concerning a “Rose Wacker” whom was residing at 1035 Memorial Avenue Williamsport, PA regarding numerous cats and dogs in a small apartment. Officers apparently investigate and according to neighbors find several cats that were ill, inside overcrowded small cages, the apartment reeked of feces and urine,  litter boxes were overflowing with feces and urine, the animals did not have any food or water. When questioned by the Humane Officers “Wacker” was apparently uncooperative and either did not or would not divulging the actual amount of cats in the apartment, at least one cat was turned over to the SPCA for treatment. Unknown to the officers at this time Wacker was actually an employee of Doedderlein.

1035 Memorial Avenue Williamsport, PA

  • In August 2008 a complaint is made by the “Wilcox” family against Doedderlein regarding missing animals they had entrusted Doedderlein with to board a couple of months earlier. The complaint claims that Doedderlein is neglecting animals, and running a suspected puppy mill at 426 Spring Creek Road Montgomery, PA. The complainant’s claim they had found one of their cats left abandoned at Doedderleins previous place of business “Brenda’s Pets and Grooming” located at 6 E. 3rd Street Williamsport, PA and the business was now empty with Doedderlein having been evicted by the property owner at least a month prior to them observing one of their cats left inside the empty store. The “Wilcox’s” reported that they had attempted to get in touch with Doedderlein for several weeks but were unable to do so which also brought them to 426 Spring Creek Road Montgomery, PA where they observed through a barn door a litter of puppies in a small cage filled with feces and urine. They also observe numerous sickly cats on the property and numerous dogs barking from inside a closed off shed that had no ventilation or lighting. When the “Wilcox’s” attempted to aid the dogs they were stopped by a male named “Brad” whom had an aggressive German Sheppard. According to the landlord “Steve” of 6. E. 3rd Street Brenda’s Pets and Grooming, Doedderlein had been evicted and the shop closed with several items of animal equipment left behind and abandoned as well as excessive feces throughout the building Doedderlein failed to clean.
  • On or about September 3rd 2008 Humane Officers served a search warrant where Doedderleins was harboring the suffering animals located at 426 Spring Creek Road Montgomery, PA. Officers raided the property and apparently upon searching the property find several dogs in a rear shed without any windows locked in cages covered with urine and feces that reeked and filled the entire shed and area with stench. The shed was extremely hot inside at 90 degrees or more and there were numerous sickly cats wandering about the property. Officers had also found an operational kennel on the property with several dogs inside some with matted coats and all without any food or water in the sweltering heat. Officers also found several promotional signs and items marked “Brenda’s Pets and Grooming” and “Pets Paradise” all linking the location directly to Doedderlein. The Officers rescued the animals and treated them for their ailments; one dog was wrapped in barbwire with one piece inside the dog’s vaginal area that needed to be surgically removed. Other animals needed to be professionally groomed, several had intestinal parasite, and others were in danger from fly bites.
  • On September 30th 2008 a Criminal Complaint Case is brought against Doedderlein by Animal Humane Officer Larry Woltz of the Lycoming County SPCA (Docket# CR-413-08) in the County of Lycoming Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding: A) Cruelty to Animals, Title 18 Section 5511 subsection (c) (2) (ii) MIS-3 A person commits a misdemeanor of the third degree if he is convicted for a subsequent violation of subsection (c) (1): Wantonly or cruelly ill-treats, overloads, beats or otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has duty of care, whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, or vetinary care, or access to clean sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animals body heat; if all the following occur; (A) The action or omission was performed on a dog or a cat, (B) The dog or cat was severely injured, or suffered severe physical distress or harm. To Wit: Defendant, by action and omission, did ill-treat and neglect a female adult domestic cat to which she had duty of care; abandoning said cat and depriving the cat necessary sustenance and drink. Defendant was previously cited and convicted, Title 18 Section 551 subsection (c) (1) Lycoming County District Court 29-3-04.
  • In December 2009 an employee from a Williamsport Veterinary Hospital named “Sue” reports Doedderlein to the SPCA for owning at least one dog, which was supposed to be prohibited due to Doedderleins prior arrest and conviction for animal cruelty. However, due to an oversight under Doedderleins court ordered conviction the court order is somehow flawed and failed to include the ownership of pets. The court order stipulated that Doedderlein was to be prohibited from working with, breeding, or selling animals and sadly did not include ownership. Numerous other complaints had come into the SPCA during December 2009 about Doedderlein including complaints concerning the illegal breeding of dogs and cats by Doedderlein and an individual named “Carl” at 227 Morris Avenue Warrensville, PA.  Other complaints had included Doedderlein having a golden retriever tied to a tree outside, excessive dog feces on the property, and the dog being constantly yelled at without food or water.
  • In February 2010 Doedderlein posts an ad on the Internet in violation of her court ordered conviction selling pet supplies and states that she has a litter of Miniature Pinchers for sale with someone named “Carl”. Doedderlein also sets up a MySpace Page titled MySpace – just us – 34- Female – Pennsylvania advertising her business on MySpace and on the website again in violation of the court order with the MySpace page dating back to at least August 1st 2009.

Doedderlein’s Myspace page August 1st 2009 selling puppies

On February 14th 2011 Doedderlein posts on her Facebook Page at 1:11pm“I’m going back to work part time grooming at my house. Too many ppl have asked me and I just can’t say no” A VERY SCARY THOUGHT INDEED!

Doedderlein Facebook post 2/14/11 1:11pm.

  • In March 2010 a complaint is filed again against Doedderlein by a neighbor of Doedderleins named “Vada” about Doedderleins golden retriever being tied to a doghouse on a short chain and never exercised or cared for.  For whatever reason the complaint is not investigated until May 2010 but find nothing substantial at that time to pursue charges for cruelty. It appears that Doedderlein dodged another bullet.
  • In April 2011 neighbors on the 100 block of North Arch Street in Montoursville, PA report Doedderlein to the SPCA for animal abuse and cruelty at her current place of residence located at 101 North Arch Street Montoursville, PA regarding two dogs that are kept tied up outside and beaten. One of the dogs in question I happen to have interacted with numerous times over the years going back to 2005 which is a female Chocolate Labrador named Cooper that is about 10 years old and very friendly. Since April 2011 Cooper had been kept outside either chained or caged in all sorts of adverse weather conditions that had placed the dog at risk or harm and death including during intense periods of cold, snow, and heavy torrential rain and flooding. Numerous family members had attempted to take care of the dog but were not permitted to do so because Doedderlein did not want anyone around the property fearing that they would see the poor condition of the dog under her abuse and obviously report her to the SPCA with which Doedderlein is very familiar with. Cooper had sustained several injuries under Doedderlein including serious paw injuries, illnesses, dehydration, weight loss at almost 2/3rds the dogs body weight, and a gapping fist size hole in her neck from a tight electronic shocking device used to control dogs that Doedderlein had placed on her neck. Mind you Cooper had always been a house pet and never kept outside or placed at harms risk until Doedderlein moved into the property when Coopers owner had abandoned the dog at the property in March 2011…NO SURPRISE THERE! Only until the SPCA had gotten involved in July 2011 and an investigation started did anything get done to help Cooper. Unfortunately the SPCA did not act quick enough and Cooper’s health deteriorated rapidly and was near death, very thin, injured, and suffered from malnutrition did her previous owner finally act and rescued Cooper on or about September 10th 2011. Luckily Cooper survived and recovered unlike the other poor animals that had died as a result of Doedderleins neglect and abuse.

101 North Arch Street Montoursville, PA

As I close out this latest  blog I did two things; first I googled “Kens Dog Grooming Williamsport, PA” and to my surprise what comes up…the address and phone number of the defunct  business at 905 Arch Street Williamsport, PA and right next to the address of Kens is an ad for the ASPCA with a dog chained and abused. How fitting I thought and how ironic, it is as if the souls of the deceased animals that had fallen victim to Doedderlein had sent me a message thanking me for telling their story.


And second I have included  this article that I had found a couple of months back on the Lycoming County SPCA website under Reporting Cruelty titled “The Spider and Her Web” (link: and after reading this heart chilling piece by Humane Police Officer Larry Woltz I immediately knew exactly whom Officer Woltz was speaking about. The Spider is Brenda Doedderlein and her Web obviously was her long history of animal abuse and torture while she resided in Lycoming County Pennsylvania. Unfortunately for all the Lycoming County residents and animals,  Doedderlein still currently resides in Lycoming County PA in Montoursville so be aware of who you bring your pets to for grooming because it just may be Brenda Doedderlein and that very well may be the last time you see you pet again.

The Spider and her Web

One advantage of being a career Humane Police Officer and working for one shelter is knowing the history of repeat offenders. They are individuals who continually, over and over and time after time, use and abuse animals for control or profit. Even with the advantage and with the experience, it can be challenging and at the same time very frustrating dealing with perpetrators who have little or no respect for animals or law enforcement.

After repeated incidents, investigations, counseling sessions, prodding’s, warnings, seizure of animals and citations; those of us in animal welfare and enforcement often feel powerless and angery; forced into a cat and mouse chase, trying to stay one step ahead of these individuals.

This is a chronology of one of our most infamous and chronic repeat offenders in Lycoming County. In 1997, the SPCA received a routine complaint in Williamsport involving two dogs tied outdoors without shelter, chains entangled and the owner rarely home. The young lady, (I’ll call her spider), was attentive and personable when I introduced myself and discussed the SPCA standards of care and state regulations for maintaining dogs.

It was 2002 when the SPCA again had contact with spider. This complaint and investigation did not seem so routine, it involved several separate reports of alleged physical abuse of animals at a pet grooming business in the west end of Williamsport. One witness reported that she had inadvertently observed the owner/groomer; “punch a dog in the back of the head with a closed fist as it struggled on a grooming table”.  The red flags went up and we were beginning to see a clear pattern of animal neglect, ill treatment and abuse.

In 2004, the SPCA received two separate complaints, several months apart, at two separate residences; one in Old Lycoming Township and one in Woodward Township. The complaints both involved a Doberman and a Great Dane, with one complainant stating, “I’m tired of hearing them beat”.  The perpetrator was now using a different name, moving frequently, becoming a familiar client in SPCA files and known as a repeat offender.

In July 2004, a concerned citizen delivered three domestic rabbits to the shelter stating that he found them sitting in a cage on concrete, in full sun, without water. The rabbits were rescued from the sidewalk in front of the west end grooming shop.

In 2005, the owner/landlord of this same grooming shop, reported animals left for days unattended inside the building. When the SPCA responded, we found and removed Doberman puppies that were cramped in feces and urine soaked cages without food, water or ventilation.

In January 2007, the SPCA received complaints regarding another pet grooming shop in Upper Old Lycoming Township. The complainant reported an emanating stench and dogs howling in distress. On investigation, we discovered five Chihuahuas stuffed into a small crate, miniature poodles and a number of Shih-tzus. The grooming shop had every indication of a breeding facility. We soon discovered that that the spider had moved the grooming shop from the West end of Williamsport to upper Old Lycoming Township and that she had graduated to breeding!

In mid 2007 with another eviction, the business relocated to Old Lycoming Township proper and was now advertised as a pet shop. From April to October 2007, the SPCA received eighteen separate complaints of alleged animal neglect and ill-treatment; involving dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, rabbits, reptiles, rodents and fish! During this same period, in August, the SPCA received three complaints of animals in a storefront window without water in Ninety-degree temperatures. The SPCA responded to the “Animal Boutique” in Montoursville and the web continued at yet another location!

In October 2007, Spider was cited for Cruelty To Animals and in December 2007, she was found guilty at trial in District Court. Lesson learned? Not quite.  Soon after trial, in 2007, we received a call from a landlord in Loyalsock Township reporting newborn puppies, dogs, kitten, birds and reptiles; all locked inside a building he owned. The building had no heat and the animals were allegedly left unattended for days. On investigation, township codes officials identified the spider as occupant. Procuring a search warrant, the SPCA responded to this new location and on arrival discovered that she and animals had relocated yet again, to center city Williamsport. The business was now advertised as “Pets and Grooming”. As expected, complaints of animal neglect continued at this location. The PA state dog warden cited our perpetrator again at this location, with assistance from the SPCA, for state dog law violation. To make matters even more complicated and adversely affecting even more animals; during this same time frame, the SPCA investigated additional complaints of animal neglect at the woman’s home; and, at additional locations throughout the county where she was harboring animals.

In August of 2008, the web continued into Washington Township, when armed with another search warrant, the SPCA seized puppies and adult dogs once owned by Spider. Dachshund puppies were rescued from feces packed cages and one adult Shih tzu was discovered with barbed wire embedded in its coat! In mid summer of 2008, we received information that the center city pets and grooming business had closed and in September 2008, it was reported that a number of animals were abandoned inside the unoccupied building. Animals deserted included a cat that was boarded at the business in June of 2008! The cat was rescued, has been returned to her owner and is recuperating. Additional cruelty to animal charges were filed and the Spider recently pled guilty and no contest to cruelty and neglect charges and was sentenced incarceration time in addition to community service and she was forbidden to participate in any animal related business for two years.

Over the past number of years, this perpetrator has weaved her web of animal neglect, ill-treatment and abuse throughout Lycoming County; from Williamsport to Old Lycoming Township to Woodward Township, to Montoursville, to Loyalsock Township, to Washington Township. It is difficult to determine exactly how many animals over the years were caught in her web and what fate befell them. The SPCA has rescued what animals we could and so too have many kind people who have purchased or adopted some of these pets. This particular perpetrator was especially devious as not only were many animals violated but so too were many people who put their trust in this person to care for their pets.  The staff at the Lycoming County SPCA can attest, repeat offenders are exhausting for humane societies; physically, emotionally and financially. It’s the beginning of a new year and the animals and our supporters can rest assured, the SPCA will continue our mission in 2009. Our work is rewarded in two ways; in giving and in receiving. We give second chances to many of these neglected and abused animals and we receive the satisfaction of a job well done when we watch them walk out the door, in good spirits and eager for a new life.

L.D. Woltz

Humane Society Police Officer

Things you should know:

Other FACTS about Animal and Child Abuse.

According to the website “Animal cruelty is a crime in all 50 states; Virginia is one of 41
states that have elevated certain serious violations to a felony crime. Animal cruelty is often a precursor to other crimes, and is especially likely to co-occur with child abuse and other forms of family violence”. Several years ago the FBI was the first Law Enforcement Agency to identify the link between animal and  
human abuse, and even collects statistics on animal cruelty crimes nationally.

According to an article posted on the website “there are 75 million dogs and 90 million cats living in households in the United States. These pets are companions and family members. Chances are if an animal is being abused and there is a child in that household then the child is also being abused.” For further information on the topic of this article you can view the website to see the actual statistics of such animal cruelty and human violence. There is absolutely no doubt based upon the overwhelming evidence to date that shows that human abusers regardless of age or gender, murderers or violent criminals had began their abuse first with their own pets or those they were entrusted to take care of. The goal of is to help stop these violent abusers by letting the public know that they exist and should never EVER have the opportunity to own another pet again to abuse or kill.

  • In 1997 Boston’s Northeastern University and the MSPCA did a study that found 70% of all animal abusers have committed at least 1 other crime and that 40% had committed violent crimes against humans and that no doubt includes children.
  • Studies also found that a history of animal abuse was found in 25% of male criminals, 30% of convicted child molesters, 36% of domestic violence cases and 46% of homicide cases.
  • 30% of convicted child molesters and 48% of convicted rapists admitted animal cruelty in their childhood.

According to an article posted on the website titled “Facts About Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence” In association with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence the following statistics stipulate that;

-13% of intentional animal abuse cases involve domestic violence.

-Pets may suffer unexplained injuries, health problems, permanent disabilities at the hands of abusers, or disappear from home.

-Investigation of animal abuse is often the first point of social services intervention for a family in trouble.

– Animal cruelty problems are people problems. When animals are abused, people are at risk.

– Abusers kill, harm, or threaten children’s pets to coerce them into sexual abuse or to force them to remain silent about abuse.

-In one study, 70% of animal abusers also had records for other crimes.

State Animal Cruelty Laws

Anti-cruelty laws exist in all U.S. states and territories to prohibit unnecessary killing, mutilating, torturing, beating, neglecting and abandoning animals, or depriving them of proper food, water or shelter. A local humane society, SPCA, or animal control agency may investigate animal cruelty cases; or in areas where these organizations are not present often investigated by the police or sheriff’s departments. When an investigation uncovers enough evidence to warrant prosecution charges may be filed by the local district or state’s attorney. Often, only the most serious cases generate sufficient sympathy and evidence to warrant prosecution, and gaining convictions may be very difficult.

Another great article about animal abuse which sums it up nicely was posted on the PETA website titled Human Abuse Linked to Cruelty to Animals”. The article states that “Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a dangerous psychopathy that does not confine itself to animal abuse. “Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives,” wrote humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer. And according to Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the FBI, “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids.”  

Animal abuse is not just the result of a minor personality flaw in the abuser—it is a symptom of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty toward animals rarely stop there; many of them move on to their fellow humans. 

The FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appear in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers. The standard diagnostic and treatment manual for psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals as a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders. 

A study conducted by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts SPCA found that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against humans. The majority of inmates who are scheduled to be executed for murder at California’s San Quentin penitentiary “practiced” their crimes on animals, according to the warden.”

The PETA website also posted an article found here in a section titled “Cruelty to Animals and Family Violence” which states that “researchers have found that a batterer’s first target is often an animal living in the home—the second target is a spouse or child. Often, batterers are able to control their victims, such as a spouse, by threatening, torturing, or killing the victim’s animals.” Another paragraph under the same section titled “Cruel to Animals, Cruel to Children” stipulates that “Because domestic abuse is directed toward the powerless, animal abuse and child abuse often go hand in hand. Parents who neglect an animal’s need for proper care or who abuse animals might also abuse or neglect their own children.”


Well found out some great news this week and to NO SURPRISE as of February 22, 2012 Brenda Doedderlein has LOST 1/2 of her full physical custody rights as per COURT ORDER regarding two of her children that were in danger under her care. It is about time the courts saw through her long curtain of deceit over the years and awarded custody to their father without incident. At least the kids are safer now than they were before. To add a little zest and sweeten the pot a bit, I also found out that the SPCA had recently removed another mistreated and abused animal from the property in Montoursville, PA where Brenda Doedderlein has been staying rent free under the alias Brenda Bennett. After numerous complaints by neighbors over the last several months and photo’s taken of the dog named Katie being neglected and abused the dog was removed. As it turns out Doedderlein had taken numerous trips out of town and state all while keeping the dog tied up outside in the rain, snow, cold, without shelter or food and water often for days. I guess trips to New York to see the play STOMP was more important than the safety of the tied up dog. STOMP fits because that is something Doedderlein would often do to innocent animals, STOMP them. So I will use the very often misunderstood term and say “KARMA”.

UPDATE: Heard from several people today in Montoursville that the sick animal abuser Brenda Doedderlein who is now going by the alias and fictitious name of Brenda Bennett has somehow (most likely under the fake name) obtained a new puppy from an unknowing Pet Shop near White Deer PA and it is believed to be a Yorkie pup. God help that little dog it will be only a matter of days maybe hours before it will not be feed, left outside, given no water, beat, and tormented like all the rest of the animals under her care. Pics will follow soon, I already have a few that were sent to me by some nice guy in a green Ford explorer that is into Dreamcatchers and worked in several pet shops over the years. Thanx. The pic shows this pig holding the pup with a comment “My New Pup” posted on her Facebook page apparently from what I was told and shown. Did not see the page myself but the pic was verified as taken yesterday. Guess it s time to reach out to the pet shops in White Deer  huh? Please all say a prayer that this poor dog is not hurt or killed by this repetitive and convicted animal abuser, but I doubt prayer will work. Either way the situation will be monitored and any indicative hint of abuse will immediately reported to multiple agencies already aware of the long history of animal abuse and torture!!! Eyes, ears, are EVERYWHERE! on this one! As Kool Aid would say “OH FUCKING YEAH”

Additional Court Documentation Regarding Some of The Animal Abuse in Lycoming County:

Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.12.38 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.13.26 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.13.49 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.14.14 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.14.36 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.14.55 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.15.16 PMScreen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.21.10 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.21.29 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.21.42 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.21.55 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.22.09 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.22.23 PMScreen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.03 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.11 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.18 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.27 PM Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 9.37.34 PM

Animal abuse hot line created in Pennsylvania.


The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is setting up a statewide hot line to report animal abuse.


Executive Director Howard Nelson says the hot line officially opens Friday, but calls are already being taken. The toll free number is 866-601-SPCA. The Philadelphia-based society has six satellite offices around the state, along with 14 agents who can enforce cruelty laws.


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